Top 15 Qualities Girls Like About Boys

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Let’s admit it. Women are mysterious beings. As a woman, I can assure you that it’s not just you who is confused about what your woman wants. Sometimes, we too don’t quite know our hearts. If you have never been in with a woman before, there’s a whole unexplored world for you.

Or if you are new in a relationship or have been dating for a while, chances are, there are still things you probably don’t know about your woman. “What do women want”, scream as much as you can, but the truth be told, it’s quite simple. Brace yourselves, I am here to help all the confused folks out there with the answer to what do girls like about boys with these top 15 secrets:

1. Good Smell

Okay, hear me out first. There is good enough reason to put this factor as the highest. Forget anything else, you need to be first approachable before you are liked. A foul-smelling man is a deal-breaker for not just any girl, but for any human being ever.

So your first job is to make sure that you don’t smell bad. Then make sure to put extra effort to smell good. But don’t end up smelling like a perfume bottle. What girls like about boys is that subtle smell, mixed with his masculine scent, creating a whirlwind sensation inside.  If you smell perfect, you can be assured that she will stick around long enough for you to do your magic.

A man who smells good
Justin Follis

2. Good Listener

We could all do with some ear to listen to us. And girls love talking. Don’t be mistaken by that girl sitting quietly all by herself in a cafeteria corner. She would melt down down her walls if she found someone who cares enough to hear her out. There is nothing more appreciable in a man who listens to his girl, patiently, no matter how long, tedious, or boring her words her. Listening to someone, or rather making that person know that she is heard, cared for, and paid attention is what girls like about boys. Asking her questions like, “Are okay?”, “Do you want to talk about it?”, “I’m here if you feel like you need someone to talk to” are like Beethoven to a girl’s ears.

3. Sense of Humour

Cliched as much as it is, you won’t find any girl denying this quality. Attraction comes from happiness, after all. You can make a girl happy in many possible ways, but first and foremost, you need to know what makes her laugh, what makes her bring her walls down and let loose. But don’t try too hard. No girl is looking for a comedian. What girls like about boys is the charm of finding humour in the most mundane things and the ability to lift up any atmosphere, without looking like you tried too hard.

Top 15 Qualities Girls Like About Boys 1
Priscilla Du Preez

4. Sense of Style

No, you don’t have to be Ranveer Singh to get noticed. Neither you have to religious follow Milan Fashion Week. Or buy every edition of Vogue. Just don’t look like Shah Rukh Khan from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Either version. Knowing how to dress right is what girls like about boys. Don’t wear sunglasses where it’s hard to find the sun.

Don’t apply too much hair gel when you two are hanging out at your house. But don’t turn up in your pajamas for a dinner date. Or your office formals for that matter. You should understand the balance according to the occasion, and know what suits your body type. A well-dressed man is not only pleasant to look at but also very useful to flaunt around. 

Stylish man
Samuel Lopez

5. A good relationship with parents

No one likes a mama’s boy, but that doesn’t always have to be such an extreme. Being close to your parents doesn’t mean you have to be at their beck and call. What girls like about boys is when they are respectful to their parents.

Calling them every now and then, inquiring about their health, being mindful about their needs, shows the girl that you are not only a caring person, but you are capable of giving that much respect and attention to her too. Being close to your parents also shows that you are aware of your roots and principles. And as they say, a loving son makes a loving father. Isn’t that the sort of assurance we all girls look for?

6. Fiercely loyal

This is an absolute no-brainer. What girls like about boys is first and foremost, loyalty. Cheating is simply a criminal offence in a relationship. Tread in that territory even one foot, and you can risk losing all you have been building together to date.

But here is a misconception that I would like to take it upon me to clear out. Being loyal doesn’t mean you can’t look at any other woman. If you hear any girl asking for that, then she is just being a hypocrite. We all have eyes. Any attractive is bound to catch out attention. But the line needs to be drawn at gawking. You can female friends, hang out with them, talk about them to your partner, but you should know your boundaries. And that isn’t same for all women. You should know what’s unacceptable to her and respect that limit.

7.  Gets a little jealous (only a little please)

If you are loyal, you expect the other person to be so too. And even if you trust her, a little bit of jealousy does creep in. jealousy is the ultimate sign of love. If you love her fiercely, show her your territorial side. What girls like about boys is a little bit of burn every time another man comes into the picture. We love it when a guy can stand in front of the world and say, “she’s mine”. And show it.

A confession: sometimes we are guilty of talking or easing up to another man just to get a reaction out of you. And if you are busy being the chilled-out boyfriend who is oh-so-openminded, then just know that you are being a spoilsport to the entertainment your woman is expecting. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there exists a difference between playfully possessive and dangerously obsessed. A girl doesn’t want to be your possession whom you can carry around as you please. Learn to take it easy.

8. Has a passion

Not just sapiosexuals,  to any women out there, passion is sexy. Having an ambition in life, or an urge to keep accomplishing and progressing oneself is what girls like about boys. Whether it is your job or a hobby, or just solving crosswords, anything that you give your heart and soul too, drives a woman mad. It shows her that passion, the same one that you use to love her.

Gerd Altmann

9. Understands personal space

Two people coming together to build a life doesn’t have to occur at the cost of them losing their individuality. What girls like about boys is when they know how to respect personal boundaries. Yes she loves you, yes she loves being around you enjoying your company but she needs to enjoy her company too. 

Now, there are various kinds of women. Some are people’s person, some love their own little bubbles. But whoever she is, the amount of personal space may vary but what remains constant is some space to breathe and reflect. There are times when we come home with a sour mood or we are going through some loss. If you know your woman right, you should know when to let her grieve alone and when to give her the shoulder to cry on. This is a completely relative thing and the best person who knows her personal boundaries should be you.

10. Expressive

No, nobody has asked you to go all Shakespeare on your girlfriend. But don’t shut us out completely. Girls, on a general scale, are more on the expressive side than guys. What girls like about boys is when a guy can let his guard down in front of his girl.

Tell her what bothers you, tell her what angered you, tell her that time when you cried all by yourself, tell her about that hug that gave you butterflies, tell her your deepest fears, your biggest regrets. Tell her everything that you tell yourself. Anything and everything that stirs you. Trust me, your woman wants to know it all. Even if it means showing your vulnerable side, do it and she will take care of you, I promise.

11. An opportunist who can take a hint

It has nothing to do with feminism. No matter how much your woman likes to be in control, she would always appreciate the first move from you. This fact will never change. What girls like about boys is recognizing a good opportunity and grabbing it. Girls don’t like having to tell the boy what to do when. It’s that one look or the brush of skin or a lingering smile, and you should take the cue. Knowing a woman’s heart without exchanging a word is insanely attractive.

man holding a woman
Jared Sluyter

12. Compliments, compliments and compliments

Okay now, come on, don’t tell me the whole human race doesn’t thrive on it. Yes, I am independent and self-sufficient and am quite aware of my abilities and possessions. I do not need a man to uplift me but I would love to have one! Appreciation is what girls like about guys. It doesn’t necessarily have to “You are the most beautiful among all of god’s creation!” Thank you, I know I am not.

Something as simple as a kiss on the cheek to say “you look cute” when she is in her most unflattering pyjamas, can make her whole day. Just try it. Compliment not just her looks, but anything that you feel like matters to her. It will boost her confidence in more ways than you can imagine.

13. As Patient as Job

Being able to keep your calm is a treasurable virtue. If you are having a heated argument, or you feel that your girlfriend is over-reacting, or you are simply stuck in a situation where you had no control over, deal with it patiently. What girls like boys are the ability to not lose their cool, no matter how much the matter goes out of control. Women go through various situations in their lives which makes them tick off easily. Then it’s their hormones which gets the better of them on an unfortunate day.

Try to be understanding of her situation and give her some time and space to cool down. No, I don’t mean saying sorry is the way out. A woman always knows when you are being insincere. Say sorry only when you mean it. Guys who can handle a tough situation with grace and patience is an apple of his woman’s eyes.

14. Confident

Confidence is king. What girls like about boys is buckets full of confidence. A man should know how to carry himself. Whatever you do for your woman or generally, in life, do it with utmost pride. There’s a fine line between confidence and over-confidence, the latter being an absolute turn off. It only makes you look like a fool. Knowing exactly what you are doing and being aware of the consequences of your actions is very appealing. If that means loving her, love her with full confidence, devoid of any insecurities and self-doubt. 

Top 15 Qualities Girls Like About Boys 2

15. Attentive

A man who shows how much you are invested in his woman’s life shows her that he cares about every little thing about her is the ultimate catch. What girls like about boys is attention, in the right way. Just simply asking her how her day was and actually showing interest in her answer goes a long way in proving your love towards her.

Remembering her menstrual cycle and taking of her during that time, or when she has to take her medicines or checking up on how things are going at work, makes her feel important. But don’t overdo it, you’ll only end up being nosy. Learn to strike that balance.

Top 15 Qualities Girls Like About Boys 3
Nathan McBride

The Bottom Line 

A woman loves a gentleman. Do everything humanly possible to show your love to her. Once you have her, isn’t the end. Put efforts into your relationship daily. At the end of the day, do whatever you can to make her happy and she will return the gesture. So to conclude, what a girl likes about a guy, is when he knows how to love her right. 

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