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6 Top Important Challenges in Life to Deal With

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

Our lives are pretty much covered up with unexpected ordeals most of the time. In a way, we can say, life is uncertain. We never know what our tomorrow looks like and what challenges in life we might have to face & deal with. Our life is full of personal challenges, or maybe otherwise.

It is a journey we take, and we must figure out everything that happens along the way. Any day we might run into certain situations which will bring about vital challenges. And we must be prepared to face those challenges. To do so, we need to know what kind of challenges we humans are usually prone to and how to deal with them.

Although we tend to face different challenges in life, certain life situations are common to all and create the same sense of challenges. So, in this article, we are discussing some of the common challenges in life we face and the ways to overcome them.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the six common challenges in life we all have to face.

1. Failure


We all are aware of what failure does to one person and to what extent it can affect us. Failure is something none of us are exempt from. But it is also something we need to experience once, to grow in life.

The experience of failing in things you deeply desire can be devastating and disappointing. It is the fear & feeling of failure that holds one back the most. However, in such times you need to look above that and have a positive attitude towards it.

One should look at failure as an opportunity to build things better than before. Because not always you get second chances to rectify what you did wrong.

When you experience failure, it provides you an opportunity to rethink your decisions and moves. It offers a chance to understand how and when your decisions took the wrong turn, and it prevents you from repeating your mistakes.

Your experience of failure can work as a powerful tool towards the journey of you becoming a better person if you channelize the experience well. Because one actually fails when they don’t try to achieve, and not when they do. So if you try to achieve something, and fail at it, do not worry, because you will still have the experience to learn from.

2. Emotions

For most of us, handling emotions can be one of the greatest challenges in life. Emotional challenges are even harder than the ones we face physically. Our mind is the strongest asset, and even the wrong emotions can make our minds vulnerable.

It is easy to attract negative emotions, and fighting them definitely stands as one of the difficult challenges in life. Every day one faces so many emotions, anger, frustration, sadness, happiness, loneliness. And it gets difficult at times to maintain a balance between everything one feels.

Negative emotions can make one act out wrong because it is easy to act out when one is feeling angry or frustrated. But one needs to fight it and take it up as a challenge. When one learns to master the art of handling their emotions, they build their minds even stronger.

Balancing one’s emotions and thinking straight during difficult times makes a person mentally very strong. Learn how to control your emotions.

Sometimes one’s emotions might make them question their worth, but they have to fight those negative thoughts. Because your negative emotions do not define who you are, but you’re self-control does.

3. Loss


Loss is an inescapable part of life. Whether it’s a job that you lost, a chance into something, or maybe a person dear to you.

Regardless of what you’ve lost, it is indeed one of life’s difficult challenges to cope with. We are all well aware that facing challenges will never be easy, yet we are never prepared for handling loss. It is that part of life, which can leave a person disruptive.

With the loss comes grief, and they both can affect a person’s mind, spirit, and body as well. It is one of those challenges in life which equally affects one’s mind & bodily conditions. A person going through loss might experience trouble sleeping, eating, or even breathing.

However, if one is determined to look into the better side of loss, they will find themselves healing—because loss offers you the opportunity to embrace what you already have and perceive what is truly important for your betterment.

It allows you to have a clear understanding of what you need in life. Also, which are the things you value, and what you’re willing to do to achieve what is important to your life.

The whole process of loss, grief & healing from it is the path that will lead one to become a better person—a person with morals and good judgment of his actions.

4. Existential Crisis

One of the major challenges in life people face these days is Existential Crisis. You may also know this term as existential dread. It is in those moments when a person starts questioning himself & his life.

Today, we live in a society where there is little value for humanity. Most people are filled with an unquenchable thirst for wanting more in life than he already has. And for those whose lives aren’t as great as compared to others around them, they tend to feel doomed.

And that is where the root of the existential crisis lies. When an individual’s life doesn’t seem to be appealing to others or, in case, to himself, one seeks to question his life. Questions like whether their lives have any purpose or not, whether they are deserving or not, and mostly what are they exactly doing with their lives.

Such moments may lead to negative suppositions regarding one’s life. Usually, an existential crisis is provoked by past trauma, major loss, drug abuse, or reaching a certain age. Such instances sometimes jolt a person to the core & keep them wondering what is the point of everything.

Signs that you’re experiencing an existential crisis:

Sometimes it gets difficult for an individual to identify what is troubling him. And even that is one of the major challenges in life to deal with. One needs to determine the cause of trouble he is experiencing in a manner to overcome it.

Here are a few signs to keep a check to know if you’re going through an existential crisis-

  • signs of depression
  • feeling unmotivated
  • anxiety attacks
  • regret over past choices
  • suicidal thoughts

An existential crisis is as normal and valid as other feelings. Sometimes people associate existential crisis with a stigma that it is bad. It is just like any other challenges in life one needs to face and overcome.

5. Overcoming the Past

One of the most mind-numbing challenges in life we face is overcoming our past. The past sometimes has an adverse effect on the present and future of an individual, as they cannot overcome their stories from the past.

An individual comes across a lot of experiences in life while growing up. And sometimes, past experiences affect a person’s way through life. It controls the actions & thoughts of the individual. Hence, moving on from the past stories becomes one of the important challenges in life.

The past stories of any individual can never define his worth; it is the present that does. However, for most people, their experiences from the past become a part of who they are and what they do ahead in life.

If a past story inspires you to think better, it is good; however, you need to fight it if it does otherwise. Past stories that have adverse effects on individuals’ thinking capabilities include being born poor, being bullied in high school, or not receiving enough love & concern at home.

Such stories that make a person question themselves or think of their life as just the same as always are cases when the past takes control over one’s entire life. A strong mind should anchor one’s life and not past experiences.

As you overcome the challenges from your past, you will feel empowered and inspired. Your life will be further defined by who you are now rather than who you were. A person has no control over their past because it has already happened. But they are in full control of what they would become.

Thereby, focus on what you can control and learn to let go of what you can’t change by overcoming your past experiences.

6. Stepping Outside of Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

A Comfort zone can be defined as the state where a person feels at ease. It is an individual’s psychological state where things are familiar and in control. Every person has their own zone, where they feel the most comfort at. There is less risk of anxiety, stress, or panic in that environment.

This is why most people tend to stick to their comfort zones, no matter what. However, the more a person relies on their comfort zone, the more vulnerable they become to face the outside world. And that is why it is important to step outside the comfort zone.

Again it is one of the difficult challenges in life to deal with. Because we as humans tend to seek refugees in the state, which is quite familiar. We are afraid of risks and embracing what’s new to come. As with the unexpected, may lie discomfort & stress.

It is not the best place for a person to be in because it works like a slow poison. It kills your chances at real happiness & growth. And a person can only realize it when he decides to step out of his comfort zone.

Here are a few reasons as to why stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary:

  1. Personal Growth: Stepping out of your zone helps you make better choices and take risks in life for growth.
  2. It eliminates all your fears.
  3. It helps build your performance zone.
  4. It brings about a new vision of life.

Note: Remember, it is outside your comfort zone where the real world & opportunities await you. 

So these are some of the common challenges in life we all face because life is a mixture of everything. There are both good & bad moments in an individual’s life. And we have to gather the courage to face & fight every challenge that comes to us.

So far, we have discussed the common challenges in life we all come across. Now, let us look at some easy steps to overcome the difficult times & challenges.

1. Let your emotions out:

Difficult situations demand extreme measures, and sometimes a person’s emotions get too heavy to handle. In such times, the best way to deal with your struggles is to write them down.

One can try maintaining a journal. Writing one’s emotions down is a strong self-care tool. It helps you understand your position. And it helps ease the pain & suffering one might be feeling.

2. Take a break

In life, if there are situations that are too difficult to handle. Or situations you don’t have control over, then take a break from whatever you are going through.

Take a few days off from work or college, and do what makes you feel happy. Maybe visit someplace nice, or take a road trip. In such situations, taking a break from your usual routine helps attend to your problems better.

One can even join a creative class or get enrolled in sports if they like. It can vary from person to person. Do anything of your interest.

3. Talk to someone

At times while facing certain challenges in life, one feels alone. And in moments like these, it is better to seek help from friends, family members, or even professional help if need be.

Discussing your problems with someone can help you get better solutions. And even if there are no solutions provided, a friend can give the comfort one needs. So it is vital to talk to someone.

These are just a few ways we feel might help you deal with your challenges better. If you have any tips on overcoming challenges in life, do share in the comment section below.

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

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