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Top 7 Tips When Travelling to New Zealand

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Are you looking to travel to New Zealand? If you’re looking to make the visit hiccups free, it is important to gather as much as information before you leave.

Travelling to New Zealand

So, if you are someone who is planning to visit the country of Maoris and kiwifruits, and excited to see the places where the popular movie Lord of the Rings was shot; then here are some essential tips to make travelling to New Zealand an easy affair.

  1. Layer it Up!

For starters, you must have heard about how people call New Zealand, the land with ‘four seasons in a day’. Do you know why?

Well, the weather of the country is more like a chameleon and keeps on rolling from sunny to windy and from windy to cold. So, even if you are leaving your hotel on a bright sunny day, don’t forget to carry some extra layers or clothes with you. You never know when they’ll be useful! You can find the best New Zealand Holiday Packages here. Travelling to New Zealand is an exhilarating experience for sure! 

  1. Hop on those Campers and Buses

The road connectivity in this country is exceptionally good and there are bus services run at a national level to aid travellers and natives. The cheapest and the easiest way for you to travel around the country would be to have your hands on the passes for the Intercity buses.

You can even choose to travel in those hop-on and hop-off buses or buses which are meant to arrange city tours, and meet fellow-travellers on your way. You can check the details of the buses running in the country by visiting bus networks website.

In case you’re a backpacker who is more interested in exploring the places along with a certain level of privacy then, you have the option of renting a camper van or a car. This is the best route to take if you want to explore off track sites independently.

  1. Drive Safely

If you have decided to enjoy the smooth, self-paced long drives to explore the crevices of the country then, you should also be taking the responsibility of abiding by the road and traffic rules of New Zealand.

Other than taking the left side to drive on; there are several other driving rules specified for situations related to one-way bridges and intersections. It is necessary for you to check these out before you step into the driving seat of your rented car.

Furthermore, the GPS directions offered might not hold accuracy in case you are travelling to places which are quite secluded. And, often the roads in New Zealand are heavily twisted and turned so, not being cautious while driving shouldn’t be an option for you.

  1. Budgeting is Important

Items like everyday foods and drinks are most likely to be on the expensive side. The country being geographically isolated has a significant impact on the costs of commodities in the market.

Therefore, your travel budget should include planned financial expenses for these things. Try to cook your own food while eating out on a fewer occasions to save money. Try finding hostel accommodations which have kitchen facilities. The right New Zealand Travel Packages can help you stay on your budget. 

  1. Beat the Sun

The ozone layer parallel to the lands of Australia and New Zealand has a huge hole which causes UV rays to directly hit your skin. Thus, it becomes exceptionally important for you to use generous amounts of sunscreens on all days.  To save yourself from those nasty sun burns and pigmentations, cover your skin with no less than 30 SPF sun block creams.\

  1. No Tips Required

In New Zealand, tipping is not amongst the common practices. There are no expectations on people about tipping unless you literally admire the efforts the staff has put in and do it anyway.

  1. Emergency Knowledge

If you get stuck in a problematic situation and don’t know how to deal with it; dial 111.

By dialling this number, you can reach out for help from the officials. The best part about this service is that, even if your phone has no sim cards, this emergency call will be connected. Amazing, isn’t it?

—– By Sakshi Shukla

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