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Types of Coffee: 5 Best Coffee In The World

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

Are you a coffee person? If you are a coffee person indeed, you would surely love to know which is the best coffee in the world.  

Coffee is one of the most preferred, or one might say the most favorite drink of all time. Coffee works as an energy booster most of the time. It is one refreshing drink that energizes you to last till the end of a tiring day. Coffee lovers prefer a hot, steaming cup of coffee each morning to start their day.

Here in this article, we will look back at the origin of coffee, how it came into existence, and explore some of the best coffee in the world. The whole process of grinding high-quality coffee beans, brewing a cup is as exciting as taking the first sip of a new coffee flavor. Let’s find out what make’s coffee one of the most loved drink in the world.

Origin of Coffee

Coffee which is now grown worldwide, can be traced back to its origin in Ethiopia. It can be said that the first coffee beans were traced to the 10th century, in the forests of Ethiopia plateau & the mountains of Yemen. In those forests, coffee plants grew in the wild, having white flowers & reddish-purple cherries containing the beans.

Coffee Plant

Different stories suggest who discovered coffee as a drink for the first time. One is a Sufi mystic from Yemen who himself explored the berries from the Ethiopian forests upon seeing its energetic effect on birds. Other tales say that an Ethiopian goat-herder in the 9th century led to its discovery.

From its original place of cultivation, coffee traveled the world, making its way into India, America (United States), Indonesia, Europe, and more. Gradually, the coffee industry expanded so much that now coffee is the second-biggest product in the world. As of now, coffee is being produced across 70 countries in the world.

Imagine having to decide from 70 different countries which would be the best coffee in the world. But, do not worry, we are there to help you with every detail. This article will introduce you to some of the best coffee in the world, providing every detail. So, you can decide which, according to you, is the best coffee in the world.

Scroll down to check the list of different types of coffee available and the five best coffee in the world.

5 Best Coffee in the World

Here is our researched & recommended list of the five best coffee in the world. Coffee as a drink is not just refreshing but has certain beneficial effects on our body. We will further list the benefits as well; however, for now, keep scrolling to check our list of the five best coffee in the world.

1. Drip Coffee

‘Drip Coffee,’ the word might seem unfamiliar to you, but you have at some point tried a cup of drip coffee. In simple terms, drip coffee is nothing but coffee brewed straight from the coffee makers. 

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is the most common kind of coffee across all countries, as it is that coffee made from an automatic coffee maker. The name “drip coffee” is based on how the coffee is actually brewed. So, let’s have a look at the process:

i) Firstly, the required quantity of ground coffee is placed into the basket of the coffee maker.

ii)  Next, cold or normal water is added to the water reservoir.

iii) A heating element present in the reservoir heats the water, forcing it to move upwards

iv) Water flowing upwards slowly, then drips onto the basket with coffee grounds.

v) Finally, brewed coffee flows out of the basket directly onto a serving carafe.

2. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee, popularly known as Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, is one of the most expensive coffee you will encounter in the world. The coffee beans are grown at the top of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica.

Blue mountain coffee

The coffee was first grown or introduced to Jamaica in 1728. The beans of Blue Mountain Coffee are best enjoyed for their lack of bitterness in taste, coming along with a mild flavor. This is why it is one of the rarest coffee in the world, and its demand is pretty high. However, comparatively the supply is quite low.

The coffee beans have a blue-green color, with an intense aroma & darker roasts than others. And it is categorized into three types of grades: Blue Mountain No.1, Blue Mountain No.2, & Blue Mountain Peaberry.

A single cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the finest sip of coffee you will ever have. The taste is quite unusual; the first sip feels very smooth to the tongue with a bit of creaminess, followed by a floral aroma, mild & vibrant.

3. Colombian Coffee

The next coffee in the list of the best coffee in the world is the one you should try if you are willing to explore a different taste & range of coffee. So, introducing  Columbian Coffee. 

Well, Columbia is known around the world for growing some of the best coffee beans. It is known to produce beans for both dark roasts & light roasts.

Columbia Coffee

However, the flowery flavor & aroma with a rich texture of the beans is more suited for a dark roast. But you will enjoy a good sip of the light roasts too. An interesting fact about Columbian coffee is, it is quite weaker than other coffees available. This is because Columbia grows Arabica beans, which are much lighter than others (robusta beans).

Columbia has the perfect geographical & climatic conditions to grow coffee beans, due to which Colombian coffee is indeed one of the best coffee in the world.

4. Kenyan Coffee

When it comes to listing the best coffee in the world, one cannot miss the famous region Kenya & the Kenyan Coffee.

Kenyan Coffee

The Kenyan coffee beans are one of the most famous beans known for their full-bodied, bold flavor & juiciness. Kenyan coffee generally offers a savory-sweet taste resembling wine-like acidity. And depending on the area where the beans are grown, the taste varies, offering a broad range of tropical flavors.

In general, Kenyan coffee beans are Arabica beans, offering a better flavor & higher quality. However, Kenya now produces new hybrids of Arabica beans too. These hybrid beans differ from the classics in the matter of acid nuances.

There are three roast types for Kenyan coffee: very light, light, & slightly darker. The lighter roasts bring the subtle fruity flavor of the beans upfront, whereas the darker roasts emphasize the cocoa & caramel tones.

5. Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Kona coffee is the most renowned coffee in the world. The name Kona is taken from the largest island in Hawaii, that is Kona. The island is the best place for growing top-quality coffee.

Kona coffee

Kona is voted as the best coffee by Forbes in Latin America. This coffee, in particular, is special than the rest in terms of its growing conditions and the unique ways of processing the beans. Every aspect contributes to the final flavoring of the coffee.

Kona Coffee is also very expensive as compared to the rest of the coffees in the world. This is because of the cost of labor and the whole intensive processing of the beans. Additionally, given the demand & hype of Kona coffee, the price is worth the quality.

Kona coffee is usually processed in two types: single-origin & medium roast. Considering the roast types, the taste of the coffee varies. Mostly the coffee has a floral aroma and a taste of sweet herbs. It also has an aftertaste of nuts.

The coffee beans have a perfectly creamy smoothness when processed, making it a delightful sip for coffee lovers.

There are other kinds of coffee beans growing in the Big Island of Hawaii, such as the Kona Peaberry. This coffee, in particular, has a balanced floral taste, with a hint of dark chocolate, almond butter, & apricot.

Few Health Benefits of Coffee

As already mentioned, coffee is one of the most popular & favorite beverages in the world. Most people like its aroma, the freshness, or the bitter-sweet savor. However, coffee is not just limited to its taste. It is also one of the healthiest beverages due to the high levels of antioxidants present.

Here’s how coffee benefits our health:

i) Helps build energy levels: Coffee contains a psychoactive substance called caffeine. Caffeine stimulates various aspects of brain functions, thereby causing an impressive effect on energy levels.

ii) Provides essential nutrients: Coffee beans contain several vital nutrients & vitamins, including niacin, riboflavin, magnesium & potassium.

iii) Helps lower risk of certain health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is a beverage that possesses both health benefits & an unforgettable taste. Not only a cup of coffee each morning will make you feel fresh & energized, but it will also boost your health in many ways.

Depending on the region where the beans are grown, there is a broad range of variety when it comes to coffee flavors. How you like your coffee is on you. Some like it dark, and some prefer it creamy. The very smell & taste of coffee feels comforting to many.

And if you are a total coffee fanatic, visit the coffee farms of Costa Rica. Their tours & tasting are popular all over the world now. So, try out different coffees and explore for yourself which one is the best coffee in the world.

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

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