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Unexplored India: 15 Incredible Destinations to Visit

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Do you ever wonder about unexplored India? What parts of the country have you missed?

Have you been a nature lover? And a traveler? Well, this page is for you. We all know about the beauties of India. But have do you know about hidden treasures of unexplored India?

India is known for its culture, traditions, spices, and unique food recipes. India is a country with diversified religions, beautiful wildlife sanctuary, stunning temples, and much more.

Exceptional to these, this country offers exciting adventure sports, watersport activities, mountain climbings, hiking, and bike rides. Though we know a few of the popular cities in India to visit, yet some hidden places are falling under incredible unexplored India.

Here below are written top best places under unexplored India, which needs attention and is a hidden beauty. Make sure to add these gems in your bucket before visiting India.

Unexplored India: Top Destinations to Visit

1. Kalimpong

places under unexplored India

Coming first on unexplored India is Kalimpong. It’s situated in the state of West Bengal. Nature lovers are sure to love this place. It’s called heaven for nature fanatics. You will love the lush green outdoors and the quaint railway stations.

The great Himalayan range and fantastic, lush greeneries surround this place. Landscapes are majestic and a treat to the eyes.

The atmosphere is pleasant, calm, and peaceful. Kalimpong is considered to be one of the country’s hidden gem. One can spot various monasteries here—a small paradise with less crowd, best for spending quality time.

Once here, do visit; Delo Park, Mangal Dham, and Phodang Monastries. The best time to visit s between March to May.

2. Malana

places under unexplored India

Want to visit Greece but in India? Yes, it’s possible. Malana is known to be India’s little Greek. A silver screen style of unknown destination. It’s a small beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh. An interesting fact about this place is, it does not have any police station.

Malana is all about spending time with nature only. You can stroll in the villages, participate in their rituals, explore the local culture, and try out different adventurous activities. Make your dream come true with nature.

Live your dream at Malana and explore the hidden beauty. It’s also the best spot for a perfect romantic and adventurous honeymoon, away from the city chaos.

3. Valley of Flowers

places under unexplored India

This place under unexplored India is perfect for flower lovers. The movie scene full of flower fields comes true in this place. You’ll find this valley in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Beautiful bright pink flowers are spread throughout the whole area, covering about 89 kilometers.

Mount Zakar’s range surrounds the city. Visit here during monsoon time, when the flowers bloom with happiness. Add this place to your bucket list soon.

4. Gulf of Mannar

places under unexplored India

A place which is quite hard to believe that it’s in India. Mannar is located in Tamil Nadu. It’s a majestic island offering crystal clear waters, sandy seashore, blue sky together with lush scenic greenery. A perfect destination for photography and fun.

It’s the less crowded beach where you spot dolphins, whales, and sea turtles. Swim in the fresh waters and go for boat riding. Also, during the evening, embrace the mesmerizing sunset. Gulf of Mannar is a must-visit.

5. Tawang

places under unexplored India

This hidden gem comes in the fifth position under unexplored India. Tawang is in Arunachal Pradesh. And if you love monasteries, then you’ll find these here—a small hill town hidden away in the mountains.

You can have a lot the several monasteries here. They are close to each other. The main attraction here is Dalai Lama’s birthplace.

Visit here from March to September to avoid the snow and feel the cold climate. During winters, the town is covered with snow, and it’ll be challenging to explore the monasteries.

6. Shettihalli

places under unexplored India

Do you love Gothic style architecture? In the city of Karnataka, you’ll find this gothic style ancient chapel hidden at Shettihalli. The architecture is beautifully crafted.

This ancient chapel is immersed amidst the Hemavati River. From the shore, you’ll only get the chapel’s one-third view.

But the splendid beauty is worth watching. Tourists can get close to the structure on a boat. The boat will circle round the structure, offering a full close view. Through this, you’ll explore the derelict walls and ancient gothic history.

7. Bundi

places under unexplored India

India is famous for temples, sculptures, forts, and palaces. Bundi is a place in Rajasthan offering you all these. Bundi is a place full of beautiful temples, statues, forts, and palaces.

This place is like a fairytale and a dream come true. It’s surrounded by the Aravali range and the stunning beauties of flora.

Bundi is not only home to architecture but also has a splendid rural side. The environment is beautiful and calm. Once in Rajasthan, pay a visit to this beauty. It’s one of the hidden gems of unexplored India.

8. Gurez Valley

places under unexplored India

They are located in Kashmir with eye-catchy magnificent landscapes. Kashmir is known as the beauty of India. Here you’ll feel the cool breeze and amazing backdrops. Feel the soothing sound of the gushing river. There are shepherds with their herds of cattle.

Similar to a scene out of Bambi. Its central location is below the line of control, making this place India’s most protected one.

Constant patrolling and checking are done here. It’s safe to visit. From May to September, the weather remains calm.

9. Lansdowne

places under unexplored India

It’s a small offbeat hill station located in Nothern India. If you love trying activities close to nature, then Lansdowne is for you. The best place for adventures with life under unexplored India.

The hill station offers you tons of daring activities such as; trekking, strolling, sightseeing, boating, hiking, swimming, and lots more. A perfect adventurous destination to come with friends. Add this in your bucket list to have thrilling fun.

10. Kasol

places under unexplored India

A fantastic place almost missed by travelers. It’s a scenic weekend getaway perfect for backpackers, photographers, and solo travelers.

You may not find luxury hotels here. This place lets you enjoy adventurous activities like; hiking, camping, boating, swimming, and many others.

Feel the scenic beauty along with these adventures. Do not miss out on Kasol’s Israeli cuisine. A trip is not always about hotels ad luxuries, but sometimes a charming retreat amidst nature.

11. Sandakphu

places under unexplored India

Sandakphu is the highest peak among the hills of Darjeeling. It’s situated in the hill station of Darjeeling. The mountain is fully covered with poisonous plants that are quite attractive. But don’t try to consume it. This place is an offbeat paradise for trekkers.

Once you reach the top through trekking, you’ll fall in love with the surrounded stunning beauty—a beautiful peak to get a panoramic view and click amazing pictures.

Instead of trekking, you can also choose to ride up there via car. Also, pay a visit to the wildlife sanctuary, Singalila National Park. The main highlights are Chitrey, Tonglu, and Tumling.

12. Spiti

places under unexplored India

If you haven’t yet visited Tibet, then Spiti is for you. Being located in Himachal Pradesh, it’s called the little Tibet. Due to which it was named Spiti, in literal sense Middle Country.

The place is surrounded by Tibetian culture. You can explore their culture and make friends with them. One can opt for trekking amidst the scenic beauty.

Landscapes are majestic and magnificent. Tourists are usually attracted due to Tibetian culture. The best time to visit is between May to October. Be sure to check out the monasteries, Kuzum Pass and Kibber.

13. Majuli

places under unexplored India

Majuli is located in Assam. The place is beautiful and termed as Assam’s cultural capital. Here festivals occur throughout the year.

It is the world’s largest river island along the banks of Brahmaputra River. About 20 kilometers away from Jorhat.

One of the best parts of unexplored India falling under UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. An ideal spot to spend a romantic time. You can opt for a ferry ride from Jorhat to join the locals of Majuli.

Tourists come here for its serene nature, festivals, culture, cuisines, and to view the river. While at a stay, try out the land and water activities.

14. Ponmudi

places under unexplored India

It’s situated in Kerala and about 3 hours away from Thiruvananthapuram. Ponmudi is a unique hill station home to various types of rare flora and fauna.

You can explore the rare species of flowers. Set up your things for camping here and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty.

A perfect holiday destination under unexplored India. Once at Ponmundi, visit the Mankayum falls, Ponmundi hills, and Meenmutty hills. Also, enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains.

15. Hemis

places under unexplored India

The last but not the least of unexplored India is Hemis at Ladakh. We know Ladakh to be perfect for bike rides. But other than just mountain passes and monasteries, Hemis offers you peace and beauty.

Here, in Hemis National Park, you’ll enjoy the safari and spot snow leopards. Visit Hemis Monastery to explore its local culture.

You can also stay in monastery dorms and take part in their rituals. The place remains crowded during June. Other than this, it’s less crowded. Do not miss the Hemis Festival, where you’ll enjoy the stalls, monk dances, delicious cuisines, games, and street processions.

Thus the list is complete with the top 15 destinations under unexplored India. Do let us know what you’ll add to your bucket list.

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