Our beautiful planet is filled with amazing wonders. However, some places stand out from others because of how innovative they are and leave a deep impression.

Come along with me to read more about 7 Unusual Places Around The World; let me remind you that these unusual places are man-made. I am sure you will enjoy this article.

1. House built upside down

This house, constructed upside down with everyday household items and furniture in Szymbark, Poland, attracts thousands of tourists every year. The “Upside Down House” evokes a peculiar feeling in the heart of the people who see it – the entry is through a roof window, and visitors walk around on the ceilings instead of the floor.  This innovative, amazing was built in just 114 days. The house is well-furnished, and its decor is inspired by the ideas of socialist realism that Polish philanthropist and businessman Daniel Czapiewski put forward. Moreover, the world’s longest plank can also be found here (it is 36.83 m long, weighs 1.1 tonnes, and is registered in the Guinness Book of Records).

The upside down house
Image by Shankar.s, Flickr


2. Museum of bad art

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is the world’s only museum dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and celebrating bad art in all its forms. It was founded in 1994 and is located in Dedham, Massachusetts, to display the worst pieces of art that possess a unique quality that sets them apart from others.

While every other museum in the world is dedicated to the best of art, this is the only one with a mission to display art that is as bad as possible!

Museum of bad art
Image source: Flickr, Marlow Harris


3. The Henn-na Hotel

The Henn-na Hotel (which translates as “Strange Hotel”) is the world’s first hotel staffed almost entirely by robots and is located near Nagasaki, Japan (where else?).  The hotel aims to provide a pleasant and comfortable stay for all the guests. The Henn-na hotel has been designed to be cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and fun. Robots are deployed at the reception, but they also carry other chores like carrying luggage, cleaning, and maintaining hotel premises.

If you want to receive the warm hospitality of a robot, this is the perfect place for you!

The robot hotel
Image source: Flickr, gotovan


4. High Roller

If you love adventures, then this sky-bound ride is just what you are looking for! Known as the High Roller, it is located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and is the world’s largest observation wheel with 28 transparent pods holding 40 passengers each.

You can have a thrilling experience by gazing out over the bright lights and revelers of the Las Vegas Strip through the glass-lined and temperature-controlled pods that slowly rotate you higher and higher at a breathtaking height.

7 Unusual Places Around The World 1

5. The Glass slipper Church

Wondering what a slipper has to do with a church? You need to visit Ocean View Park in Taiwan to find out, or maybe continue reading.  The Glass slipper church, a church built in the shape of a high-heeled shoe, is a remarkable example of the marvels of modern architecture around the world.

Made out of tinted glass panels, the giant glass slipper church had apparently been built in a bid to attract women. It does not hold ceremonies but is used as a venue and backdrop for couples’ pre-wedding photographs – a popular tradition.

7 Unusual Places Around The World 2

6. Office center 1000

A curvaceous, luminous, 10-floor building designed in the form of an LTL 1,000 banknote, Office Centre 1000 is probably one of the most strikingly different office buildings in Europe.  It was constructed over a period of three years. It was designed by a team of architects who succeeded in applying the image on the glass exterior of the office building by using a special enamel technique.

Popularly known as the “Banknote building,” this modern construction is situated in Kaunaus, Lithuania’s leading economic, academic, and cultural life center. We can now surely say that money doesn’t grow on trees, but it definitely grows on buildings!

7 Unusual Places Around The World 3

7. Man-made waterfall

China has unveiled an astonishing man-made waterfall measuring 1,300 ft wide designed to help provide water during emergencies. It was created as part of a project designed to divert water from the Niulan River into Dianchi Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in Yunnan.  The waterfall is an eye-pleasing sight with a park created around it for the public.
7 Unusual Places Around The World 4
When you go on that trip around the world, make sure that you visit these unusual places. They will leave you mesmerized.

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