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21 Day Fix Results: Best Guide For Beginners

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Now, not everyone can be as fit as Damon Salvatore – but you can be fitter than you would think!

21 day fix is a fitness program by Beach body (an American company that sells home-exercise videos and dietary supplements), which focuses on the interplay of macronutrients, Fats, Protein, and carbohydrates to lose weight effectively. The regulated diet is accompanied by rigorous 30-minute training sessions every day.

On each day of the week, the workout session targets a different part of the body. The 21 day fix results vary from person to person; however, most of them claim of losing about 15 pounds in just three weeks! This 21 day fix challenge may sound complicated, but once you get used to using the color-coded containers and exercising every day, it becomes your lifestyle, and you start to enjoy the journey.

This whole concept sounds intriguing, right? Why don’t you try it out for yourself and discover what’s in the bag for you! Here we present a complete guide to 21 day fix results before you!

How to Start With the 21 Day Fix Plan?

When you start surfing the net for the 21 day fix plan, you’ve already taken the first step towards your goal of being fit, i.e., being aware that you need to start working upon yourself. Now how do you act towards the plan?

First of all, weigh and measure yourself before beginning with this plan because you’ll want to track how far you’ve come after three weeks are over! The 21 day fix results do take most of them by surprise!

Now grab a pen and a paper (you could do this without writing too, but since I’m weak at mathematics, I’d like to take precautions!) because here comes the mathematical part for finding your calorie goal.

1. Take your weight in pounds and multiply the figure by 11. This is your caloric baseline.

2. Now add 400 calories to the baseline. This 400 represents the calories you need to consume to keep up with your workout and energy consumption in other activities.
For example, your weight is 150 pounds. Multiply it by 11; it becomes 1650 calories. Add 400 to it, 2050 calories it is! Now, this is the minimum amount of calories you need to maintain your present body weight. To lose weight, you need to intake fewer calories than this.

3. This step will vary according to how many pounds you want to lose per week. It is not recommended to attempt losing more than 2 pounds a week.
a. 2050 – 1000 (Caloric deficit to lose 2 pounds per week) = 1050 as your calorie target each day
b. 2050 – 750 (The gap required to lose 1.5 pounds per week) = 1300 calories per day

Beachbody suggests that if your calculation indicates you need fewer than 1200 daily calories, you should round up (and consume 1200 calories per day); for counts above 2300, it is suggested to round down.

The next step is to place an order for the 21 Day Fix program; it comes with a food list, colored containers, the 21 Day Fix workout DVDs, the 3-Day Quick Fix book, and a program manual. However, with so much information up on the web these days, it is optional to buy this 21 day fix program.

But if you are a beginner, we’d recommend you to go for this because this is going to be a one-time investment. You could order online from the beach body official website or through Amazon, where you may end up cracking a cheaper deal!

The Mystery of Colored Containers!

Portion control through these colored containers is essential for successful 21 day fix results. These are an easy guide to ensure that you intake the correct proportions of macronutrients in your diet. These containers come in 6 boxes, namely Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, and Orange.

Each container represents a measurement, so you do not need to weigh and measure the portions you intake; neither do you have to track you, calorie count. It is super simple to follow, anything that can be fitted in these containers can be equipped in your belly! Each color of the box is associated with a food type, as mentioned below!

  • Green Container: It is for vegetables. It’s 1 cup!
  • Blue Container: It is for Healthy Fats – avocado, nuts, and cheeses. It’s 1/3 cup.
  • Red Container: This one is for proteins. The red container is 3/4 cup.
  • Purple Container: It’s for fruits. Mind you, nuts, and not juices! You want to take the fruit as a whole so that you don’t miss out on the essential fibers. It is also 1 cup.
  • Yellow Container: It is for healthy carbs and starches. This is ½ cup!
  • Orange Container: The orange one is for seed and dressings – healthy oils and seeds – no added fats and sugars! It is for two tablespoons!
Reference chart for containers
21 day fix results

How to Put These Containers to Use?

These containers are used according to six different calorie brackets. These act as portion fix. Reading the paragraphs is going to be tedious, so we’ve tabulated the information for you! Master the usage of these containers to kill you 21 day fix results!

Caloric Bracket No. of Green Containers No. of Blue Containers No. of red Containers No. of Purple Containers No. of Yellow Containers No. of Orange Containers Tsps of oil
Plan A 1,200-1,499 calories 4 1 4 2 2 1 3
Plan B 1,500-1,799 calories 4 1 4 3 3 1 4
Plan C 1,800-2,099 calories 5 1 5 3 5 1 5
Plan D 2,100-2,300 calories 6 1 6 4 4 1 6
Plan E 2,300-2,499 Calories 7 1 6 5 5 1 7
Plan F 2,500-2,800 Calories 8 1 7 5 5 1 8


You could take a screenshot of this table and always come back to it later for reference! You’re welcome!

Do’s and Don’ts of Eating!

Gear up to fight your temptations when you see your dearest cupcake while you’re on your 21 day fix plan. You’ll feel miserable at that time, but don’t lose your nerve there because once you start to see the 21 day fix results, you will experience an incredible sense of accomplishment!

Sugars, added preservatives, highly processed oils, refined carbohydrates will have to be eliminated from your meals. You’ll have to give up on your coffee creamer too since they are loaded with highly processed oils and artificial sweeteners, and starting your mornings with them can cause sugar cravings, lethargy, and weight gain.

Drinking water regularly is a very underrated aspect of achieving 21 day fix results. You’re expected to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces every day on the 21 Day fix plan. A great way to keep yourself motivated to drink water is to fetch an attractive Tumblr. This does sound crazy, but trust me, it will work! Staying hydrated will work wonders for your 21 day fix results.

Stay hydrated
21 day fix results

Meal preps are going to be crucial here. Preparing your whole week beforehand is going to be a big head start to your week. This exercise not only saves you from the daily hassle of what to cook but also saves a lot of time! Stuff your kitchen with your supplies and food in advance.

This makes it easier to keep you on track and achieving 21 day fix results efficiently. Meal planning is essential for any short-term (or long term!) weight loss success, so plan your meals for the week or even for two weeks out so that it will be easier for you to prepare the meals and ace the 21 day fix results! Check out for more amazing recipes!

Meal preps
21 day fix results

Is Shakeology a Must?

Before we conclude whether it is needed or not, let us brief you about what Shakeology is! It is a premium superfood drink affiliated with the expansive BeachBody fitness and Lifestyle Empire. It is crafted to offer vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, enzymes, proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants and adaptogens, all in one go.

It is seen as a healthy snack and is available on-the-go; thus, dieters often use Shakeology as a meal replacement. The company – Beach body, however, cautions dieters against meal replacement with Shakeology more than once a day. Beachbody also recommends using Shakeology as an additional healthy snack rather than a meal replacement.

Now moving to the main question, is Shakeology a must? The answer is NO! Not at all! Some beach body “coaches” (“Coaches” because they aren’t formally versed with the nutrition and exercise science. In Beachbody world, the coaches refer to salesmen.) may drive you into thinking that Shakeology is a must however this is not the case. They convince you for so because of their ulterior motives. They are paid a commission on every customer they make!

Shakeology drink
21 day fix results

The motive behind Shakeology is just consuming fewer calories. If you can manage to replace your present meal with a meal that has relatively lesser calories, you are good to go without Shakeology. Provided the benefits of Shakeology being convenient and healthier than other nutritional beverages, it is costly, and you may end up spending good 32$ per week on Shakeology!

Another major downside to it is that Shakeology is not real food; it’s a supplement. The number of proteins and other vitamins and minerals it contains can be derived from any other homemade meal or a homemade protein shake too. Thus, Shakeology is not a key player in your 21 day fix results.

Workout Routines For 21 Day Fix Results

The 21 day fix results are not solely the outcome of portion controls; it has to be accompanied equally by the 30 minutes daily exercise schedule too. 21 Day Fix includes seven base workouts tailored to keep your body moving while helping you avoid injury, accompanied by two bonus workouts that can be added or swapped with the base workouts. The exhaustive mix of weight training, cardio, yoga, and pilates provides a total-body workout every day of the week.

Each day is dedicated to a specific part of the body. Mentioned below is the weekly plan of the workouts.

Monday – Total Body Cardio – This full-body cardio workout keeps your heart rate up, and your metabolism revved high long after the exercise is over. It is a great way to start you weak.

Tuesday –   Upper Fix – Targeted resistance training helps sculpt your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs in this upper-body workout. This will help you melt your muffin top.

Wednesday-   Lower Fix – Firm and tone your thighs, calves, and glutes while you blast fat and burn calories.

Thursday –   Pilates Fix – This passive workout is designed to strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and tone up your hips and thighs.

Friday –   Cardio Fix – Get your heart pounding with these 30 minutes of rigorous cardio.

Saturday –   Dirty 30 – Four rounds of fat-burning exercises will help carve out a leaner and a more muscular physique.

Sunday – Yoga Fix –   Yoga will help you relax your muscles during this active rest routine while enhancing your flexibility, balance, and strength.

After following up on the daily regime, it depends on your dedication and your body’s capacity if you want to top this up with additional workout sessions. The more dedicated you are, the higher fat you’ll lose, and the faster you’ll see you 21 day fix results.

Is it Compulsory to Follow the Regimen in the Prescribed Order?

It is recommended to follow the routine as prescribed; however, the bottom line is that if you’re exercising, in any given order, you’ll still lose fat! You can alter the routine according to what suits you the best, but the most crucial aspect remains not skipping the exercise even for a single day! If skip exercising, your 21 day fix results may not be as stunning as they can turn out to be!

Pros and Cons of 21 Day Fix Plan

Beginning with the pros for 21 day fix results, we have

  • Healthier Foods – Owing to this 21 day fix plan, you will consciously eliminate the processed foods, added sugars, and preservatives. You will start to eat whole grains rich in nutrients and fiber and low in calories, added sugar, and salt.
  • Balanced Nutrition – You will start to look at your plate as the number of nutrients you’re consuming as this plan focuses on the comprehensive interplay of macronutrients.
  • Regular exercises – This plan comes with a series of activities that could help you teach new exercising habits as a part of your daily routine in the long run.
  • Portion Control – It is an issue that can derail weight loss, but once you are adapted to use the colored containers for meal preps, you’ll stop overeating, which deters weight loss.

Some major cons are listed below

  • Calorie Restriction – The dieters are required to reduce 750 calories from their essential requirements regardless of age, health status, and gender. The calculated amount of calories could be under 1500, which could be too less for a healthy and energetic workout considering your workout also!
  • Expensive – Beach body workout DVDs, Shakeology, Portion Control containers could significantly add up to your monthly expenses. Beachbody coaches also push you to buy additional supplements, including the pre-workout supplement Energize and the post-workout supplement Recover. These can be a financial burden on you!

The Bottom Line

The 21 day fix results are an outcome of portion control containers, improved diets, and daily exercises that aid weight loss. It focuses on short term weight results rather than long term lifestyle changes.

Thus if you’re looking for long term results, 21 day fix results are not what you’re looking for. For more sustained results, we’d recommend you to eat wholesome meals, keep calories you consume under check and make exercising a part of your lifestyle.

21 day fix results
21 day fix results

Now that we’ve presented you with all the information you needed, you have to take the call for yourself if you’d like to do it or not! Do let us know about your 21 day fix results in the comments section down below.

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