5 Upcoming TV Series To Watch Out For

5 Upcoming TV Series To Watch Out For 1

With the horde of new TV series being made and telecasted every month, it is easy to get lost in the barrage of the ongoing drama. But in between these reruns and boring extensions, you’ll find some real gems. Here we present 5 of the most exciting and promising TV series that one must watch out for!

  1. Timeless


A series filled with adventure, drama and most importantly, sci-fi! The story revolves around a group of three very unlikely people who get together and travel through time and battle several historical criminals in a bid to protect the history we know. But the main character, a mastermind criminal Garcia Flynn played by Goran Visnjic seems to have ulterior motives with plans to destroy America. He even reveals that the time machine he has is stolen!

2. American Gods


An ex-convict named Shadow is finally released from prison, and now he wants nothing more than living a quiet, placid life. Until he finds out that his wife with whom he planned on spending the rest of his days has been killed in a terrible accident.

While on air to make his way to the funeral, the mysterious man sitting next to him – who introduces himself as Wednesday – seems to know way too much about his life, more than anyone should be aware. The runtime will be 60 minutes per episode and fans are avidly waiting the next season. It is based on a book by Neil Gaiman of the same name.

3. Legion

LEGION - Pictured: Dan Stevens as David Haller. CR: Chris Large/FX

The story is about a man named David Haller, also known by the name of the legion with acute mental powers. While power is its reward, this power does not come free. Here, the cost is Haller’s sanity. He deals with split personalities and schizophrenia, each targeting a particular area of his mind, each skill demanding some sanity in return. Tired of fighting his inner demons, Haller is all but about to give up on life when he meets the girl of his dreams.

4. Atlanta


Expected to air from September 2016 and with nine episodes already on the line, this single camera comedy series features two cousins – one from commerce and the other from arts who battle each other out in the Atlanta rap scene. The series is shot in Atlanta itself, was created by and also stars Donald Glover. As of yet, no other promotional posters have been released.

5. Imaginary Mary


A break from all the hardcore mystery and thriller TV series on our list, Imaginary Mary promises to be the nice, fantastical ride of a PR Executive named Alice, who sees visions of an imaginary woman named Mary. When she falls in love with the single father of three children, her visionary friends (who is a friend from childhood) aims to help her. But it seems like she ends up misguiding Alice instead because their opinions often end up clashing.

Which ones will you be watching?

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