Why 3 a.m. is so spooky?

 It has various reasons attached to it. Let’s take it to the dark side. Many say it’s the devil’s hour or witch’s hour. There are several creepy stories, horror games, and paranormal activities that take place at 3 a.m.

This article provides an answer to why 3 a.m. is so spooky? Have a good read.

Why 3 a.m. is so Spooky?

Why 3 a.m. is so spooky? Have you heard of witching hour?

What is the Witching Hour?

The witching hour is also known as the devil’s hour. It’s connected with supernatural occurrences. Witches, demons, and spirits appear during this time. Black magic is also performed at 3 a.m. It’s the time when all the negative energy gains power. 

why 3 am is so spooky?

According to Western Christian tradition, supernatural energy becomes strong at 3 a.m. Since Christians never prayed during canonical hours. Women who wandered outside without reason was executed. They were thought to be helpers of witchcraft.

Witches are women who perform black magic. This includes fortune-telling, and crystal ball reading. Back in 1973, the term witching hour was named.

New Zealand Oxford University defined midnight as the time when witches stay awake. Psychology says, all apparitions, abstract presences are visible between 3 am to 4 am. This time can also be considered bad luck.

There are many Urban Legends, mainly from Japan and Korea. These legends are spine chilling. Many have even faced these.

Doctors claim at 3 a.m. our body feels low tide. The soul comes out. And blood circulation becomes slow. Numerous people die during midnight in hospitals. A living death is when your eyes are open wide at 3 a.m. No sleep at all.

Dreams that occur during midnight are connected to other worlds. They are often nightmares. Gates of hell are opened, and you can travel to the other world. It’s also called the Devil’s Hour based on real phenomena. Devil’s hour has several creepy stories attached to it.

There are several top midnight games played at 3 a.m. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Top 3 Midnight Hour Games

1. The Midnight Game


As the name suggests, it’s the game for 3 a.m. This game was used during the Pagan ritual. The ones who went against God’s rule had to play this. It’s popular since ancient times. The game’s results can leave a deep impact. Many had suffered mental issues and advised not to play it. To summon the midnight man isn’t an easy task. The game is horrific and creepy.

Gather all the stuff together, which includes; a scissor, one candle, salt, paper, matches, and a pen. Also, you require a wooden door and a pinch of your blood. To summon the Midnight Man, place the blood along with your name on the paper near the wooden door. And lit a candle beside it. Knock the door until 22 times till midnight.

Now open the door, blow off the candle, and run to hide. Your deadline is 3:30 a.m. Within this time, you need to avoid the dark man that searches for you. If he’s nearby, you’ll feel whispering noises, low temperature, or your candle may flicker. Lit your candle within 10 seconds if it blows off.

Warning: Do not get caught at any cost. It’s said if he catches you, he’ll either drown you into worst nightmares. Or rip your body parts one by one.

2. The Three Kings

This game is a famous game that answers why 3 a.m. is spooky? To start this game, place a single chair between two mirrors. Darken the room, and lit a candle after it. The chairs serve as your throne. You are the king, and the two mirrors are Queen and Fool. But you don’t know which is what.

At 3:00 a.m., sit on your throne with a lit candle. Face the mirror, look into the darkness while holding the candle. The Three Kings game has started. It transports you to another realm. You begin to converse with yourself unconsciously. A person gains the ability to look at the past and correct the present.

You’ll have a different outlook over life. Many claimed it as a ritual with lucid dreams. People who stay awake late at night can try this game. Though this game is harmless, you need to stay with the truth till death, whether it’s bad or good. This game is a kind of judgment given to you. Remember to return to the real world.

3. The Elevator Game

why 3 am is so spooky?

This popular elevator game is seen in many youtube videos. Its origin is from Korea. Many strange happenings took place after this game. The elevator game opens the door to another world, a parallel universe.

To start the game, make sure to enter a building with three floors. You need to be alone at precisely 3 a.m. Click like on 4 to 2, 6 to 2, 4 to 5, and again in that order. The lift starts to ascent. On the fifth floor, an unknown lady will enter the elevator. Do not speak or look at her directly. Press the first-floor button on her entry.

The elevator will instead ascent to the tenth floor. The tenth floor is the doorway to another world. You can exit the elevator and explore the other world. If the woman asks where you are going? Do not look back or answer. The lady is actually dangerous. She’s a dead person, an obstacle on your way. If you talked or answered, you might get killed.

Watch your path, and be careful. To exit the game, get back to the elevator, and repeat the same process.

Now, when finished with the top three midnight games. Let’s have a look at the creepy midnight stories. These are spine chilling.

Creepy Midnight Stories

1. Figure

Sumit, an Indian boy who experienced strange occurrences at 3 a.m. He suddenly wakes up at 3 a.m. and spots a figure behind the curtains. It was the bathroom’s curtains. Suddenly it began to growl loudly.

He wanted to explore it but was aback due to sleep paralysis. Sumit could not even open his mouth. Once back to normal, he searched for the figure, but couldn’t find anything. Since then, he felt the presence of a figure with him at 3 am.

2. Stairs

Why 3 am is so spooky?

A girl shared her childhood story. Back in her fourth grade, she would sleep with her bedroom door open. She often used to wake up between 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. During this time, she heard footsteps down the stairs. These footsteps went till hallways, kitchen, and dining room.

Footsteps always stopped before her door and went back into the basement. One day it did not stop; she could spot an apparition of a young boy. He peeped at her and went back to the basement. Since then, she used to sleep with doors closed.

3. Stare

The boy was staring at his neighbor’s house through the window. He went asleep but soon woke up at 3 am. He began to stare at his neighbor’s backyard without any reason. Suddenly their light was turned on. But this light wasn’t normal.

This light detected people who came near their door, installed to scare the robbers. The strange part is he couldn’t see any person, not even a shadow. He felt the presence of a supernatural being. Why 3 a.m. is so spooky? Due to strange apparitions.

4. Still Here 

Do you still think why 3 a.m. is so spooky? She came home after a good party. Her roommate’s bedroom door was closed. She felt her friend might be sleeping. She could see someone near the door. But on asking, it didn’t reply and moved away.

When the girl turned her own room’s light, she heard it whisper, “I am still here.” Soon she searched all rooms and even found her roommate’s room empty. She turned on the lights of each room but found nothing. The next day as her friend returned, the girl enquired her. But she, in turn, felt the same presence. And she had to go out due to this.

5. Phone Call

Why 3 am is so spooky?

What if the spirit attacks you in a deep sleep? Especially at 3 am. The wife often used to wake up at 3 am. On her mother’s death day, she woke up at 3:11. And a year later, to it, she woke up the same time. The phone repeatedly rang several times.

On picking up, she and her husband could hear a strange sound. They both remained horrified. Many times they heard someone’s voice, but it wasn’t from this world. The call was creepy. And it scared the hell out of them.

These stories may have chilled your spines. But why 3 a.m. is so spooky? The answer isn’t over yet. Let’s talk about some of the interesting facts about 3 am. This article isn’t complete without this.

Interesting Facts About 3 a.m.

1. Satanic Importance

The first exciting fact under why 3 a.m. is so spooky? We know 3 a.m. is called the Devil’s Hour. Since it’s of satanic significance. Jesus Christ died at 3 pm afternoon. And 3 a.m. is the opposite of it. When Jesus died at 3 pm, the whole world turned into darkness.

Thus, 3 a.m. the devil’s hour to mock Christ. It’s similar to an upside-down of the cross, usually depicted in horror movies. Number 3 is holy, according to Christians. Due to father, son, and holy spirit; the Holy Trinity.

So if you’re awake at 3 am, know that the devil itself visited you.

2. La Mala Hora

"La Mala Hora" - Mexican Urban Legend

La Mala Hora is a popular horror legend. It’s known as the bad hour or evil hour. The legend says about the story of an evil spirit. It comes in the form of a woman. And haunts lonely travelers at 3 am. The woman possesses a demon face. If you come across her then, any of your closed ones may die soon.

Travelers who wander in isolated areas during midnight are warned against her. Some say it’s a warning against midnight strolling. At the same time, others claim to see her. A spirit roaming around at midnight is one of the reasons why 3 a.m. is so spooky.

3. Insomnia

Insomnia can also be the reason behind waking up at 3 am. The increase in body melatonin levels can cause insomnia. Those suffering insomnia usually wake up between 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. It also happens for depression. You may feel low and start to overthink about haunting thoughts.

To avoid this, do not intake much caffeine. Be physically active, and you may not have disturbed sleep.

These facts are sure to keep you amazed. Have you wondered about things to avoid at 3 am? Check it out.

4. Stress and Empathy

The last reason why 3 a.m. is so spooky? People who suffer from stress wake up at 3 am. It’s said the ones who attract spirits are more caring. According to research, people who experience paranormal activities and the ones who don’t. When their empathy levels are measured, the first group scored higher.

Stress creates altered sensations. It’s the reason why many feel the presence of a ghost. Since they are stressed due to the loss of their loved ones, if your mind’s in constant stress, you’ll always feel a strange presence.

Things to Avoid at 3 am

1. Do not Switch on the Light

Melatonin is a hormone that puts you to sleep. This hormone needs special attention. They remain awake with the rising sun and put to rest while we sleep. Thus, when the lights are on, melatonin levels start to rush. It becomes harder to fall asleep. To avoid this, don’t turn on the lights. If you’re afraid, then put on a dim light.

2. Avoid Electronics

The blue light emitted from electronics like phones, tv, tablets, and laptops causes sleep issues. This blue light takes you out of a relaxed state. At some point, you might feel disturbed.

Resting at your bed and surfing the internet creates an obstacle against sleep. So if you wake up at 3 am, do not surf the phone. Turnover and try to sleep again. Use this technique for a few weeks to feel the change.

3. Do not Exercise at Bedtime

Regular exercise helps in sound sleep. But bedtime exercises aren’t good—it rapids blood pump. And your body will feel as if it’s day time. You may have a hard time falling asleep. Before bedtime, always be relaxed.

So here is the whole reason why 3 a.m. is so spooky. You can share your experiences and thoughts about this ungodly hour in the comment section below.

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