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Violence in School Needs to Stop

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Schools, of the places of education has today, been corrupted by violence and unethical practices. We hear numerous reports of children being severely punished for small things like forgetting to finish their homework or not answering in class. Recently in a school located in Telegana, a class 5 student was made to stand in the boy’s washroom for not wearing a uniform to school on a Saturday. According to the father of the girl, the physical education teacher, locked up the girl in the washroom without taking a minute t o listen to the explanation offered by the student.  Her parents had already written a note in her diary stating the reason. However, the teacher took no heed of all this and locked the girl up in the washroom for 5 minutes.

Violence is not the answer

Another incident of the same sort took place in a private school in Madhya Pradesh. A LKG boy soiled his pants as he was made to stand without his shorts for almost four hours. The child was traumatized to such an extent that he couldn’t talk to his fail for almost 2 hours. Incidents of such abuse are on the rise, in spite of having many laws that prohibit such actions. The principal (Meena Singh) of the Electricity Board Junior High School for Girls, Uttar Pradesh asked girls (belonging to the eighth standard) to run around the grounds of the school without their skirts. The next day the parents of the girls demanded an explanation as a result of which the principal was suspended.

Abuse of such kind it said to have a drastic impact on the child’s psychology. They lose their confidence, self-respect and also find it difficult to face their peers after such an ordeal. Especially in boys, physical abuse in their childhood leads to them beating up their wives when they grow old. They tend to get more violent and bring out their frustration onto their loved ones. Children subjected to abuse tend to have problems with interpersonal relationships. It might also affect their brain, making them slow and unable to grasp information. In a worst case scenario, a student might also commit suicide just to get a way out of the abuse. There are many policies set by the government prohibiting the harassment (physical and mental) of children like the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (2009) and any others. There have been numerous cases where children who have been victims of cruel punishments having behavioral issues and mental problems.

Violence in School Needs to Stop 1

It is our duty to protect our children from such monstrosities. And most importantly, the teaching faculty needs to be given sessions on how to teach the children without the use of cruel punishments. Many schools have adopted many policies that limit the physical contact between the students and the teachers. There are many seminars being held for the teachers to educate them on new and innovative ways of getting things done without the use of violence.  We send our children to schools to get them educated, not for getting beat up. Education plays an important role in shaping the students future, but with the use of violence, we worsen the situation.

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