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7 Ways Books Change Our Lives

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It did say that a book is the best friend of a human being. In our journey of life, millions of people enter and exit our lives, but a book always stays by our side. I am a zealous reader as well as a writer. So my life without a book is almost incomplete. The devoted custom of reading has made me the person I am today.

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The following are the seven ways of how a book plays a vital role in the transformation of our lives:

1.Knowledge and general awareness-

 A book is a storehouse of facts, stories, statistics, forums, verses, graphics, graphs, jokes, riddles, etc. Books are the core source of knowledge. A regular reading tradition not only enhances our wisdom but also scatters universal consciousness.

2. Sharp vocabulary- 

Sharp vocabulary
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While reading magazines, articles, blogs, novels, newspapers or any reading material, we come across plenty of words that we are not familiar with. With the aim of understanding the text, we wide-open our dictionaries to grasp the gist of a particular word in the book. This practice not only provides us with the meaning of any term, but we also initiate using those words in our daily lives, hence, advancing our vocabulary.

3. Lightened up anxiety-
Studying a book is one of the most common leisure pursuits of humankind.  Besides being a hobby, this routine moderates all the trauma and easiness of a person and lightens up his exhausted frame of mind. Books furnish an individual with great reasons to grin and instil glee. Books also provide an optimistic atmosphere in the lives of living beings.


4. Built-up writing proficiency- 

Proficient writing
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Since a book comprises of more than a million of words, a book is also acknowledged as the room of vocabulary and concepts. Books enhance our writing expertise and provide an open scope for a chain of thoughts to flow constantly in our brains. These chain of thoughts gradually become a part of our daily write-ups.

5. Sturdy concentration power- 

A book demands to be treated with total concentration so as to shower all the essential stuff inside our heads. If we are distracted while reading, we tend to overlook the matter of the book and hence their are chances of skipping the main facts. Therefore, a book is entirely the primary source of boosting our concentration control.

6. Sharp Memory-

Sharp memory
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 Reading is a profitable convention. It accelerates our brain cells present in the cerebrum of the brain that widens up our intellect and advances our memorising aptitude. It also utilises those cells that were mostly unused by our brain.

7. Efficient command over language- Reading books improvises our grammatical skills and by and by we develop an active command over language and by and by feeling confident while communicating with people, expressing our views and opinions and inspires us to participate actively in various activities.

Sharp vocabulary
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Henceforth, ripening up the custom of reading is always beneficial in endless ways. So if you have not at all opened a book in your life, then grab one right now and loosen up yourself with the smooth flow of the words and cherish the thrill you receive by a book’s companionship.

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