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5 Real Life Love Stories of Celebrities Worth Knowing!

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From reel life love stories to real life love stories, some of our celebrities did not leave a single leaf of love unturned. We all grow up watching movies, rom-com for most of the times. From ‘Kareena Kapoor’s lehenga to Ram Leela’s power couple, from Ayushmann’s never-ending passion for love to chocolate boy’s ways to show his love. The on-screen chemistry has never let us down.

real life love stories

Instead, most of the time, they are the root cause for all the courage a lover gathers to face every thick and thin with their partner.

Do you know how they say ‘love is in the air’?

Well, some of our all-time admired celebrities have justified this quote. They are not just on-screen lovers. Most of them have unbelievably amazing real life love stories which they have created and maintained in the most beautiful way possible.

The stories of the love birds are no less than the on-screen love stories. Here is a walk through some of the real life love stories:

1. Ayushmann Khurrana and Tihara Kashyap

Not sure if anyone could ever be more adorable than these two together! Their real life love story is as beautiful as Keat’s poetries.

The couple holds a fascinating history. It doesn’t mean they had a smooth journey all way long. No!

According to the information on the web, their story is no less than any other high school love story. The story began when the eyes of the two met in tuition during their class 12th. The two claimed to be very shy, and no one dared to confess their feelings for each other.

Ayushmann also admitted that Tihara being one of the most popular girls of their batch, it became more difficult for him to share his feelings for her. But, this was not the end we know.

real life love stories

One day, there was a talk in their class about Tihara crushing over Ayushmann. They both knew they had a thing for one another, but did not make their first move yet.

Call it luck, call it magic, call it the power of love, but one fine day Tihara’s parents told her that they are going to meet her father’s friend, who is also an astrologer. Tihara thought of asking him all about her luck in upcoming examinations and stuff, but, as they reached their place, Tihara was taken aback by surprise. She then found out that his father’s friend was none other than Ayushmann’s father.

That was finally the night they had the conversation, no small talks, a real conversation. That was the beginning of their perfect real life love story.

The couple, after all the troubles, managed to tie the knot in the year 2011 when Ayushmann made a very romantic gesture for proposal. That was, however, not the end of their bad luck.

real life love stories
Image source: DNA India

Tihara was the only earning member of the family for the initial years of their married life. Ayushmann wanted to build his career in acting, which they both knew was not an easy target. However, Tihara’s constant support and Ayushmann’s dedication brought him success! They both proved that there is no place for ego if you genuinely love someone.

When finally couple was living their dream life, a significant flood of bad news knocked their lives. In recent years, Tihara became victim of breast cancer! Ayushmann took this phase very seriously and never left her side, always stuck around her.

With all their courage, support, and love, the couple kicked away the toughest phase of their lives and passing the test of time, making their love story inspiration for many.

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2. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Talking of love and not mentioning this, one of the passionate real life love stories is like talking about the beauty of the sky and not mentioning the moon. ‘Deepveer,’ the power couple, never fails to leave a strong impression every time on their fans.

There love story started at Zee Cine Awards that was held in Macau. It was love at first sight, confesses Ranveer. He has a clear memory of what Deepika was wearing when he saw her for the first time and could not help falling in love with her. The silver dress of Deepika, her face, her eyes all are stored safely in his heart.

real life love stories

Their first movie together, Ram Leela, clearly shows the chemistry between two, not just on-screen but off-screen too. Ever since then, there were rumors about them dating each other, though neither of them confirmed it to be real.

real life love stories
Image source:

The couple then was seen together in the film Finding Fanny playing husband-wife, and the rumors of them dating were now more than ever. The two were spotted together many times visiting each other’s sets but gave no definite news of them dating each other.

Then finally, the most awaited moment for all the Deepveer fans was laid out at the IIFA Awards when our hero Ranveer went down on knees to propose his true love Deepika. The couple got married on 14 November of the year 2018, and now both of them are happily filling each other’s life with love and joy.

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3. Ajay Devgn and Kajol

The two have the most beautiful and pure real-life love story. Kajol and Ajay first worked together in the film Hulchul. Both the actors being very opposite in nature, never really fell in love, initially.

Later on, when they got a second film together Gundaraj, they did not realize, and the eyes of two slowly started to look for each other, the smiles were exchanged, and they were slowly falling in love.

real life love stories

On the sets of Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Kajol met with an accident and faced short time amnesia, after which she could not recall anything. Then, the director of the film Karan Johar and the co-actor Shah Rukh Khan, gave a call to Ajay Devgn. The two had a conversation on the phone, and Kajol recovered right after that, so was the chemistry between them.

The couple had a dim wedding, away from all the spotlights or social media. It was a very personal event. Only close friends and family members were invited to attend the wedding.

The couple never really said ‘I love you’ to each other or went viral for their valentine day buzz, but share the purest form of love and have always managed to keep their love life a private affair, giving their love story a perfect blend of love and care.

4. Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan

Think of some simple and elegant real life love stories, and their picture comes into your mind!

real life love stories
Image source; Wikimedia

The two first laid their eyes on each other in Pune at a film institute, where Amitabh was accompanied by director A.K Abbas and a few other actors. That was just the first time, and nothing really happened at that point.

Amitabh, who was a struggling actor, saw a picture of a girl on a magazine cover one day and was taken aback by her beauty. She was none other than Jaya.

The two were shot together for the very first time in the film Guddi. That was when the cupid of love hit the hearts of both. It was Jaya who first realized that she was falling head over heels for Amitabh.

Then, we know nothing is boring when we talk about Big B. It was right before the release of the film Zanjeer(1973) when his friends told him that if the film had a huge success, they would all go to London.

Amitabh’s parents, however, did not allow him to go to London with a girl who was Jaya.

It was then when he broke zillions of hearts proposing Jaya for marriage and Jaya without taking any time agreed to the proposal. Her parents, too, were ready for the wedding of the couple. In the year 1973, on 3 June, they were married and flew away to London on the same day.

real life love stories
Image source:

It’s been more than 40 years of marriage and, and they still stand together for each other in every situation. They have still not lost touch of love and care, giving their love story another level of success.

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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan-

Baadshah of the film industry and the ruler of our hearts, King Khan, is not just an on-screen hero but an off-screen hero too. One of the real life love stories is of King Khan, which is no less than a roller coaster ride.

Back in the year 1984, when Shah Rukh was just eighteen years old, he fell in love with Gauri. They both met at a party. Shah Rukh being of shy nature, had to gather all his courage to ask Gauri for dance. However, she turned down his offer.

But, later, the couple finally started dating each other. According to Gauri, Shah Rukh was acting very insecure and possessive, and she needed a break from him. With this, she moved to Mumbai with her friends without informing Shah Rukh. It was then when he realized how much he loves her.

real life love stories

He took ten thousand rupees from his mother and went to Mumbai in search of Gauri. He and his friends made all possible efforts to find her but had no success.

Finally, Shah Rukh saw Gauri on a beach, and they both hugged each other with teary eyes, realizing that they wanted to spend their lives together.

Due to different religious backgrounds, they had many hurdles in their love story. It was not easy to convince Gauri’s parents, who were Hindu Bhramin and Shah Rukh, who was a Muslim. They had to date secretly for almost five years, passing the hard test of time, and those five years were no less than the exile of 14 years for the couple.

real life love stories
Image source: Flickr

Then finally, on 25 October, in the year 1991, love birds were able to write the perfect chapter to their love story and got married. Now it’s been twenty-five years of togetherness, and they have created and maintained the spark of their love story.

Everyone craves for these real life love stories to happen with them. The stigma that filmy love only exists in movies seems to be a myth looking at the above real life love stories.


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