A best friend’s wedding is one of the special occasions for everyone and choosing the wedding gift for the best friend is one of the key responsibilities. Wedding day is the big day of best friend and a thoughtful gift can make the day more special.

The wedding gift for a best friend is connected with a lot of emotions and feelings. If you are confused to choose the right wedding gift from a bunch of options this blog is for you. Here you will get a lot of thoughtful gift ideas for friends with various budgets.

1. How Much Should You Allocate on Wedding Gift for a Best Friend?

There are various budgets for different gift items. You can allocate $75 to $80 for a wedding gift for your friend. You can get general wedding gifts on this budget. Besides that, customized gift items require a little more funding.

Weeding personalized gifts for the bride can cost $140 and the groom’s gift can cost nearly $100.

2. Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Special Day

2.1. Personalized Gift Items

There are various personalized gift items for a best friend which will feel special and close to your heart. Some unique ideas for customized and personalized gifts are here.

2.1.1. Customized Couples Name Pillow

This is a popular wedding gift idea that can embrace the new home of just married couples. Customized pillows are very elegant as you can add customized quotes for your friend instead of their names.

2.1.2. Custom Couples Mug Set

A couple’s mug set is another trendy gift idea as a wedding gift. You can print out photos of the couples on the mug or just simply print their names. Besides that, you also can add their wedding date on the mug set. The mugs will feel cozy to new couples on a lazy weekend with warm tea or coffee.

2.1.3. Customized Couples Clock

Sometimes it is difficult to pick a perfect gift for a friend who already has everything. Then you can try a customized wall clock for the couple. Your friend will appreciate your choice. A personalized wall clock can make the home more romantic for newlyweds. They also can put it in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room as per their choice.

2.1.4. Personalized Photo Frame

Sometimes people prefer to gift photo frames as a wedding gift. You can gift personalized photo frames to your friend to feel them more special. Decorate the frame with memorable pictures of you and your friend. You can also add the couple’s picture to the photo frame to make it a more romantic wedding gift. Apart from that, gifting customized key holders with photos are also a unique wedding gift idea.

2.1.5. Customized Ornament

wedding gift for a best friend
Photo by Sandy Millar from Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Customized ornaments are very precious and elegant wedding gift ideas for a best friend. There is a white range of customized ornaments including bride necklaces, personalized tie clips, a pocket watch for grooms, friendship bracelets, soul sister necklaces, or even a friendship ornament. These items are precious gift options to feel your best friend special on the wedding day.

2.2. Relaxation Gift Items

2.2.1. Candle Set

Gifting scented candles is a wonderful idea for a best friend’s wedding. You can different types of candle sets with different aromas. If you know your friend’s choice then you can choose the appropriate fragrance for them. Otherwise, you can also select Vanilla or lavender Aroma for your candle set. This gift is a wonderful choice for just married couples.

2.2.2. Comfy Blanket

You can gift your friend a comfy blanket on their wedding day. It is a warm and cozy gift idea for a wedding. You can try the song lyrics blanket. You will get a wide range of song lyrics blankets in the market. Otherwise, you can personalize the blanket with your song of choice. They will love spending time together in this blanket.

2.2.3. Elegant Bed Sheets

This is not only an essential item but also can be shown as main room decor for newly married couples. Luxury sheets can change the whole room’s vibe. If you know your friend’s choice then focus on that while choosing a design for the bed sheet. Otherwise, you can try cotton bed sheets with floral prints, lavender shades, or any other pastel shades.

2.2.4. Unisex Bathrobe

A comfy bathrobe is also another best wedding gift option for new couples. You can select a warm and cozy unisex bathrobe as a gift so, both of them can use it. Besides that, gifting a couple of bathrobes for them is also a good idea. Try to select some good quality and elegant bathrobes to define your choice. Your friend will love to use it daily.

2.2.5. Hooded Couple Loungewear

You can also choose some fun gift ideas for a best friend. Everyone will give some serious gifts to the couple and you can go for hooded couple loungewear. Matching comfy hooded pajamas are appropriate for every season. Your friend will love this cute gift.

2.3. Technical Gifts

2.3.1. Wireless Speaker

Wedding gift for best friend
Photo By: Gwen King/Unsplash/Copyright 2021

A wireless speaker can be a good gift option for a wedding day. It can be a thoughtful present if your friend loves long drives or road trips. You can gift a portable Bluetooth speaker so they can turn on their favorite music at the beginning of their new life.

2.3.2. Skincare Fridge

A skincare fridge can be a special gift for your female best friend. It can be a good storage option for her skincare essentials. It will keep the lotion, moisturizer, and face masks fresh and cold.

2.3.3. Instant Camera

You can choose something unique rather than traditional wedding gift ideas. An instant camera can be the best wedding gift option for those who love photography. You are contributing to making a special moment for newlyweds by gifting this.

Besides that, if your friend loves journaling it will be a great gift to capture memories. The good part is both couples can use it and can immediately print out their pictures. Newlyweds also prefer to use this for their honeymoon where the photo shoot is exclusive enough.

2.3.4. Nespresso Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

Your best friend and their partner are going to make coffee together now. Gifting a coffee maker for coffee lover friends can be a meaningful gift idea. You can try Nespresso Espresso Machine as a wedding gift for a best friend. It is very helpful to make a latte or espresso shot for everyday purposes. You can also add a pair of customized coffee mugs with their names to add a personalized touch to the gift.

2.3.5. Google Home

Google Home can be a great wedding gift for a best friend who is tech-savvy. This is also a unisex gift item for regular use. Google’s Google Home is currently trending among adults. It has various features such as Bluetooth, google assistance, smart speakers and so on. The exterior of this is also very aesthetic and appropriate for every home.

It can manage a lot of Google features such as Google Calendar and also control other smart devices. Just prompt by “OK Google” and ask to manage the regular tasks such as switching off lights, turning on music, and others. You can also get the answers to everyday questions through this. It will add value to your friend’s new house with some smart touches.

2.3.6. Headphones

Headphones are considered one of the best wedding gift ideas for newlywed couples. The high-quality headphone is a smart choice for music buffers. You can find various types of headphones in online and offline with various price ranges.

2.4. Wedding Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

2.4.1. Wine Box

Just wrap the wine box with gift wrappers and surprise your friend. Just make sure your friend loves alcohol. The gift box will be considered as a boring gift but when they open it they will appreciate the present. Various types of bottle openers can also be a part of the box with the bottle of wine.

2.4.2. Wine Glass Set

Wedding gift for best friend
Photo By: Simon Payne/Unsplash/Copyright 2020

Wine glass sets are elegant wedding gifts for new couples. You can get a wide range of wine glass sets. You can also personalize them with the name of the groom and bride. This can be one of the best wedding gift ideas who enjoy wine. Currently, copper wine glass sets are trending.

A custom set of copper wine glasses will become an unforgettable gift for a best friend. The main advantages of these glasses are, the glass set will last longer and also keep the wine cold for a long time.

2.4.3. Whiskey Glass Set

If your friend loves and prefers whiskey to wine you can choose this item. You can also customize these glasses with their names which they will love. Just select some unique and quality glassware for your gift.

2.5. Other Gift Ideas

2.5.1. Makeup Kits

Wedding gift for best friend
Photo By: Element5 Digital/Unsplash/Copyright 2018

Makeup kits are another ideal gift option for the bride. A makeup kit is a back support for the bride on her wedding day. You can add her favorite lipsticks in various shades including peach, nude and pink in a glittering pouch. Besides that, a kajal, eyeliner pencil, lipliner pencils, blushes, highlighter, and tissues are also needed to be included here. You can also add a mirror and nail enamels to this kit as your friend can use it for quick touch-ups.

2.5.2. Wooden Music Box

This can be the best wedding gift for a best friend, especially one who loves jewelry. Jewellery cum music box is one of the best traditional gift ideas. The wooden music box is handmade and it has specific species of jewelry. There is also a locking system to secure precious items.

2.5.3. Elegant Dinner Set

If you want to gift something special and royal to your best friend and their special day you can choose some elegant dinner sets instead of basic glass sets.

2.5.4. Wall Frame

Wall art can be the best wedding gift idea for a best friend. You can complete this with a personalized touch by adding the couple’s photo to the picture frame. Besides that, you can also add some relationship or friendship quotes to the wall canvas. It is also an affordable gift option for those who are struggling with choosing a wedding gift. You can also choose some giant canvas frames which can be used as wall frames.

2.5.5. Carry-on Suitcase

The newlyweds will go soon for their honeymoon and a carry-on suitcase will be the most useful gift idea for them. The classy wheeled suitcase is also the best gift idea for travel lovers. Your friend can organize all necessary items in a carry-on while traveling.

2.5.6. Kitchen Accessories

It’s the time of a new beginning in your friend’s life. Your friend is going to share the new kitchen with their partners, so gifting kitchen essentials can be a great gift idea for them. It is also a traditional gist idea but a very thoughtful present too.

The necessary things for the everyday kitchen include non-stick pans, decorative utensils, spoon sets, knife sets, and other items. You can also include some personal touch by doing monograms on the utensils. Wooden utensils are quite affordable and trending gift options for this wedding season.

2.5.7. Self-Care Box

wedding gifts for a best friend
Photo by Vaicheslav from Depositphotos

A care package is another best gift idea for newlywed couples. You can add different types of self-care items in a gift box based on your friend’s choice. You can add body scrubs, body wash, bath salts, body lotion, face masks, body butter, hand cream, bath bombs, and other shower items.

Apart from that you can also create a wellness self-care box by adding journals, essential oils, fuzzy shocks, handwritten notes, positive quotes, posters, and some sweet treats. Your friend and their partners both can use these items in their special moments or on a low day to cheer up each other.

2.5.8. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are smart gift options for a wedding night. If you know your besties’ bucket list then choose the gift voucher based on this. There are a bunch of various ideas to help you choose the ideal option. You can gift spa vouchers to provide the couple with a relaxing spa treatment or restaurant gift cards for a delightful dining experience.

You can also add various shopping vouchers from various online sites including amazon gift cards and others. Your best friend will appreciate your choice of the ideal present.

You can also try travel vouchers for your friend’s wedding. It is a very thoughtful resent as vacation will be needed for them after the big day.

3. Bottom Line

A bunch of ideas on a wedding gift for a best friend are available here. There are different gift options for different categories as per your budget. Personalized wedding gift ideas can make the wedding date of your best friend so special. Besides that, electronic items are a thoughtful present for a new life. Now you can easily choose the ideal gift and don’t forget to make a list of your favorite gifts for the future.

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