When do you start showing in pregnancy? The news that you are pregnant is definitely something that calls for a celebration.

In your first pregnancy, you will be excited for your bloated belly to transform into a baby bump, and for your pregnancy to show.

But what if you are not yet prepared to announce it to others? In that case, you may stop worrying a little as your baby bump will take a while to start showing. However, you can’t hide it for a long time.

It is also important to remember that you can’t compare your pregnancy with others as each body is different, and also their pregnancy.

However, typically first-time moms will start to show in their second trimester, between weeks 12 and 18.

1. Why Do You Start to Show Your Baby Bump During Pregnancy?

When do you start showing in pregnancy?
Photo by John Looy on Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

Are you curious about what makes you start showing during your pregnancy? It is due to your growing uterus beginning to increase in size above your pubic bone. Before this, your uterus stays inside the pelvis, and won’t be visible.

2. When Do You Start Showing if This Is the First Pregnancy?

If this is your first time being pregnant, then your baby bump will not be visible in your first trimester. You will most probably notice your baby bump in your early second trimester.

3. When Is It in the Case of Your Second Pregnancy?

In second pregnancy, you might even start showing early. This is because your stomach muscles might be stretched when you were pregnant with your first baby, and there are chances of these muscles not returning back to their original size.

4. When Do You Start Showing in Pregnancy with Twins?

When do you start showing in pregnancy?
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If you are carrying twins or other multiples, chances are high that you may start showing even before your first trimester is completed. Your uterus must develop in size to create space for all the babies.

So, you will have an early baby bump than a person carrying single babies.

5. Factors Influencing the Time and the Way You Start To Show in Pregnancy

Your size as well as the shape of your body also has a role to play in this. For instance, shorter women may start showing sooner than tall women, and leaner women may witness their baby bump well in advance than a curvy woman does.

Also, obese women might not have a solid rounded belly till they reach their third trimester. If your body weight is on the higher side, and you fall under the b-belly category, your baby bump will be less noticeable.

You have to wait till you reach your third trimester for your b belly to transform into a D belly.

The position of your uterus also can determine when you start to show. Also, if this is your second pregnancy, your baby bump will start showing early, due to your uterine as well as your abdominal muscles being stretched from the first pregnancy.

Occasionally you may also be self-conscious that you are showing too soon in your first trimester, however, it might simply be pregnancy bloating. Bloating accompanied by gas as well as constipation is one of the first signs of pregnancy.

6. How the Resting Position of Your Uterus Influences the Way You Show While Being Pregnant?

The resting position of your uterus also plays a role in your baby bump becoming visible. If you have a retroverted uterus – the case where it is tilted towards your back, you might show later.

If you have an anteverted uterus – the case where it slants forward, you might show very early.

7. What Are Diastasis Recti?

It is the condition where your muscles separate along the abdominal midline. When you are pregnant, your growing uterus pushes against your abdominal muscles.

This is how the two muscles meeting will get separated forming a bulge. This bulge might be the reason for your small bump appearing earlier.

8. Baby Bump Progression Details

When do you start showing in pregnancy
Photo by Pexels from Pixabay/ Copyright 2016

Baby bump progression is also not the same for every pregnant woman. Typically, when you are 12 weeks pregnant, your baby’s size will be approximately 6cm long, which is about the size of a plum.

Hence your uterus develops to make room, and your baby bump grows a little, but not to the extent that it gets noticed by others.

At 16 weeks, your growing baby will approximately weigh 110g, which is the rough size of a small avocado. And when you reach week 24, you will be amazed to notice real changes.

9. What to Do if You Don’t Start Showing Sooner in Pregnancy?

You need not stress yourself if you have not yet started to show your baby bump as there might be several factors for this.

One reason might be your body type. In case you are small in size, this might be one of the reasons that you may start to show late.

10. Reasons That Are of Concern in Your Pregnancy

You must keep your blood pressure in check as high blood pressure poses a great risk for pregnant women. It may even result in your baby being born prematurely.

Another concern is your baby’s gestational age. If your baby is not appropriate for their gestational age and is small, your baby bump might not be visible.

You also should take care that you are not extra weight during your pregnancy. Your ob-gyn is the right person to discuss the various health concerns and how to take care of yourself and your baby’s growth during pregnancy.

11. Staying Positive with A Growing Bump

When do you start showing in pregnancy
Photo by Arteida MjESHTRI on Unsplash/ Copyright 2016

Though you may love your growing bump, sometimes the same might arouse your self-consciousness too. However, you can handle it with the below tips.

  • Weight gain is something that is unavoidable in your pregnancy. So, avoid checking your weight constantly and this will help you feel better.
  • It is not fair to let go of your fashion sense for the sole reason of being pregnant. Who said loose-fitting clothes are the only ones during your pregnancy? Go for the trendy maternity wear and enjoy yourself. Start shopping now.
  • Last but not least, you can perform pregnancy-appropriate exercises under the guidance of your ob-gyn, and stay healthy.
  • One word of caution: When pregnant, you might often encounter people other than your family members to try touching your pregnant belly.
  • You might avoid this with the help of an oversized jacket or bag, and covering your growing belly. If circumstances call for it, you might even convey your discomfort directly.

Bottom Line

It is obvious that pregnant women start showing at various times. If you had a previous pregnancy, or even if you are carrying multiple buns, you might show earlier.

So without worrying about when do you start showing in pregnancy, enjoy getting pampered, stay healthy, and wait for the arrival of your sweet baby.


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