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Top 20 Fashion Tips For Girls

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Looking fashionable does not need a lump sum of money. You can look fashionable, stay classy within the minimum budget.

It’s all about your fashion taste, preference, and comfort. Follow fashion tips for girls and stay classy.

Fashion needs comfort, and this is the most important factor. You do not want to spend huge money and end up looking like a clown. Some girls are born fashionable.

So what if you do not understand the right fashion statement? It’s never too late. You can learn to be fashionable with certain fashion tips.

In this article, you will get some awesome tips on fashion that will fetch you everyone’s attraction.

fashion is comfort

Dress As Your Body Type

The shape of your body plays an important role. Not all dressing style suits you in a particular body type.

The major mistake that the girls make is that they are not aware of their body type.

The first body shape comes in Pear (fruit) shape. In the body shape, you have a wide waist than the bust.

You have full hips. The shoulders are narrow. Choose tops with bell sleeves, cowl neck, plunging v-neck, scoop neck.

Structured or fitted tops look good on you. For layers, you can choose a body coat, princess cut, A-line jackets.

For pear shape body, dresses are the best choice. The Maxi dress, A-line dress, looks outstanding.

Even they are comfortable. It is one of the best fashion tips for girls.

For bottoms, choose flare, boot cut denim. They are your go-to style. Statement neckpieces, earrings look outstanding on you.

The second body shape is an inverted triangle. You have a well proportionate body type.

You have a broad shoulder compare to hips. The waistline is not well defined.

It would help if you chose tops with flowy tunics, v-neck tops, A-line breezy tops. Follow fashion tips for girls.

Thick cotton, raw silk, linen are the best fabric for you. You can choose sleeveless tops. But, if you want to cover your hands, then choose fitted sleeves.

Scoop neck, v neck, is the best choice. For layers, you can choose any style of jacket or vest. Poncho is the best layer for your body type.

The strapless dress is just for you. You are lucky that you look good in any dress.

If you still have confusion, then choose dark colors or diagonal stripes. They look outstanding on you.

You can choose skinny jeans, leggings for bottoms, and even you can wear flared pants with high heels.

They look outstanding in your body type.

The third body shape is curvy or hourglass body shape. Your waist is well defined. The measurements of the bust and hip are even rough.

Your thighs, bust, and hips are fuller. You can choose wrap tops, peplum blouse, v-neck, boat neck, and round neck suits well.

Crop or bomber jacket looks cool on your body type. Fit and flare, wrap dress looks great on you.

High-waisted bottoms look great on you. You can even choose fitted jumpsuits. They look amazing in you.

The fourth is the rectangle body shape, and your hip and shoulder measurement is the same.

There is no particular weight in a particular area. For tops, you can opt for round, strapless, halter, racetrack, scoop necks.

Jackets like bomber, flowy, duster jackets look good on you. In terms of dresses, you can choose any dress.

Even you can choose the best bottom wear that accentuates your overall fashion statement. They are the best fashion tips for girls.

A piece of clothing only looks good when you wear them on the right body type. It is just a little trick that completes your look, and you do not feel out of fashion.

These are important tips that every girl should know if they want to stay stylish and comfortable.

There are certain tips that you should grab and follow regularly.


1. Wardrobe Organization

An organized wardrobe is the most favorite thing for a girl. You may own a vast collection of fashionable clothes.

But, if you do not organize them properly, then they have no use.

Try to declutter your wardrobe and donate or sell the items you do not want to wear anymore.

2. Plan The Entire Outfits

Properly plan your outfits. It would be best if you had synchronization of tops and bottoms. If your top is loose fitted, then team it up with the fitted bottom.

If you wear a flare pattern bottom, then a fitted crop top is the must go. It is a must fashion tip for girls.

3. Choose The Best Tailor

It would be best if you kept an excellent tailor handy. A good tailor can give a challenge to designer fashion clothes.

If you have a design on the mind and want to get it stitched, then describe it to the tailor master.

You see that the end clothing piece is the exact design that you want.

4.Be Experimental

Be experimental with patterns and designs. You can try distinct patterns and experiment with your style.

It gives you the confidence to come out of your comfort zone.

5. Keep Range Of Colors Handy

Do not just fill the wardrobe with colors that you love. Try to fill it with different bright colors, nudes, and even whites and dark colors.

It is the best fashion tips for girls. You can choose the color of the outfits as per your mood.

6. Layers With Jackets Are Must

A leather jacket, a denim jacket, and a tailored jacket is the must in your wardrobe. These three jackets can turn any boring outfit, spicy and edgy.

7. Shirt Gives The Best Look

A white shirt, a black t-shirt, and a denim pair are again must look fashionable anytime.

It is a classic fashion that never goes out of fashion. It can be your outfit for any given day and amazing fashion tips for girls.

8. Flaunt Your Best Body Portion

How much skin you want to show depends on you.  The body part you love to flaunt can be your shoulder, collarbone, thighs, sexy back, or push up arms.

Choose the outfit accordingly and show off that part of the skin to an event, party, or occasion.

9. Keep A Scarf Handy

The scarf is an inseparable item in a girl’s wardrobe. So, it would be best if you had an excellent collection of scarfs that you can add to make the overall look stunning. It is a must fashion tips for girls.

10. Play With Accessories

Accessories play an essential role to make you fashionable. You must wisely choose the statement neckpiece, earrings, or rings to accessorize and complete the look.

Belts, handbags, and sunglasses should reflect your style statement. Pay attention to minor details before you move out.

11. Choose Smart Layer Option

Layering is always a smart option. Be always smart in layering ideas. It can make any plain outfit just the perfect one.

Be playful with layering, and it will give you the best result.

fashion is stay classy

12. Workwear Outfits Handy

Are you a girl boss? If yes, then you must have busy mornings. Always keep workwear outfits handy.

You can even pre-decide the outfits at night, so you do not have to be late for the office every day.

13. Be Fashionable

Do not follow the trend. The trend comes in and goes by. What stays is your fashion taste.

It would help if you focused on that. Being fashionable is something that never vanishes away.

Do not buy items that fall on the recent trend. Once the trend goes away, that item is of no use.

14. Take inspiration

If you want to stay fashionable, then make one person your fashion inspiration. It can be a movie star, Instagram influencer, or fashion blogger.

The choice depends on you. But you should not blindly follow. Know your body type and then follow the inspiration. It is the best fashion tips for girls.

15. Wear The Right Bra

A bra is hidden, but it can make or break the outfit. You should wear the right fit bra underneath to get that overall fashionable look.

The right size, with the right cup, is the perfect choice for you.

16. Shop When You Need

Do not become an impulsive shopper. If you see a sale or discount in-store or online, do not just buy it. If you need it, then only you should buy it.

17. Research On Fashion Ideas

Research helps you stay fashionable. Before shopping, do a little homework or research.

It will help you know about the fashion world, and you will not waste money.

18. Clean The Clothes

Know how to keep your clothes, accessories clean. Keep attention to these minute details.

They are vital and help you stay fashionable and make you a trendsetter.

19. Shoes Are Must

Do not ignore shoes. One shoe does not go with all outfits. Girls have various options for shoes.

Explore with flats and different heels. It is a game-changer for you all.

20. Color Pop

If you choose all black or all white outfit, then choose one item may be a T-shirt which can be bright and colorful.

It breaks the same color monotony and stands out the color.

 Basic Fashion Tips

Ankle length jeans or trousers or leggings are common these days. They fitted quite well as your bottom and elevated the style.

You can wear this ankle-length palazzo, leggings, trousers with Kurti.

Keep broad and slim belts handy. You do not know which one you need and when. Belts jazz up the overall look.

You can wear a belt with dresses, sarees to give that edgy look.

fashion is all about being yourself

The nude color is your go-to color. You can choose pumps, lipsticks nude.

Whatever outfit or makeup you do, nude stand out and cut the boredom of too heavy dress and makeup.

Styling up with white needs smart choice. The inner should be in skin color and wear seamless panties, so it does not become see-through. They are the best fashion tips for girls.

Stripes are all-time fashionable. Choose vertical over horizontal stripes. It makes you look slim and tall all the time. Winters are always dull. So, go with colors with your winter wear. Choose jackets, pullovers, sweatshirts that have colors. It looks smart, sassy, and stand you out in that boring winters.

Prints And Patterns

Animal print is your savior. Own a purse, scarf, outfit, or shoes with animal print. It is stylish, and it adds spice to your overall outfit. Know which dress is for which time. A floral dress goes perfect during day time. At the same time, a sequin dress is just the right choice for night time.

Jumpsuit, pantsuit, or tracksuit are always there in the fashion world. If you are clad in a jumpsuit going to the toilet is a bit problem, but you cannot miss the style. It is just outstanding and gives you an edgy look.

Hairstyle Is Must

Hairstyles are also important—different outfit styles up with different hairstyles. You must know a certain hairstyle so you can match up with the outfits. They look fashionable and gives you the best look—one of the best fashion tips for girls to look overall good.

Makeup On Point

Makeup should be on point. It also falls under fashionable tips because loud makeup in your business conference is a complete no-no. While at a wedding function, simple makeup is not what you want.

It would help if you balanced the makeup as per your mood, place, and occasion. Invest in outstanding quality makeup products, so you become a friend of the makeup. Well, red lipstick never goes wrong. It can turn any boring outfit into an interesting one.

Color Block Tips

Color block is another fashion statement that girls should try. It looks like yesterday’s years, but it still has its place. You can add two bold colors as your top and bottom and style it up smartly. Color blocking needs a smart approach to make it work.

Do not forget to look into the mirror before you go out. The mirror tells the truth that nobody can.

So, dress, look into the mirror, and then go ahead if your mirror says it well.

Confidence is another term that plays above all. If you are not confident in your outfit, you will look dull, whatever the latest fashionable item you wear.

Do wear that confidence in you, and let’s roll the world.

Fashion Tips for girls

Girls, now that you get the idea and tips on how to dress and look fashionable, experiment.

Pull up your sleeve and try some new fashion ideas that you haven’t already.

It’s only a matter of practice, and once you become a master, there is no looking back.

Follow these fashion tips for girls to rule the fashion world.

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