Who is the Most Admirable Man?

Who is the Most Admirable Man? 1

Let’s re-phrase that because it’s the title of an article of this website, not The Times of India front page’s. We’re talking about the most admired man and woman in the world, as seen by the population of our favorite country, The United States of America (some might say The Great Britain, but come on, they ruled us for centuries, so they will be second on that list).

Moving on to the answer of that particular question, according to a Gallup poll released on Monday, President Barack Obama, and our dearest, Hillary Clinton, have been voted the most admired man and woman in the world, by the Americans.


You might be wondering that it is pretty obvious for Americans to vote their own the best, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we’re actually talking about is, that there are exotic people on the list too. And by exotic, I mean EXOTIC. But first, let’s talk about the odds of these guys over here.

In this annual poll, the dear president has stayed on top of this list for 8 years in a row and has been voted number one, or two about 17 percent of times. The best part is, Hillary Clinton has been on top for 14 consecutive years, and 20 times overall (talk about being a favorite kind of favorite). And just because, you’re always interested in the record, she was named 13 percent of the times.

Now, that we have already discussed who came first, let’s move on to the exotic. The very first exotic on this list is the guy who came second. No pennies for guessing his name, because, it is, indeed, the best of the best, the amazing, the huuuuuge, the person with the yellowest of hair, the one and only, Donald Trump. Yes. He’s the second most admired man. But things have just started to get interesting. He shares this place with Pope Francis (Of course, of course).


Can you believe that both the guys earned an equal 5 percent on the poll given their history? I am so good at pointing out the ironies, I have a smile on my face while I’m writing this (that’s huuuuuge because I have a BRF).

The rest of the men which were there in the top ten were Bernie Sanders, who got 3 percent, Bill Gates, who got 2 percent, and Dalai Lama and George W. Bush also tied at the seventh place.

Moving on to the second best in the most admired list of women was Malala Yousafazai, who wins the swag contest among all the teenagers on this planet along with the pretentious adults by a light year*. That girl got a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17 and has a full-fledged foundation called Malala Fund (which somehow was born while she was still in a coma) which aims at giving everyone education, at the age of 18, which is how old she is. She also fills our exotic criteria because she lives in Birmingham now, but is actually Pakistani. She can’t live in Pakistan because, you know, Taliban. Also, she was named 5 percent of times.


The rest in the list were Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama with 4 percent each, and Carly Fiorina, Queen Elizabeth II, and Angela Merkel, with each earning 2 percent.

The signing would read like this. This poll is so obsessed with ties, I could make an episode of ‘Suits’ out of it.


I love Mike Ross.

*- Light year is a measure of distance and not time, doofus. We’re talking about Malala Yousafazai here, I have to sound intelligent with my words.



-Apurva Jain

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