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9 Reasons Why do Introverts Have Trust Issues

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Why do introverts have trust issues?

People who are shy and willing to be distant from the crowd, reticent people are termed as introverts. Being an introvert is not an easy task. Usually, as an introvert, you are misunderstood to be aloof. But that is not the case.

The personality of introverts is quite interesting to explore. As they are not very open about themselves, it is quite an experience to befriend these people.

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Now, the main question about introverts is, why do introverts have trust issues? Go through the following points to know more about them.

Why Do Introverts Have Trust Issues

1. Introverts are reserved people


Introverts are mostly shy and conscious. They are those people who tend to avoid the crowd and are restrained about their lives. As they have trust issues, their reserved behavior is justified.

Introverts are often not reserved with the people they are close to. However, their close circle is limited to those who have been with them for long. With the passage of time and build of trust, they become free to open up.

2. They look for details and care

One must be thinking. Since introverts are shy and reserved, they would possibly not be very attentive to little things. But that’s not true. Introverts have a keen eye for details. They notice every little thing going on.

They can understand meanings beyond the surface of things. Hence, if you are being careless about your stuff or are having a little change in behavior, your introvert friend will be the first one to acknowledge it.

So, to avoid having trust issues with your acquaintance, who is an introvert, try to take care of small things like keeping a check on your words and actions. And this one of the reasons why introverts have trust issues.

3. Introverts are thoughtful


Why do introverts have trust issues?

These people reflect upon anything action they do or any step they take. They are great thinkers and observers. So, if you are having a tough time in making choices or are stuck in a dilemma, then do ask your introvert friend for help. Since they think about every little thing in life mindfully, they tend to understand one’s personality quite well.

An introvert is quite much of a thinker, and most people often feel they are lost in their world. This results in another reason why introverts have trust issues, for they are often left out. They are often nervous about making mistakes and worry about how people would react, as they are not comfortable with a lot of people.

4. They hate small talks

To talk with an introvert is quite an experience. They are those people who prefer having a meaningful convo at 3 am under the stars rather than a fun-filled brunch or a party at a club. They are great at life decisions due to their ability to observe things and reflecting upon them.

Some people are full of joy and fun. But introverts are people who are often enthusiastic about life and goals. Hence, they don’t enjoy having small talks. In-depth, meaningful chat is more of their type.

5. They tend to have long term bonds

introvert in their alone time

An introvert might not be as free and open about oneself in the beginning. However, once they start trusting you and accept you, no doubt they will be there for you for the whole life.

So, if you are a person who cannot be as loyal and allot enough time to them, then better stay away. If you leave them mid-way, it may be no less than a trauma. It is a big deal for them to accept a rift in their bonds. And hence, this is why introverts have trust issues.

6. Introverts are sensitive to conflicts

As aforesaid, they don’t feel like talking about themselves a lot. They hate being the center of attraction. And, a real thing about introverts is that they are sensitive to fights and conflicts.

When an introvert is exposed to such a thing among their close ones as they are profoundly affected and disturbed. Thus, they begin to have more trust issues. They prefer to be alone than being hurt by their loved ones.

7. They are not the best at expressing

Your close one, who is an introvert, might not be the best at expressing their emotions, yet they have real feelings for the people they surround themselves with. One may misunderstand this for bad attitude issues or rudeness, and that becomes another reason why introverts have trust issues.

Hence, be understanding of your introvert person’s true feelings. Pay attention to their words. Introverts may talk less, but whatever they say carries deep meaning. Their simple phrases have a world lot of emotions.

8. They feel they are not understood

why do introverts have trust issues

Introverts get hurt when they try to express something but are not heard. It may not be noticeable to others, but introverts do take little things seriously. If they try to be a part of a conversation and are overlooked, that would be discouraging for them.

Introverts tend to listen more than participating in talks. Trust issues are familiar to them as they feel that the world doesn’t understand them.

9. They like to live in their space

As said, introverts have their world, and one must always respect their space. Don’t misinterpret their silence. Unlike extroverts, they have to muster up the courage to take new steps.

Thus, they surround themselves with those people who they feel are worthy of being a part of their space and probably would not hurt them.

introvert personality

Having an introvert personality is not easy. For them, their alone time is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean they hate social interactions.

They prefer their small, peaceful world instead of the chaotic extroverted world outside. Most of the time, they want to be with their loved ones but at the same time be alone and enjoy their “me-time”.

It is difficult for introverts to find a place in the world that cherishes extrovert qualities. As a result, they often feel left out and begin to have trust issues. They tend to internalize a lot, and one has to be understanding to avoid them with an introvert.

They overthink and over-analyze. Hence, mental support is essential, and they would appreciate your companionship more than ever.

So this was an article for ‘Why do introverts have trust issues?’ We have tried to cover every possible aspect. If you have more points to add to ‘Why, Do Introverts Have Trust Issues’ do let us know in the comment section.

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