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10 Best Things To Do In NYC In December

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December in New York is like blooming the beauty of paradise. There are a lot of things to do in NYC in December. New York City is considered to be the most populous city in the United States. “The Big Apple” is the nickname given to NYC in the early 1920s.

December is the best time to explore New York City. You can plan an amusement trip with your loved ones or a road trip with your friends during the holiday season. NYC comes under the world’s ten most visited tourist attractions.

The Christmas lights and magical atmosphere of NYC will bloom your eyes. You will find many types of events taking place in NYC this month of the year. NYC is mainly known for its eye-catching holiday window displays.

Skyscrapers, coffee houses, and parks are well-known landmarks of NYC. However, at the time of December looks like a natural winter wonderland. Although the weather is freezing during this time of the year, NYC’s best things will make you cherish the moment. You will find a lot of things to do in NYC in December.

What are the things to do in NYC in December?

Let’s begin with the ten best things to do in NYC in December exclusive list for y’all! Planning for a holiday, are you?! How about New York? NYC’s December is the best holiday season to explore in the United States. Not just the snowfall, but the city seems like a wedding venue.

Be sure to dress up warmly as New York City in December is cold. Now you must be thinking, where to start. There are many things to do in NYC in December, but here are some of the best places I would like to recommend.

Top 10 Things To Do In NYC In December

1.Gliding over Ice in Central Park

central park
                               Central Park

Gliding on ice in Central Park is the usual ritual to enjoy in New York is the first on our list of things to do in NYC in December. Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink are the two beautiful ice-skating rinks in the famous Central Park.

The Wollman Rink is located on the east side. It offers party facilities, ice hockey, lockers, and others.  It is considered to be the favorite attraction of Central Park. And Lasker Rink is located at the mid-park. It offers hockey classes, skating lessons, and birthday parties. Conservatory Water provides free ice skating, but interested people must bring their skates. It is located on the east side.

2.Shopping in Flea Markets

Holiday Market
                        Holiday Market

The best & cheapest souvenirs, decorations, and food-Holiday market in NYC are the perfect venues to visit. Huge sales are conducted from Nov to Jan.

Some of the cheapest Holiday flea markets in NYC are- Winter Village in Bryant Park, Artists & Fleas, Chelsea & Flea, and much more. These markets are known as shopper’s paradise.

If you love antique stuff, then Chelsea Flea is the right place. This winter market offers many interesting things. To give the best Christmas gift ever, you need to go, Grand Central.

For underground eateries, I will recommend you The Turnstyle Underground Market. Here you will get everything from doughnuts to wine to ornaments.

3.Attending Broadway Shows


If you love to watch live dramatic plays or musical performances, then Shubert Theatre in NYC is the best Broadway destination. These plays are super engaging and melancholic.

Shubert Theatre also offers the perfect location to let your guardians enjoy a fun night out. The Lyric Theatre is known as the Broadway powerhouse.

This theatre has the best lighting and sound systems. For an analog stage, you must watch a show at the Winter Garden Theatre. Only this theatre has the feature in which the stage can move during the show.

4.Train show at Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
                            Botanical Garden

Here is the best thing for kids to enjoy. Holiday Train Show at Botanical Garden is very famous. It is everyone’s favorite show in which the model trains wander around 175 NYC landmarks.

The garden gleams up with the number of trains. These all model trains are made of materials like bark, berries, leaves, and various others.

All the different ages can take up this annual show. The collection of trains lightens the garden. It projects NYC landmarks like Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, and the Statue of Liberty. There are innumerable things to do in NYC in December.

5.Lightshow at Dyker Heights

Things to do in NYC in December
                                Dyker Heights

If you want to watch the biggest light show in the city, go to Dyker Heights. It is located in the southwest corner of the edge city of Brooklyn in NYC.

Here you will see a dazzling view of Christmas decorations with lights. Group of all ages wanders around the avenue to experience the beautiful light show.

Walk around within the area and have a beautiful glance. Mid-December is the best time to go here. The lights will stay on till 9 pm.

You can go here by bus coming from Manhattan. It is available every night in December. The best way to explore this place’s beauty is by having a walking tour that should be a must on everyone’s things to do in NYC in December list.

6. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
                          Christmas Tree

December being the Christmas month, it’s obvious to explore the largest Christmas tree in New York. It is also known as an extensive trap for tourists. Some important dates to remember for this are 14 Nov, 2 Dec, 25 Dec, 31 Dec, and 2 Jan.

On 14 Nov at Rockefeller Centre, the tree arrives. Then on 2 Dec, the tree gets lit up, and on 25 Dec, the trees light twinkle for the whole day. Visitor’s hours start from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm on 31 St Dec.

The tree is adorned with beautiful lights and erected in mid-November for an enormous public ceremony.

Thanksgiving follows the event. Almost 125 million people visit the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree attraction each year.

The humongous trees are traditionally donated to Rockefeller Center. After the display, the lumber was also donated by the owners. It is one of the famous Christmas shows.

7. Walking in Manhattan


Manhattan is the best place to explore in NYC. It’s like the mini New York City, where you get to explore all the popular attractions of New York in one place.

Manhattan is the exclusive cultural, technical, media & entertainment hub of entire American tourism. I want to tell you that don’t miss out on the amazing place in NYC to visit.

Times Square is a huge and unforgettable destination in Midtown Manhattan. Midtown Manhattan is the spot that every visitor who had a first-time experience of NYC should include. Another attractive thing in Manhattan is Herald Square which is a retail hub.

8.Visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedrals

St Patricks
                   St. Patrick’s Cathedrals

St. Patrick Cathedral is the largest Neo-Gothic Cathedral in entire North American, Manhattan. Not only the devotees but the explorers since its grandeur & appraise the architecture.

You’ll love the tainted glass windows allocated on the high altars and amazing marble work. The titanic bronze doors of the cathedral are still shiny & breath-taking. For sure, it’s one of the many things to do in New York.

9. Exploring Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
              Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the signature of America’s universal symbol of freedom and democracy. In 1924 it was referred to as a National Monument.

The lady with the burning torch in one hand & a tablet of laws in another is the figurine of the Roman goddess of freedom- Libertas. Now, this symbol acts as a welcoming statement for all the immigrants settling in America.

Admirers can also visit the insiders of the statue. Autumn & Winter are the best times to avoid long queues while visiting this popular monument in NYC.

10. One World Surreal Skyline

One world nyc
                                       One World

One World Trade Center or One World is the tallest building in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It also ranks as the sixth-tallest building in the world.

Surely the skyline visible from this spot would be incomparable. Simultaneously, New York City’s shoreline adds an extra touch of color to this building’s scenic views.

An iconic sight is waiting for you to watch. This is the tallest skyscraper which will give you a 360-degree view of NYC. Everything looks dynamic from here. Have a glimpse of Manhattan, the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge, and New York Harbor from just one place.

The architect of this top place is David Childs, who also had designed the legendary Burj Khalifa in Dubai. New York City is the hub for hipsters to explore.

Whereas the Christmassy winters are the best way to witness the shiny, glittery American Decembers.  As it is the holiday season, everything is very beautiful and romantic. In December, the entire NYC is covered with snow. You can also enjoy the annual musical stage show ” The Radio City Christmas Spectacular.”

The holiday markets are open, the gliding ice seeks us for skating, and The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree shines with its fame. You will have a lot of fun in this place. And for luxurious shopping go to 5th Avenue.

This NYC trip will be unforgettable for the people who are planning to go there. These are the things to do in NYC in December. Like this, there are a lot of things to do in NYC in December. All the places mentioned earlier are must-visit places in NYC.

If you hold some new & exciting suggestions regarding things to do in NYC in December, please feel free to comment below. I had recommended to you some of the best things to do in NYC in December. I’ll be pleased to hear from my readers their opinions and suggestions.

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