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12 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2021

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Graphic design trends 2021 are constantly in the news. Every year we see a revolutionary update in design trends, and graphic design trends 2021 is no exception.

New fashion design styles and design techniques are pushing ahead and upwards, and to stay ahead of the competition, you must know what’s effervescent under the surface.

So, let’s dive into some popular Graphic design trends 2021.

Among Us- The Major Trend

Among Us
Image by:Alex Seedhouse, Nintendo Insider/Copyright 2021

Among Us took the digital world by storm last year and was insinuated to be a cosmos of the prevailing trend. It is one of the most prominent example of how graphic design trends were in 2020.

Among Us is an online installed multiplayer game app; all about teamwork and collaboration. A player performs jointly with a squad of online strangers or friends to conclude tasks while determining the enigma of which person in the group is an “imposter” demanding to sabotage the rest of the team.

It’s not startling that the most admired game of the year consolidates some of the significant trends that we see in design.

Do Graphic Design Trend Matter?

Whether you are a creative director, freelance graphic designer, or design director, popular trends can guide you in coming up with graphic design ideas for the new year and sharpen your talent with updated graphic elements and geometric shapes.

Design trends inform us a lot about what is progressing in the world and incorporate the current and upcoming visual design trends that we will observe in fashion, media, and advertising.

Many designers ought to have their fingers on the pulse of the cultural consequence to build simple illustrations graphic design that resonates with their audience.

The graphic designers who are eager and able to stay contemporary with the ongoing design trends have a remarkable advantage over designers who have stuck to the identical style for the past few years and the year after that.

When we create modern, on-trend vintage designs, our work is further likely to be recognized and evaluated effectively for clients.

Great designers don’t ignore design trends; they properly know them and ply them to their improvement while creating more brands.

The prevalence of the graphic design trends 2021 presents a reason, either by acknowledging the cultural design process or redirecting things up from the trends of the foregoing seasons to stand out.

A distinguished way to eye for branding new flair of graphic design trends 2021 is to concentrate to what our fellow designers do. Following individuals we admire on social media, raising queries, and keeping in contact with what’s happening in design publications and magazines we should recognize, to be innovative.

It is not always easy to keep up with what’s voguish for graphic design. Being a freelance designer is more in style than ever with the rise in remote work. If you’re doing freelance work, you’re seemingly operating alone while not having a team to bounce off ideas.

To atone for this lack of collaboration, we tend to suggest operating even tougher to remain up to date with design trends.

Accordingly, what are the upcoming graphic design trends 2021? We tend to explore some design techniques to ascertain the key design trends coming this year and created the list of design trends.

Top Graphic Design Trends 2021:-

1. 3D Design

3D design trend is not entirely redesigned it’s just getting cooler and cooler. This elegance for the graphic design trends 2021 is the one that has indubitably made the most of more modern technological advances and software proficiency.

A good example of design trends is developing out of altered “can-do” possibilities.

The increase and upsurge of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in high-performance UI web design and apps, advanced internet and technology pace, bewildering off-the-shelf software all of these things reflect that designers are prolonging their 3D game.

The fashionable shift is proceeding en route incredibly realistic digital art, hyper-real visual content to blur the digital and physical.

To rush alongside this, we predict that these 3D visual bright colors will be astonishingly impressive, not just pushed as minor design elements. However, taking center stage, even influencing the entire page.

The bold color design trend of combining photographic images with illustrative classic style design elements also affects 3D. Trending designers are uniting 3D designs with photos or flat colors illustrations.

3D Character Design
Image by: UV Zhu
InspirationGrid/ Copyright 2021

At the same time, other graphic designers are attaching motion and animation, all set to make the website distinct from the blast of others.

The visual experience of graphic design trends is not exclusively for artistic standards. They intrigue and engage the viewer, grasping their recognition and affecting our web design trend rate.

2. Emoji Design

Emojis are the recent ever-present other forms of pictogram/icon that enable designers to add emotion to descriptions, sites, or printed media. Generally, on social media- Snap chat, WhatsApp, and Instagram -Emojis encourage interaction.

Emoji Designs
Image by: Keith Broni
Emojipedia/ Copyright 2021

The above-mentioned can be assumed of all our designs. The usage of Emojis designs a reaction and a response. They lessen the mood (mental health) and communicate the elemental feelings of personal experience.

Conducive to all these reasons, the design trend of using Emojis in the design world is persuasive to fetch speed over the next few years. The year for graphic design trends 2021 is going to be the more and more creative and imaginative use of emojis.

Think of different styles, brighter colors and design techniques to create them, also the different ways and places to incorporate them into our designs.

3. Nature-Inspired Design

Animated, shaded, natural relevant content design trends have been gearing up slowly on the diversion of the top design trends for the last few years.

Nature Inspired Design
Image by: Alexey Shklianko
dribbble/ Copyright 2021

The proposal of imitating nature, organic shapes, natural lights, softer, earthy colors and muted tones, natural gradients in color schemes, flowing lines, and other elements have been coming back into fashion.

It has a higher affinity with the trends of minimalist designs, muted color palettes, and simple illustrations. The color filters are designed to generate a natural aura, organic shapes featuring wood, stone, etc. But the significant thrust has come somewhat out of the blue.

A precise side effect that came out of the pandemic situation is the thirst for nature. Not surprisingly, people who have been rejected the possibility of being outdoors for long periods have the unanticipated urge to find excuses for getting out.

Although designers may want to line the scene and push design trends, business designers should do well by reflecting the mood.

If we can not head to the mountain, let the mountain come to us.

The indispensable attributes of nature are applicable for all the interior design, techniques, commercial and social media fields. It’s a blessing for designers that this supply of inspiration could be a condescending trend that the individuals of 2021 wish.

4. Optical Illusion Design

Instantly when the image the brain accepts does not wholly work as we realize it ought to, a trick of the attention, what does one do?

Forthwith move away and don’t waste some time glaring at it trying to work it out. We all know the situation. If you are unsure, flip through the featured designs below and see how long one spends looking at each one!

Optical Illusion design is perfect for this fashion of graphic design trends 2021.

Graphic Design trends 2021 will be the year when graphic designers will get funky with this fashion design trend ( optical illusion).

Optical illusion
Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash/Copyright 2021

If company branding has something related to the concept of motion and peculiarity or spirituality, all the better, but even if one desires the design to alter, restore in the memory, have the astound factor, thereafter optical illusion design trends is account considered.

The additional we look, the more we wish to seem. It is clever, it’s addictive -it’s a wizardly method of dragging viewers in.

However, on a note of caution, there is a time and a place. Over complication isn’t practical, therefore deem the usage.

5. 3D Typography Design

3 D Typography Design
Image by:Pablo Lopez
behance/ Copyright 2021

The prognosis for graphic design trends 2021 is that the well-liked typography design trends of 2020 will be transfigured into 3D. Ultra-pragmatic lettering that feels like one can reach in and touch it.

Besides the typography design, 3D is a component of animation, texture, and color palettes pattern.

In reality, typography design is quickly fetching an eminent representation of revolution in graphic design, utilizing all the most fashionable, resort to techniques, and using them in incredible and imaginative ways.

6. Cartoon Illustrations in Design

3 D Cartoon Illustrations
Image by: D Majumdar
Pexels/ Copyright 2021

Custom cartoon characters became a bang-up method of obtaining designs to stand out from the generic blur of websites with their significant graphic elements, clean digital design, and minimalist sleekness.

Illustrations are additional varied, attention-grabbing, multi-technique than ever before. They may enhance the design while still keeping on purpose and in line with the attribute you wish to present.

We have a tendency for illustrations, and that they aren’t about to fall off the trend radar for the predictable future. However, the succeeding common vogue for graphic design trends 2021 in the illustration is going to be custom cartoon characters.

7. Gold Design

Metallic effects in design are all set to become uber-trendy in the age of graphic design trends 2021.

Gold Design Trend
Image by: wacomka
dreamstime/ Copyright 2021

Already ordinary in product graphic design, explore the most recent smartphones, the fashion trend is proceeding as a factor of  style for the graphic design trends 2021. They fit in absolutely with a drift towards minimalist style, as they need an innate interest issue. However, they additionally work on smaller parts to draw attention to them.

A graphic designer has victoriously been analyzing with divergent metallic looks such as silver, brass, and lead; nevertheless, gold is still the prime. Gold manifests off all alternatives of metallic design, matte, shiny, reflective light effects, damaged and engraved and cut out.

7.1. Drifting for Luxury pleasure

Surely gold provides the affluent, expensive personal experience, and these design trends demonstrate how gold is going to set the style for graphic design trends 2021.

Gilding everyday items to give that supplementary special feel.

8. Voxel Art Design

A Voxel art could be a 3D cube, a powerful tool, primarily the 2D version of a 2D pixel.

Voxel Art 3D
Image by: Antoine Lendrevie
behance/ Copyright 2021

We would have seen it in video games such as ‘Minecraft and its instantly identifiable style, almost like Lego blocks. We can notice why this design would be making huge moves up the fashion charts for the graphic design trends 2021.

3D is a vital competitor, and we’ve predicted the usage of abstract shapes to create new riveting creations. Well, Voxel art is enormously a combination of the two.

Voxel Design is a visual method, it’s a slightly childish simplicity and retro vibe, yet it is outstandingly modern.

9. Monochrome & Duo-tone Design

The idea of a restricted palette has been around for a short while in fashionable design. This design is partly influenced by a sleek, cool look and feel, as well as compensating for the increase in illustrations and various complicated graphics.

Partly this helps a freelance designer by utilizing one’s restricted time on additional complex elements and using neutral colors theme.

The next analytical phase-


The design scheme of monochrome and duotone helps designers create an ambiance and utilize technology.

It is uncomplicated for designers to avail monochromatic color gradients and investigate with duel tones while still departing extent to express ourselves.

Plus point- an instinctual sense of formation and harmony specified by this design style.

10. Geometric Shapes Design

Graphic design trends 2021 of this style is something we have noticed returning for a short period. However, the geometric shapes design trend is ready to peak in the era of graphic design trends 2021. The purpose of availing individual structures is to produce more complex ones.

Geometric Design 3D
Image by: kjpargeter
freepik/Copyright 2021

Often brightly colored blocks and solids with bold outline mix and unite to create inventive combinations.

The geometric shapes design trend appears to interrupt reality and underlines some aspects. However, easy blocks go to build and grow into additional rounded recognizable ideas.

The relationships concerned forming one thing a lot larger than the individual elements, ideal with the growing influence of infographics. Though we tend to read an excessive amount into the philosophy, maybe it’s the simple and noticeable method of portraying pictures.

11. Glassmorphism

If we have discovered any articles demonstrating design trends this period of graphic design trends 2021, we plausibly won’t be surprised by this one. It appears like many people these days are shifting their UI design trend towards this trend termed as “Glassmorphism.”

Image by: Mikołaj Gałęziowski
dribbble/Copyright 2021

Glassmorphism is a powerful design tool, perhaps found in UI design, where frameworks tend to appear like “glass” by blurring the other elements behind them. However, some aspects of shape, light, and color reflect through.

If applied perfectly, these elements can build a smooth, modern gaze. The iOS 7 design system admired this particular design trend but has noticed a current renewal since last year.

Graphic design trends 2021 maintains to create muted colors and muted tones in the design Glassmorphism.

12. Colorless Design

There is comfort and homeliness here regarding the limited change in a colored world. Bright, conflicting, bold colors are one of the obvious methods of attracting immediate attention. However, graphic design trends 2021 may instead be the year of the backlash.

Colorless Design
Image by: Tanvir Alam Hira
dribbble/ Copyright 2021

2020 saw a move towards muted color palettes. Now, the graphic design trends 2021 feels like taking that one step ahead.

Most apps have the choice to change to a dark mode combination as a preference in their settings; however, several apps recently are defaulting to a dark palette, with some even simplifying even additional to a pure black and white theme.

It is a splendid example of technology and current culture directly impacting style and dynamical what’s in style.

Final Tip- Graphic design trends 2021

Remorse designs and bold, colorful trends are the solace nourishment of the design world, and it is not exhausting to examine why they have blown up this year. We have all been longing for a mental break from one in all the foremost troubled years of our life.

However, one should not perceive like one has to stick up with these design trends. Rather, be innovative and build your design trend; that’s, however, design lingers to evolve!

To make your styles stand out, don’t simply produce on-trend things; certify they are directly responding to the cultural moment we’re in.

Graphic Design trends 2021 prediction are invariably a touch of a trial within the dark; most importantly, who might have foreseen things shifting the way they approached last year? Every year, a new major trend can emerge. And a replacement of design trends will invariably pop up throughout the year.

Thereupon be assured to follow a few social media websites for design tips and prolong your admired designers to check how their visual content advances this year.

What design revolutions will we see overshadow the landscape in 2022? Here is the link to the highlighted list of graphic design trends.

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