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Best 12 Low-Cost Countries to Visit from India

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What are some of the Low-cost countries to visit from India? If you want to plan your next budget-friendly vacation, then you are at the perfect place.

Among the many holiday destinations in the world, Indians look for the cheapest countries to visit.

Traveling on a budget can be a problematic issue sometimes. We get confused and end up spending the summer/winter vacations at home. But no more! The wait is over. Here I have curated a list of top 12 low-cost countries to visit from India.



First, in our list of low-cost countries to visit from India in Nepal. Nepal is the most breathtaking, peaceful, and friendly country you will ever come across. Nepal offers a tranquil atmosphere to anyone tired of the busy city life.

This place is famous for its ancient mountains, temples, and cultural sites. You can find eight of the ten highest mountain peaks in the world, right here! It is also famous for its handmade goods.

Low cost countries to visit from India- Nepal Indians do not require a VISA to go to Nepal. However, you do have to carry a voter ID/ Aadhaar card/ Driving license for identity. The currency of Nepal is Nepalese rupee. (1 Nepalese rupee= 0.63 Indian rupee). A decent hotel room will cost you between Rs. 1000-2000. The famous historically rich temples in Kathmandu are a must-visit. Other adventure sports and trekking are also done here. Meals range anywhere from Rs. 500 onward.

NepalIn the case of transportation, you can avail buses and taxis which are considerably cheap


This ranks second in our list of low-cost countries to visit from India. Vietnam is all about erotic coastlines, sea-beaches, and street foods. You can have your perfect vacation in this country of rich cultural heritage.

Vietnam acts as a paradise to all the backpackers around the world. You do need a VISA to visit, and your passport must be valid for six months beyond arrival date.

Vietnam The currency here is Vietnamese Dong. (1 Vietnamese dong= .0033 rupees). You can choose to stay at the backpacker’s hostels, which would cost Rs. 1000 onward every night. Things to do include sightseeing, Yacht or boat cruises, local market tours, caving, cultural tours, island tours, wildlife life tours. A three-course meal in a decent restaurant cost around Rs. 800 onward. Local transportation includes taxis; Taxi fares start from Rs.35 onward/km.

The best time to visit Vietnam is between March-May in summers and September- November in winters.


Beautiful, natural, and culturally rich, this city is one of my favorite in the list of low-cost countries to visit from India. Things to do include natural tours, wildlife tours, glass-bottom boat cruises, ocean cruises, island explorations, water sports, leisure tours. The country is also known for its rich history making it one of the international trips to remember for the family.

CambodiaGuesthouses are available at Rs1000 onward/night. Cambodia is well known for the Angkor Wat Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, built in the 12th century. It is the landmark of the place, as you can tell that from its flag. Indians can apply for an E-VISA to visit Cambodia. Currency is Cambodian riel; (1 riel= .018 INR). The best time to visit is November-April.


This famous Islamic cultural country stands fourth in our list of low-cost countries to visit from India, which makes it an excellent place for a vacation. This is well known for its mosques, memorials, and rich heritage.

Yes, you need to apply for a VISA to visit this country, but the plus point is you can get a VISA on arrival at the airport. Currency is Uzbekistani so’m. (1 so’m= .0074inr). The best time to visit is September-November.


This country is famous for its active volcanoes, natural, and fantastic mountain views. It is the largest archipelago nation in South-East Asia and the fourth most populated country in the world.

IndonesiaIndian citizens do not need a VISA if they plan on staying in Indonesia for less than 30 days. Still, you need to go to the Indonesian Immigration Counter to get an exemption stamp so that they can track your stay in Indonesia.

You can get hotels at Rs 2000/night, but cheaper dorms are also available at Rs 1000/night. Nature tourism, volcano tours, water sports are the points of attraction here. Food per day costs Rs 700 onward.

They have taxis which follow our Indian taxi system and are quite affordable. Currency is Indonesian Rupiah; ( 1 Rupiah= .0053inr). The best time to visit is from May-September.


You are going to the happiest country in the world – what more are you looking for? Known for its natural beauty and vast unexplored terrains, Indians can visit this place without a passport.

Things to do here include local sightseeing tours, Himalayan tours, and treks, adventure sports and activities, religious and wildlife tours.

Decent hotels cost around Rs2000 onward, and the cost of a decent meal will range from Rs 100-400/person depending on where you dine.

low-cost countries to visit from indiaIt is feasible to hire a cab or a taxi as the bus frequency is reduced. Currency is Bhutanese Ngultrum; (1 ngultrum= 1 rupee).


Sri Lanka, the country known for its rich Buddhist culture, comes next in our list of low-cost countries to visit from India. But there are a lot of historical places and religions other than Buddhism to explore here in SriLanka.

Not only India, but it also attracts tourists from all over the world. It is the greenest place on earth. It has beautiful mystic mountains as well as heavenly water bodies.

However, you do require to apply for a VISA to visit Sri Lanka, but that is available very quickly through an online process within four days.

low cost countries to visit from IndiaHotel prices start as low as Rs 1000. Rice is the staple food here. Meals for two people can cost from 1000 bucks, but as always, it solely depends on the place you are dining in.  Currency is Sri Lankan rupee; ( 1 Sri Lankan rupee= 0.40inr).


Thailand, a perfect mixture of the ultra-modern landscape as well as rich cultural heritage, opulent royal palaces, falls next in our list of low-cost places to visit from India.

It is a very famous tourist destination with a wide variety of beaches, temples and street foods. It is also known as a shoppers paradise.

ThailandThe cheapest flight to Bangkok starts from Rs5000. Cost of staying starts from Rs 1200 per day, which makes it pretty affordable. Local shopping, the Floating market tour, Elephant tourism, water sports, nightlife are the special mentions of this place.

Here, Beer is super cheap and starts from 150 bucks. This place is best known for its super affordable street food, which has a range starting from 150 dollars. Transportation is quite affordable too.

It starts from 40 bucks in small cities, 120 dollars in Thailand, and 200+ bucks in the islands.

If your trip is for less than 15 days, then you can avail the VISA on arrival system. The best time to visit is November-March. Currency is Baht; (1 Baht= 2.45 INR).


This is my favorite in the list of low-cost countries to visit from India. It is such a diverse country that you can even be happy if you are on a tight budget here.

Singapore, also known as The Lion City, is culturally rich and is well known for its modern city life too. Hotel ranges start from Rs. 1700 and onward. Things to do include local sightseeing, nature tours, art and culture tours, beaches, and cruise.

Merlion of SingaporeMeals range from 500 bucks to 5000 bucks, but that solely depends on your choice of dining.

When it comes to transportation, you can choose between a reloadable EZ-Link Card or a single trip card, which is easy on your pocket. Currency is the Singapore dollar, which has a high rate; (1 Singapore dollar= 54inr). The best time to visit is November-March.


MalaysiaThe next country in our list of low-cost countries to visit from India has a lot to offer. From pristine scenarios to pleasant climate and beaches- this country has it all.

You can avail hotels ranging from Rs600 and above. In a business, district meals will be cheap costing within 300 bucks.

Cultural tours, natural tours, local sightseeing, and adventure sports are the highlight of this place. Public transportation is a little pricey here and starts from 2000 bucks. But they are user friendly and will be helpful if you want a detailed tour. Currency is Ringgit; (1 ringgit= 18inr).


Yes! It is pretty surprising, but the Maldives can be traveled on a tight budget, but all you need to do is plan carefully and thoroughly. With proper research, Maldives can be one of the cheapest countries.

MaldivesYou can get guest houses ranging from 1500 bucks or above per night. Scuba diving, snorkeling, submarine tours are the main points of attraction. The local street foods are quite affordable and start from a price of Rs150.

You have to take a ferry for the domestic transportation around here, but the boats are quite cheap and regular starting from 100 bucks for a 20 minutes ride. (1 Maldivian Rufiyaa= 5inr).


PhilippinesThe Philippines, known for its beautiful beaches and unexplored natural beauties, falls next in our list of low-cost countries to visit from India. Go for home-stays here as they are cheap, and the prices start from 700 bucks onward. Volcano visits, trekking, and underwater world tours are the highlights of this place.

low cost countries to visit from IndiaMeal at a local restaurant cost less than 500 bucks, including alcohol, which is a pretty sweet deal. There are bus systems and cycle systems that are incredibly cheap, but the ferry system from one island to another is a bit on the pricier side. (1 Philippine Peso= 1.5inr).

We also have places like Hong Kong, known for its scenic beauty and blue waters. It’s time to book flight tickets soon.

Do you know any more places to add to this list of low-cost countries to travel from India? Please let us know in the comments.

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