The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You


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Are you finding your guy to be too complicated to read him? Worry not because guys are not the hardest codes to crack as we presume. If you are curious and failing to know if your guy likes you or not, you can now be savvy to find it out. Here are the top 15 things guys do when they like you. 

1. He Tries to Detect Vacancy

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 1

He’ll attempt in every possible way to know if you have a boyfriend. He’ll get all creative out of the blue and might say: do your boyfriend says anything about talking to strangers? Or he might just invite you to a house party and intentionally mention that it’s a couple of invitations only to hear the response.

Sometimes, you can find them getting so dumb that they answer the unasked questions too. They would just quote something and end up like being single is cool, isn’t it? Do keep an eye lady because he likes you. It’s one of the things guys do when they like you.

2. He Keeps Himself in the Loop Forever

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 2

Nudge! He’ll try to engage with you regularly. You’ll see a sudden flow of requests on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap, and whatnot followed by messages sweeping your notification bar. I bet no instagram story can disappear without him viewing it no sooner than you post it.

He’ll use social media to update himself with everything you do from the café you drank cappuccino with two more shots of espresso to the number of flicks coming out of your messy bun in a “guess the gibberish” challenge you did on instagram.

3. He Goes All Out to Know You When He Likes You

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 3

He desperately intends on knowing everything about you. He just can’t stop asking questions and let you talk about yourself for hours together, and he never gets bored instead listens passionately. If you found yourself turning into a blabbermouth lately, it’s not your fault but wholly the reinforcement of the guy who likes you.

Did you know when people share their interests and talk about themselves with someone, they feel way more connected to that person? We never know if these guys are aware of this psychological fact and do it on purpose or just do it but guys do ask so much about you when they like you.

4. Guys Flatter You When They Like You

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 4

He keeps flattering you but not insincere all the time, like how your bestie suits you as the best driver in the world just because she wants you to drive her home after a party. Not all the guys are Billie Eilish’s “bad guys”, are they?

Your every outfit is going to flaunt your body and you are going to look beautiful all the time because he likes you. Hey, beautiful! This phrase would reverberate in your ears and becomes his apparent catch-phrase. You’d have beautiful “everything” when a guy likes you.

5. He Presents You Countless Gifts

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 5

He loves to surprise you and see that cute, little, and surprised happy face of yours when he gifts you something you love. He’ll never let go of any word unregistered while you’re talking about something you love. Let it be a little minion toy or a wish to be in a beautiful island.

He will be on the could nine when he gifts you something you love. This is one of the things guys do when they like you, and if he finds his happiness in your eyes, he wants you so much.

6. One of Things Guys Do When They Like You: Get Jealous

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 6

The green-eyed monster will be their best buddy when you talk to any guy. They’ll feel a sharp pang of jealousy even if you talk about anything a random guy did and you like.

His adrenal glands would work real fast to rush in all the adrenaline, cortisol, or whatever when he finds you talking to a guy. If you like something about any guy, they’ll somehow try to prove that they are capable too. Jealousy comes into action when you fear to lose your loved ones, and why would a guy experience a twinge of envy if you talk to someone? Yes, honey, he likes you.

7. He Remembers the Little Things

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 7


Everything matters to him if it’s about you. He’ll remember everything about you or anything like when you both met for the first time or when you complimented his midnight Blue shirt.

Or maybe if he is this retro type then he’d secure every gift you present along with the wrapper and ribbon, your broken bracelet, that missed lonely earring or the coke tin you threw away (Uh-oh, getting creepy!) Agree or not but you’ll find cheesy things to be cute if you fall in love.

8. He Shows Concern and Attention

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 8

He gives you a lot of attention and care. You’ll get texts back in no time as he’ll not be so likely to use these reverse techniques for attention by staying online and replying after an hour because he’s that afraid to lose you.

If you woke up and have a coffee brought near the bed or if you’re working and have your hair brushed back or if you’re low and got a warm cuddle, then yes, I mean just look at that love lady.

9. He Asks You out When He Likes You

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 9

Another of the things guys do when they like you is this. He would just probably ask you out for a coffee or a lunch date, and this means he’s interested in you. He’ll just grab that chance and try to ensure you both are compatible. He’ll try to make you realize how comfortable you’re with him.

Asking you out is indeed a signal to let you know he likes you. If he asks for a lunch date, it means that he’s hoping to continue to the supper and spend more time together.

10. He’ll Always Have Some Work in “Wherever-you-are.”

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 10

Want to know of other things guys do when they like you? All of a sudden, his brain recalls so many friends around your house to meet, unfinished work around your workplace to do, or his vehicle breaks down only on your way home. All of these are not candids but Plandids. If he’s trying to meet you in all possible and impossible ways, it’s something a guy does when he likes you.

11. A Guy Will Always Be at Your Rescue

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 11

He’ll never let you go through any trouble. No matter what sort of a hard time you’re facing, be it your midnight craving or a guy teasing, he says, “I’ll be there for you like I’ve been there before.”

He’ll never mind sacrificing some things when he likes you. A long day might have exhausted him or loads of work burden might have stressed him out, but he never gives up on calling you when just text him that you’re low. He takes delight in working a little harder to see you smile.

12. He Keeps Staring at You

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 12

His eyes will always be fixed at you and then looks adorably at an imaginary bird in the sky once you turn towards him. He just won’t be able to stop himself from staring at you though you do nothing significant.

Again, it’s a reflexive psychological action to often look at someone we love because our subconscious mind wanted to ensure he/she is happy that, in turn, makes us feel good.

13. He Loves to Touch You When He Likes You

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 13

Wonder what are the other things guys do when they like you? He’ll hold your hand or wrap you in his arms as it releases Oxytocin to both of you, and so the relationship enhances. Oxytocin is involved in bonding and building up the trust between people. You’ll never figure this cerebral functioning out but just feel the warmth and it makes the bond stronger.

If he touches you while talking, it means he’s way more attracted to you and loves to be around you. This is one of the main things that guys do when they like you.

14. He’ll Share His Future Plans

things guys do when they like you

If he shares his plans with you, it means he wants to marry you someday and share a future with you. Here is what you should know about the things guys do when they like you – he’ll only share his dreams and goals with you if he sees a future with you. Like, what do anyone think about when they truly love someone? Of course, it’s their future together. And they will ensure

He might not and need not to necessarily say that he’s going to marry you but could just start every sentence with “we” while talking about his plans. He can no longer make any short holiday plans or extended life plans without you.

15. He’ll Make You a Part of His Life

The Top 15 Things Guys Do When They Like You 14

When a guy likes you, he’ll ensure that you know everything about him. You’ll know his weirdest habits, deadly fears, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and everything. Eventually, you’ll end up knowing and accepting for what he is. He’ll ensure there’s nothing to hide or pretend with those fake masks smiling at unrealistic expectations.

Did you ever observe the guy you’re dating does any of these things? What are the other things you find a guy do when he likes you? Please tell us in the comments below.

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