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15 Places in India That Are Too Incredible to Miss!

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Shortening the list down to just 15 places in India that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime was no easy task. In a country as rich in culture and exotic as India, there’s just so much for one to see and so much for one to do. No matter who you are or where you’re from. These destinations must be on your bucket list of places to go to the post epidemic.

Whether you’re a foreigner looking for an exciting new country to travel to or you’re a born and bred Indian national who has a passion for going, there are some places in our country that you simply must visit at least once in your lifetime.

In a country like India, which has so much to offer when it comes to our culture, religion, way of living, etc. Personally, the list of places I think one should visit is a tad bit too long. There’s simply just so much to see, so much to do, so much to wear and so much to eat!

Whether you’re backpacking, staying with family or friends, staying at the best hotels, there are 15 places in India that you simply cannot miss the opportunity of visiting. Each one different than the other, each one with so much to offer here is a list of 15 places in India that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime:

15 places in India

15 locations in India that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime:

1. Delhi


If you’re visiting India or have lived here your whole life, one of the 15 places in India that you simply cannot miss is our capital city – New Delhi.

This city is a combination of rich culture, heritage, history, shopping, the best food, and a lot of chaos. Delhi is a city that lures travelers at all times of the year. But when you visit Delhi, make sure you have a mask with you. Not just because of the epidemic but also because one of the other things that Delhi is very famous for is, it’s pollution.

Another thing to watch out for when you’re in Delhi is its extreme weather conditions—boiling in the summers and cold in the winters. Plan your trip at a time that would be suitable for you and make sure you check the weather reports for then while you pack!

Delhi also has a list of events, festivals, and melas all year round. Some places you simply cannot miss if you visit Delhi are – the India Gate, Lal Qila, Bahai Lotus Temple, Hauz Khas Village, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, and Chandni Chowk.

Something in Delhi that you won’t see in other cities in India is the HOHO bus, which is a hop-on-hop-off bus, similar to those abroad, it is one of the most convenient ways to sightsee around Delhi.

2. Mumbai


If you have a list of 15 places in India to visit, you cannot leave out Aamchi Mumbai.

From up and coming struggling artists and business people to the glamour, chaos, tradition, and modernity, Mumbai is a mix of some of the best things our country has to offer. Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. It’s a cosmopolitan city, and the power source that run’s this city is the spirits and the energy of its dear Mumbaikars!

Since it’s a city that’s comparatively hotter, the best time to travel to Mumbai would be around late Autumn and winter. Mumbai also hosts its fair share of concerts, events, and festivals. It is a hub for social gatherings.

Some things one must do when they’re in Mumbai are – shop at Colaba, watch the sunset at Marine Drive, take pictures at the Gateway of India, eat Chaats at Juhu Beach, enjoy pav bhaji and vada pav on the streets, grab a cup of coffee at café Leopold and enjoy a Parsi breakfast at Britannia and Co. and drive through the Warli sea link.

3. Bangalore


The cab ride to the city from the airport might be longer than your flight, but one of the 15 places in India one must visit in Bangalore.

The capital of Karnataka is one of the most populated cities in the country. Bangalore, also is known as the green city, is the city you must visit to learn about South Indian Culture. This metropolitan city has the perfect balance of tradition, culture, and modernity and all things hip.

Some of the to-do things in Bangalore that should be on your list are – Dining and window shopping at UB city, a morning walk at Cubbon park, drive to Nandi Hills on a Sunday morning, enjoy the flower show at Lal bagh, street shopping at MG road and commercial street enjoy a south Indian breakfast meal at Vidyarthi Bhavan, MTR or Tazza Thandi.

4. Goa


When you hear the word vacation in India, you know that it’s highly likely the word Goa comes next. One of the most fun and exciting getaway that’s on the list of 15 places in India to visit in Goa.

A state that is forever on vacation mode. You’ll see more foreigners than Indians here at times too! Goa is a must-visit. From its beautiful sandy beaches to exotic markets to happening night clubs Goa is the perfect Get-away and the ideal place to rejuvenate.

While in Goa, make sure to enjoy Portuguese-Goanese cuisine at beach shacks and Sea-food Thalis at old cafes on land. Get temporary tattoos, hair braids, and soothing foot massages by locals on the beach and enjoy the fantastic nightlife the state has to offer after a long relaxing day out in the sun at the beach.

But remember, the minute you enter Goa is the minute you forget all your troubles. Forget about dark circles and put on your sunglasses instead and make sure to carry lots of sunscreens.

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5. Kochi


This beautiful commercial port city is the capital Kerela.

Kochi or Cochin should be on the list of 15 places in India to visit because this is where true fashion, music, food meets culture, heritage, art, palaces, and relaxing beaches.  While you’re here, make sure you visit Fort Kochi, Lulu mall, Bolgatty palace, and all the other amazing beautiful and exciting places the city has to offer.

6. Jaipur


The pink city is a must on the list of 15 places in India to visit.

The capital of the Royal state of Rajasthan, Jaipur city, is the best combination where one can witness a balanced mix of both the old and the new. It is one of the largest cities in India, surrounded by walls and gates. While in Jaipur, one can visit the many forts, palaces, and other UNESCO and heritage sites and learn about the vast Indian history behind the city.

8. Ooty


Ooty, located in Tamil Nadu, is on our list of 15 places in India to visit for every mountain lover out there!

Home to the Nilgiri hills, tea gardens, and beautiful waterfalls, Ooty is a great place to visit for those who want to get away and enjoy the cold weather the hill station has to offer. While you’re in Ooty, make sure to visit Ooty Lake, the tea factory, the flower show, and all the other amazing places in Ooty. Make sure to take back souvenirs like chocolates, teas, and goods that you’ll find around the markets near the Ooty lakes for your friends and family back home.

8. Coorg


After Bangalore, you can continue your trip to another one of the 15 places to visit in India that is Coorg.

Located in Karnataka, Coorg, aka the Scotland Of India, is for all the nature lovers out there! It offers lush greenery and serene sceneries. Here you can see waterfalls, go river-rafting and visit the beautiful golden temple of Coorg. Enjoy the city shopping for coffee, spices, and honey at the markets as well. Coorg is a great place to visit both with friends and family.

9. Wayanad


Your next destination on the list of 15 places to visit in India after Kochi takes a trip to Wayanad.

I strongly recommend staying at the beautiful Vythiri Resort and enjoying their beautiful property at the same time trying their pink drinking water, which works wonders for your health. When in Wayanad, you can enjoy scenic waterfalls, caves and you’ll find many comfortable homestays and beautiful resort properties here.

Try fun things like staying in a treehouse or visiting the wildlife reserve sanctuary while you’re here.

10. Pondicherry


Also known as Puducherry, this former French Colony is a must-visit for all and belongs on the list of 15 places to visit in India.

The beautiful and charming white streets in the French quarter with adorable café’s and boutiques offer delicious French cuisine and will make you forget where you are. Cycle around the French bakeries, rocky beaches, and bohemian stores while you’re here. Also, make sure to visit Auroville to get a chance to see a township that runs on peace, harmony, and sustainable living.

11. Mahabaleshwar


If you’re a strawberry lover, this should be on your list of 15 places in India to visit at least once.

This hill town in the state of Maharashtra will captivate you with its beauty. It’s home to rivers, peaks, strawberry fields, valleys, ancient temples, and even boarding schools. It’s known as the perfect getaway for when in Mumbai. So, make sure to stop by here after your trip to Mumbai to get some calm away from the Chaos.

12. Darjeeling


The list of 15 places in India to visit at least once in a lifetime would be incomplete without ‘queen of the Himalayas ’ in West Bengal.

Darjeeling offers untouched beauty, has a charm of its own, and offers an escape from hot summers. Famous for its tea and beautiful sunrises, it’s a top tourist destination in North-East India.

13. Gangtok


The capital of Sikkim, the city in the clouds.

This destination on the list of 15 places in India, stands at 1650 meters above sea level. It is a base for adventurers trekking the Himalayas. It offers beautiful sites such as the lake, waterfalls, and scenic peaks.

Considered one of the best Hill stations in the country, you must make sure to visit Gangtok at least once.

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14. Leh Ladakh


This destination on the list of 15 places in India is also known popularly as India’s own moon land.

To truly experience Leh, you must stop by a Tapri and Enjoy garam garam Chai, steamed memos, and a hot plate of Maggi. This destination is popular among riders as well, who love enjoying the beautiful ride on the way up. Jeep tours, trekking, and rafting are some of the many activities one can enjoy here.

It offers beautiful landscapes and great people and is rich in Culture. But the road passes to here are closed between October to May, and Leh Ladakh is only accessible by air then.

Once you’re here, you must try their local cuisine, shop here, and go on treks led by locals as well.

15. Andaman and Nicobar Islands


If one were to describe the islands in a few words, it would be – endless blue seas, untouched Virgin Islands, and a charming colonial past. Now, who wouldn’t want this to be one of the 15 places in India to visit at least once in a lifetime?

This little bit of paradise is located a whopping 1400 km’s away from the East coast of India. You must get on Port Blair, the capital of this union territory. It is connected to various smaller islands through daily ferries. Islands with snow-white sand and picturesque palm beaches.

This beautiful destination is a romantic destination for honeymooners, relaxing and fun-filled for families and full of new experiences for the adventurers.

While you’re here, you must enjoy their rich culture with their local food and cuisine and enjoy their markets.

15 places in India2

India is such a beautiful, vast, and diverse country. The amount of experience it has to offer is endless. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you simply must visit these 15 places in India and more if time permits at least once in your lifetime.

These were just 15 places in India out of the many more that deserve your time and attention. Let us know what you think of the destinations on our list and share yours with us too!

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