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6 Inspiring E-Commerce Success Stories

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Some e-commerce success stories just inspired people. Some people have built effective solutions around common problems that required fixing. Besides being such successful, these e-commerce success stories have opened numerous windows of opportunities for various people. Google will tell you that the current world population is 7.8 Billion. 

Imagine your own home, four or five people. What are their individual needs? Right from vanity purposes, food, educational needs, luxury time hobbies, and these are the most basic needs right at the top of my head. Do you and every family member go out to purchase each of these products? 

Thanks to the flourishing e-commerce success stories for making this possible. Several e-commerce success stories have made it possible and highly convenient for the 7.8 billion of us to thrive.  These e-commerce success stories have taken a fair advantage of the developments in technological industries. 

6 Inspiring E-Commerce Success Stories

This is a spectacular time to get inspired by the following e-commerce success stories as the market is ever-expanding. With increasing demand, people are looking out for inspiring stories to start these firms that have started ruling over the traditional and conventional markets. Now is the time to be aware of these markets that revolutionized our lives drastically. 

The following e-commerce success stories might make you believe that everything is possible if you work towards it consistently.

1. The Souled Store

Imagine having one of the most famous e-commerce success stories as a projection towards your love for Star Wars and pop culture merchandise!

This is the story of Vedang Patel, Rohin Samtaney, and Aditya Sharma. Individuals of 28 years, who never stopped themselves from dreaming. All three are fans of pop culture themed merchandise themselves and the idea for this entrepreneurship literally started from the fact that Indian offline retail stores do not sell television series themed merchandise as much as the Indian youth would want. 

The target youth of The Souled Store is Indian youth of 16-30 years of age. A very famous Indian comic youtube channel named the AIB promoted Souled Store in the initial times. It has been four years since the idea of Souled Store was conceived. And for the past three years, the Souled Store has been witnessing exponential growth. 

Ecommerce success stories

This is one of those e-commerce success stories which has claimed its place in the market without any external funding. The total capital invested so far is 5.25 lakhs. In April 2017, they decided to stop marketing because the supply was getting lesser and the demand was not being met. Check out an IcyTales exclusive interview with the minds behind The Souled Store here

2. Bewakoof

Bwakoof takes pride in offering “Distinctive fashion for the Contemporary Indian”. Named after the stereotype by which society calls people Bewakoof when they do something that doesn’t fall into it’s category, Bewakoof has really made one of the most inspirational e-commerce success stories. 

By creating innovative designs that always feel authentic and well-thought-of, Bewakoof is a humble homegrown brand that is direct to consumer models. It makes everyday fashion accessible and yet feels valued for. From all types of clothing for men and women, Bewakoof also sells products that cater to a region. They have specific products for Marathi consumers, Bengali, as well as Gujarati. 


They sell mobile covers and other goodies that can make great gift items at a super affordable cost. Bewakoof was launched in April 2012. In the eight years of functioning, it has added more and more items to its product library and aced the art of being relevant to the current times. Something with which most startups struggle quit a lot. 

Bewakoof was started with an investment of 30,000 rupees. Now, it expects around 15- 20 % month on month growth sustainably, as the co-founder Prabhkiran Singh claims. Prabhkiran and Siddharth Munit are IIT pass outs who have built a loyal customer base in a quirky and unique fashion. Their target audience is aged from 16 to 34 years. 

3. Big Basket

Menon, a graduate from BITS Pilani had no idea of starting a start-up as a boy. He went on with the route that everyone takes and worked a desk job for fifteen years because starting his dream career. His is one of those e-commerce success stories that just happens without any warning. 

Big Basket has grown very organically in the Indian market. Menon’s first venture was Fabmart and Fabmall. Both of which failed due to less secure online payment gateways and less interest in the market. Menon put together all the lessons from this failure and combined it all into Big Basket, which revolutionized grocery shopping right from the start. 

With revenue of a whopping 600 crore for the fiscal year 2015, Big basket has achieved more than double its height every next year. The co-founders of Big Basket, Menon, Abhinay Choudhary, VS Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh, and VS Ramesh all are equally responsible for making Big Basket one of the biggest e-commerce success stories.

From relying on the customers and word of mouth to advertise and having the great Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador now, there is enough proof in the public eye that claims all the success. Count on Big Basket to buy good quality fresh fruits and all the groceries.

4. Dineout

What is the one thing that millennials enjoy the most in today’s world after the internet?

Yes, it is going out on weekends and having good food. 

Dineout is one of the most loved and valued apps in every millennial trying to socialize in a world that has little to offer. When it launched, it was simply a restaurant table reservation app. Today, it offers so much more. From a curated list of restaurants to special coupons and discounts on the total bill, Dineout’s e-commerce success stories is one of those that is a sweet marriage of technology and fine dining experience.

The Dineout partner network consists of more than 4000 restaurants spread out in all the cities of India. 

As with every other startup, Dineout aimed to be a simple, effective, and accessible solution to a problem. The problem being the inability to find decent restaurants in India. Co-founders Ankit Mehrotra, Sahil Jain, Vivek Kapoor, Nikhil Bakshi, all have lived out of India and have faced great difficulty in locating restaurants that offer a fine-dining experience. 

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Dineout uses a B2C model and is a very convenient and easy to navigate app that is made for all. 

5. Houseitt

A startup by the students and the students, Houseitt makes an amazing tool for students hustling to make or break their lives every day. The idea was conceived in the Delhi University campus. 

Three young talented young minds, Bharat Bhatt, Rajat Malik, and Ishaan Sudan are the people behind providing a practical and actual solution to already overstressed students. The app provides housing options for hundreds and thousands of students that come to Delhi to achieve their millions of dreams from various different places. 

The three of them went through the same hurdles any other student startup would have to experience. They were not taken seriously, they had to face many obstacles in getting a hold of the working of the industry, and had to make themselves learn the technical operations, all by themselves. The launch of the app in 201t has been a very interesting journey for the Houseitt team.

They have an in-house Marketing team and rely on providing valuable information to the customers in a transparent manner. This has earned them all the trust they have today. 

6. Vanity Wagon

It is hard to find e-commerce success stories that keep the value of mother earth as their focal point and aim to provide quality products at affordable rates. Vanity wagon is one of them. 

6 Inspiring E-Commerce Success Stories 2

Did you know that sunscreens and several makeup products that you use on an almost daily basis have several compounds that can potentially be a hazard for aquatic life?  But I am sure you know about the butterfly effect. Small actions can lead to big consequences. This should be not shocking, not at all. 

Vanity Wagon brought this responsibility and consciousness together and built an online shop for clean beauty products. Clean meaning, nothing that harms mother earth. 

Entrepreneur Naina Ruhail along with co-founders Sahil and Prateek tapped the opportunity of the growing numbers in organic beauty and launched something relatively unconventional in the Indian market space. Since its launch in August 2018, Vanity wagon has built a strong community of loyal customers and conscious service providers. 

With a 60% customer retention rate, Vanity Wagon adds at least five to ten new upcoming clean beauty brands every month. 


These e-commerce success stories that have claimed and in some cases, built a new marketplace for themselves where they were totally not welcome at first, prove that perseverance and hard work can make things possible.

This article covers several startups at various stages of their growth. Getting to learn about these inspiring stories has also reaffirmed the value of business. When there is an easily accessible solution to a bigger problem, it definitely will be welcomed by the masses. The public is constantly looking for different solutions and it would never say no to newer windows of opportunity if it is achievable. This is the sign you have been looking for, that says “Never give up “.

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