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The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life – What You Should Know

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Ever wondered about your past? Pondering about rebirth and past life is one of the best pass times a majority of us had or still have. We meet some people in our lives and feel so strangely connected instantly like we have known them for ages.

Well, here is something interesting. The feeling that you know that person for ages might be true. You could have had a past life connection! Read on this article to know about the signs of a past life. There are some signs that might completely make you in awe.

Here are the 9 signs of a past life!

    1.Recurring Dreams

The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life - What You Should Know 1

Have you had dreams that had been repetitive beyond count? Well, sometimes it might be frightening and annoying too. If you had experienced such strange and recurring dreams, consider it as signs of a past life.

These dreams hold a significant memory of your past life. If you are a person who journals everything, I suggest you try a dream journal keeping a record of the dreams you have every night. It helps you to analyze the pattern of your dreams, and perhaps, you might find something very interesting about your past life.

These patterns of dreams may sometimes be very confusing and complicated. But it is a clear indication that you had a past life which your brain and soul tries to recollect through your dreams.

 2. Déjà vu

The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life - What You Should Know 2

This is one of the most important signs of a past life. Do you get déjà vus? Deja vus are phenomena where a person feels that the situation has happened already or in his/ her dreams. The Déjà vus can be classified into three types for better understanding.

  • Déjà vecu is having a feeling of experiencing an event that has already been experienced.
  • Déjà senti is the feeling of experiencing something that is already felt triggered by a voice or music.
  • Déjà visite is the feeling of familiarity with a place like you have been there before.

Experiencing any one of these is also considered as signs of a past life.  These signs indicate that the event or incident might have happened to you in your past life. Sometimes, these déjà vus will give you a eureka discovery about your past life when experiencing it multiple times.

So, if you are a person having frequent déjà vus, consider it as signs of a past life. Your life at present has a purpose.

 3.Unusual but Vivid Memories

The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life - What You Should Know 3

Are you a person who has very vivid dreams and memories? I know your friends and family will be baffled by how vividly you explain specific memories and dreams. These memories and dreams are mostly very unusual from your current life, but you feel them like you live them, Isn’t it?

That is because you have a past life. It is considered as one of the signs of a past life. Same as the recurring dreams, when these unusual memories are analyzed, they also may reveal some interesting facts about your past life and its connection with the present.

Many of these memories are triggered when you meet something or some person from your past life.

 4.Fears and Phobias

One of the major signs of a past life is having irrational fears and phobias. If you are a person who had a past life, you might have specific fears or phobias which are unexplained. You may not be able to find the reason why you get these phobias, but these phobias are a connection from your past life.

These fears and phobias indicate some very important parts of your past life. When you connect the dots and happenings that are quite unusual yet recurring, you can always find the hidden connection with your past life. So the irrational fears and phobias are important to connect these dots between your present and past life. These are considered as important signs of a past life.

5. You Have a Soulmate

The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life - What You Should Know 4

Here is the most obvious sign of a past life. You have a soulmate. Sometimes, when you meet certain people in your life, you feel an instant bond as if you have known each other for years. The soulmate may not always be romantic; it can be of a friend, a sister, a co-worker, your mother, or anybody.

It is believed that soulmates meet each other to complete their past life business, which was left incomplete. So if you feel a person in your life is your soulmate, it should be considered as one of the signs of a past life.

You can discover more about your past life on having deep conversations and spending time with your soulmate. It helps both of you to discover your connection and also deepen the bond which you share in your current life.

 6. You Feel Like an Old Soul

The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life - What You Should Know 5

Another one of the signs of a past life includes you feeling like an old soul. You feel very mature at a young age and also feel quite distant from the people of your age. You gel up well with slightly older people than people of your age.

You ponder about how the past generation and how times have changed. You feel a strong association about life before you were born and often muse about it. It is one of the greatest signs of a past life.

 7.Affinity to Unfamiliar Cultures

The Top 9 Signs of a Past Life - What You Should Know 6

If you are a person who had a past life, you may have an unexplainable affinity to cultures that are unfamiliar to you. This is because your past life might be associated with that particular culture.

Many a time, this affinity to unfamiliar culture serves as an easy clue to where you belonged to in your past life. This is one of the easiest signs of a past life that the universe shows you. The affinity with unfamiliar cultures can be really weird at the beginning. But when you get used to it, it helps you to unravel your past life.


Signs of a past life

Everybody has moles. But birthmarks are rare. These birthmarks can be an image of your past life when looked upon deeply. Birthmarks are the marks that remain throughout your life since birth.

It can be considered as a possession that you carried from your past life. It is the best key to explore your own past life undoubtedly. So consider your birthmarks as the best possible signs of a past life.

9.Passion and Uncontrollable Habits

If you are a person who had a past life, you might notice yourselves having some uncontrollable habits and passion.  These habits and passion can be as a small, insignificant one or something that might affect your daily life on a large scale.

If you pay attention to these uncontrollable habits or the strange passion, they might lead to the story of your past life as these are visible signs of a past life. These might be habits that you followed in your past life, which is being continued by you even after the reincarnation.

An Interesting Story of Past Life

“When I was your age, I changed diapers,” said this 18-month-old baby as he was playing with his toy. His father, Ron, thought he misheard him and asked him again, distracting from his newspaper for a minute.

This was not the first time an incident like this happened. Ron’s one and half-year-old son believed that he is the reincarnation of his dead grandfather. A baby of just that age talk is itself a miracle, and remarking oddly is a double miracle. Isn’t it?

Slowly when the couple pieced the odd story together, they found out that Sam was indeed their dead grandfather. When asked Sam about how he died, he made a sharp jerk and patted the back of his head. The grandfather had died out of a severe cerebral hemorrhage a few months before Sam was born.

Although a funny story, this is one of the best examples of past life and rebirths. There are many more stories available, and you might experience such stories yourselves too.

Reincarnation can be called as an intriguing psychological phenomenon which occurs only when there is a belief that you can do better in the next lives. There are several reality shows on TV and other platforms about people discovering their past lives.

Some of them include life, death, and reincarnation, the ghost inside my child, and Who was I: My Past lives. There are several books written on the same topic. Many Lives Many Masters is a book, that talks about the possibility of having and discovering your past life and being reincarnated.


They also talk about some sure signs of a past life and how to remember it correctly. You can consider it as rebirth or prolonged memories or a chance of life after death.

Past life can be a myth or reality. But we do not have scientific proof for the same. I would say that if you believe in the existence of God, likewise past life, reincarnation, and ghosts can be true! What’s your opinion on past life?

Watch this video on stories of a past life:

Comment below if you have any signs of a past life.



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