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20 Beautiful Spanish Quotes for Daily Motivation

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Read our list of the 20 best short Spanish quotes about life that you will fall in love with! Get your motivation for learning Spanish today!
Spanish is an ancient language. It is derived from the Latin Language family during the Roman Empire era. It is called a romance language because of the appeal and emotion that it generates in people. Spoken in more than 20 countries, Spanish is a widely used language. All of us have thought of learning Spanish at least once.
It won’t be a surprise to find many witty short Spanish quotes, proverbs, phrases, or sayings. If you were looking for a reason for learning Spanish, here it is.

Beautiful Spanish Quotes:

  1. Quote: Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la Corriente.

    English Translation: The current carries the shrimp that falls asleep.

    Literal Translation: It means to stay that you should always be on your feet. If you are not decisive and alert, the opportunity may cease to be, or something wrong will happen.

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  2. Quote: No hay peor Sordo que el que no quiere oír.

    English Translation: There is not a worse deaf person than the one who doesn’t want to hear.

    Literal Translation: If someone wants to remain ignorant despite seeing what is going on, then this quote applies to them. It also means no point in trying to put sense into them.

  3. Quote: Te Quiero no solo por Como eres, sino por Como soy yo cuando estoy Contigo.

    English Translation: I love you not only because of the way you are but because of the way I am when I am with you.

    Literal Translation:  This quote needs no further explanation. A very well-respected and one of the beautiful Spanish quotes. Something you should reserve only for your dear one.

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  4. Quote: La Lengua no Tiene Hueso, Pero Corta lo más grueso.

    English Translation: The tongue doesn’t have a bone, but it cuts the thickest.

    Literal Translation: This one is another addition to the list of beautiful Spanish quotes. It means that words can cause more harm than one anticipates them to. So use them carefully!

  5. Quote: El Amor es Como el agua que no se seca.

    English Translation: Love is like water that never evaporates.

    Literal Translation: If you don’t call it one of the many short Spanish quotes, then what will you call it? Believe it or not, love, when it is sincere and genuine, does last forever! Have some faith!

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  6. Quote: A lo hecho, pecho.

    English Translation: To what is done, the chest.

    Literal Translational: Face up to your actions! Own up to your mistakes! If something has hurt you, accept it, acknowledge it head-on and move on!

  7. Quote: A beber y a tragar, que el Mundo se VA an acabar.

    English Translation: Here’s to drinking and swallowing, for the world is going to end.

    Literal Translation: It is a perfect quote for you to say if you ever travel to Ibiza. You could be there with your buddies in a beautiful beach cottage. Maybe with some cocktails at your disposal?

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  8. Quote: No hay que horse en un vaso de agua.

    English Translation: It isn’t necessary to drown oneself in a glass of water/Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Literal Translation: This is one of the witty and beautiful Spanish quotes. It says that one doesn’t need to exaggerate about an inconvenience when it is just a minor issue.

  9. Quote: Esta Vida es mía, pero Este Corazon es us. Esta Sonrisa es mia, pero la razon eres tú.

    English Translation: This life is mine, but this heart is yours. This smile is mine, but the reason is you.

    Literal Translation: Damn, things are getting a lot more cheesy around here! One of the lovely Spanish quotes. Remember this quote on your next date in the hills or the riverside. You could be there with your special someone. This quote could bring a friendly romantic vibe. Or better yet, etch it on a cheese slice with chocolate sauce and present it to them.

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  10. Quote: No vendas la piel del oso antes de Carlo.

    English Translation: Don’t sell the bear’s hide before you hunt it.

    Literal Translation: In simple words, do not count your chickens before they hatch.

  11. Quote: El mayor obstáculo para el Amor es el tumor Secreto de no ser dignos de ser amados.

    English Translation: The greatest obstacle to love is the hidden fear of not being worthy of being loved.

    Literal Translation: A lot of people have underlying issues when it comes to loving someone. It can be abandonment issues, trust issues, or personal insecurity. This quote is one of the beautiful short Spanish quotes, describes this situation poetically. You can use it if you ever intend to author a novel or a poem. Your audience will fall in love with you!

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  12. Quote: Consejo no pedido, Consejo mal oído.

    English Translation: Advice that is not asked for, is advice poorly heard.

    Literal Translation: It is a very simple proverb to assimilate and a piece of simple advice to live by. Still, many people choose to ignore it. Why advise someone who did not ask it from you? It is considered rude. Even if your advice is with good intentions, if the person didn’t ask for it, your concern is falling on deaf ears.

  13. Quote: Donde no hay harina, todo es machine.

    English Translation: Where there’s no flour, everything is an annoyance.

    Literal Translation: It means that when your basic needs are not met, you cannot be at peace. Everything feels annoying. Nothing makes sense. It’s quite witty and pragmatic. Doesn’t it make you fall in love with the language?

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  14. Quote: No Dejes Camino Viejo for Sendero nuevo.

    English Translation: Don’t leave the old road for a new trial.

    Literal Translation: This quote means that if you are familiar with a particular way of doing things, stick to it. It is better to stick to it than go for a shortcut, which may not be active. Now, this makes you want to fall in love with the person who quoted these words.

  15. Quote: No dejes para mañana lo Que Puedes Hacer hot.

    English Translation: Don’t leave for tomorrow that which you can do today.

    Literal Translation: I think we have all postponed something for tomorrow or even the day after. When we can do it just perfectly fine today, well, one of many such beautiful Spanish quotes conveys the same too. Yes, they have value for time and discipline in Spain also. Something which can be seen in this series of famous quotes about life.

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  16. Quote: Prefiero un Minuto Contigo a una eternidad sin ti.

    English Translation: I prefer a minute with you than an eternity without you.

    Literal Translation: Wow, today we are finding many beautiful Spanish quotes about life. Spanish is also called the language of love or the romance language, along with French. And we can see why! No wonder so many girls adore Spanish Football players. We all love actors and artists like Enrique Iglesias. Next time you want to be your girlfriend’s Enrique, just convey to her your love through this quote.

  17. Quote: Recuerda, queNadiee Puede, cortar tus alas… tú eres quien decide lo alto Que Quieres volar.

    English Translation: Remember that nobody can cut your wings off… you are the only one who decides how high you want to fly.

    Literal Translation: A standard English translation of this quote may seem pretty ordinary and not much to wow over. But the Spanish meaning of this quote and the significance is beautiful. Plus, it sounds fantastic when you say it in Spanish—one of the most famous quotes for Tattoos.

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  18. Quote: El éxito es la Mejor vengeance.

    English Translation: Success is the best revenge.

    Literal Translation: Does this quote need anything more to be explained? Work hard! Think smart! Be generous! Show love and kindness! And get successful! The best revenge.

  19. Quote: Amame Cuando menos lo merezca, pour Que sera Cuando mas lo necesite.

    English Translation: Love me when I least deserve it because it will be when I need it the most.

    Literal Translation: We think everyone deserves to be loved when they need it the most. When they are at their weakest and vulnerable phase, it is always easy to love when everything is going your way.

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  20. Quote: De músico, poeta y loco, todos Tenemos un poco.

    English Translation: We all have a little bit of musician, poet, and crazy person in ourselves.

    Literal Translation:

    We would like to end this list of beautiful Spanish quotes about life with a significant one! Everyone is a bit crazy. Nobody can be completely perfect and sane. And it is this craziness, passion, and emotion that makes life worth living. So be crazy! Because Spain tells you to! Apart from these quotes, there are many other popular Spanish phrases. One of them is todos los. Todos Los translates to ‘all the’ in English. For example, “todos Los pétalos de una flor” means “all the petals of a flower”.
    Another popular phrase is Nunca es. Nunca es translates to “never is” in English. For example, “La vida nunca es simple” means “Life is never simple”. Yet another popular Spanish word is tarde para. Tarde para translates to too late. For example, “nunca es tarde para explorer” means “It is never too late to explore”.
    Amor me vida means love of my life in English. Muy bello means very beautiful. For example, “Eres muy bello” means “You are very beautiful”. Muy guapo means very handsome in English. For example, “Eres muy guapo” means “You are very handsome”.
    Those were some eautiful Spanish quotses about life from a multitude of famous quotes. If these inspired you to start learning Spanish, good for you! If you know other famous quotes with heavenly meanings, please list them in the comments section!

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