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How often do you use your smart phones- an hour a day, two hours a day, five hours a day, ten hours a day, or 24*7? If you use them for maximum five hours a day then it’s fine. But if your usage crosses the limit of five hours then you are seriously addicted to your smart phones. Some people are so addicted to smart phones that they are ready to stress their eyes by using them under dim light or late at night. And the result is that they temporarily blind their eyes. Yes, it’s true and has been scientifically proven.

According to a survey’s results, 40 % of the world’s population are either temporarily blind from one of the eyes or both the eyes. Doctors and various eye specialists have said that if we gaze at our smart phone while we are sleeping in the dark, then we often blind our eyes. Many patients have been effected by the use of smart phones while they are lying on their beds.

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The first victim, who went through such an alarming experience was a 22 years old lady from London. She had a terrible habit of looking at her smart phone from the right eye while she lay on her bed. Her left eye was most often, covered by pillow everyday. One day she woke up with dismay. She was unable to view the world with her right eye. The second victim of this blinding case was a 40 years old lady who used to gaze at her smart phone and check her messages early in the morning, during dawn. After a year it effected the cornea of her eyes and resulted in zero vision from both her eyes.

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To confirm this scenario, a Dr. Mohoroo, an ophthalmologist, conducted an experiment in which he stepped inside a dark room and looked at the smart phone with his right eye, for non-stop twenty minutes, while he covered his left eye with his hand. As a result, his vision was faint from the right eye.


Hence, it may be concluded, that a smartphone can have temporary blinding effects on our eyes if we gaze at it under dim light. Therefore, avoid using smart phones under dim light to save your eyes from getting damaged or losing vision.




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