Bovada Poker: Uncovered in 12 Points

Bovada Poker
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Bovada poker is one of the oldest poker gaming sites that the US has to offer. It was launched as an online site in 2004. The poker site is a fan favorite amongst regular players and betters for several reasons. It is one of the best real-money apps and sites as well.

Bovada Poker is not only an online site. It is also a string of casinos in Costa Rica. It is trusted by online gamers, betters, casino players alike. With a great run of more than a decade, Bovada Poker is not just a poker gaming site. In fact, poker is an afterthought.

Bovada Poker: Uncovered in 12 Points

Bovada Poker

It is the fastest paying online gaming site in the US. As compared to other gaming sites, which can take up to months for the player to get paid, Bovada Poker offers many payment methods and fast checkouts.

The site as we know it was launched first back in 2004. Since then, the site has been praised for its games, its online casinos, and racing bets, along with other poker games.

Complaints regarding the site have been seldom, and any scandal regarding the site’s payment or rigidity has been very rare. Let’s look at some of the features of the online gaming site.

While most reviews of the site will let you know about the games that are offered and the software which we will talk about, most people want to know if they will make any money worth their while by playing on this online site, cause let’s face it we seldom find online gaming sites which actually deliver well on their promise of money.

The answer in the case of Bovada poker is yes. You do get paid real money. It can come in the form of bitcoins, check payment, or an online net transfer directly to your account.

All the above-mentioned methods have been tested and have worked well for regular players. Not to mention the several bonuses the Bovada poker offers for new joiners and frequent players.

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Check Out and Deposits

Bovada Poker

As mentioned several times, Bovada Poker has an easy Checkout and deposit system, with various payment methods, for the comfort of the players.

Bovada Poker has two methods to make deposits. One via Visa and the other via Bitcoins. With Bovada Poker, the best method for any money transactions has to0 be Bitcoins, as is the case with making deposits. Bitcoins are the easiest way to deposit and with no extra fee on this transaction.

You have to pay a 5 percent fee with a visa credit card to make the deposits. Not a bad option when comparing this to other US-based gaming sites.

Bovada does not allow any other e-wallets or bank transfers to make deposits because it is really just active for US players and not in any other country.

Registering on Bovada Poker to play for real cash is easy! Click here to check out the site.

A Deposit via Visa Credit Cards

Bovada Poker

We already know that you will be fined a 5 percent fee if you deposit via a visa card. That is why the visa card must have the ability to accept charges from international merchants. This is very important because if you have a Visa card that does not have International debit charges accepted, you will no0t be able to deposit with the card.

The deposits for a Visa card start at $500 and up to as much as you want. However, it does vary for each player.

A Deposit via Bitcoins

Bitcoins are the best way to make deposits on Bovada Poker. See, with Bitcoins, you have to give no fee to make large amounts of deposits.

Not to mention the maximum limit on Bitcoins deposits is $9,500. That is a pretty huge amount of money for any player playing online.

Withdrawals On Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker

Coming to the most important aspect of online gaming, poker, and betting. Getting paid. You play, you make money. But do you really get to withdraw this money as fast as possible and in a way that is convenient for you?

Most US gaming poker sites take too much time to pay the players, their earnings or pay it in a way that is too inconvenient for the players.

With Bovada Poker, you get convenience, fast withdrawal, and various methods of withdrawal.

Bovada Poker Offers three methods of withdrawing money. One being a Check, the second is a bank wire transfer, and lastly, the most popular way of withdrawing Bitcoins.

Withdrawal via Check

Bovada Poker is all for the comfort of its players. So one of the ways you can withdraw your earnings is through a check. Bovada poker will courier a check, up to $3,000. The fee for the check is a mere $50.

As a bonus, every 120 days, Bovada Poker will waive this fee and send the check with no extra charges.

Withdrawal via Bank Wire 

Direct Bank Transfers are also a payment option. Bovada Poker will make bank wire transfers up to $9,500. With a fee of $50. Banks may also charge additionally according to their own policies.

Once every month, Bovada Poker waves these Charges, and you only have to give any additional charges your bank may charge!

Withdrawal via Bitcoins

Bovada Poker

Again the most popular way of making money transactions for the Bovada Poker players has to be Bitcoins.

As most Players already are familiar with Bitcoins due to making deposits via Bitcoins, it is the fast and safest option to make withdrawals.

You can withdraw up to $9,500 via Bitcoins, and the best part is the payment is cleared within 24 hours of making a checkout.

Safety and Legibility

A question that most people ask when joining a new poker site, is it safe? Bovada Poker is one of the safest poker sites out there.

It has been operational since the ’90s and is still active outside of the states, mainly in Costa Rica.

The site has been in operation since 2004, and any incidents related to fraud have been far and few between the years, which have been cleared up as misunderstandings.

The next thing that comes to one person’s mind is, Is the Site the Legit legal?

While the Sites license has expired recently in 2017 and has not been renewed yet, it is still the safest Site on the market. Bovada Poker has almost 2 decades of gaming experience and has even settled one incitement with the US justice department.

Bovada poker has never missed one payment of its clients. It is punctual, so much so, that ‘Never Missed a Payment’ used to be its Logline.

Now its players will be much happier if they get their license renewed; that being said, none of its regular players has complained of the lack of the license since they have never had any problems related to the site.

Bovada Poker Software 

Bovada Poker

The Software of Bovada Poker is an easy to maneuver software that even a person with little knowledge in the field could work on.

The Bovada Poker software is a poker software proprietary to PaiWoungLou Network. It is easy to work with and adaptable so that new gamers face as little problem as possible.

The software updates from time to time but not in any way that will make it difficult for the gammers.

One of the best features which might be a turn off for some is that Gamers do not use usernames.

Gamers are allotted numbers for a session, and in any multi-table tournaments, the gamers might be playing. This ensures the player’s anonymity and makes for a much more non-bias gaming experience.

Some people say this feature takes away poker’s social magic, but then again, when playing online, is it not better to be anonymous at the game.

The software is good for Windows of Mac downloads. Of Course, it sometimes hangs on the windows devices, but when you actually download the software instead of playing on the site, you can play up to 15 tables all at once while mixing and matching games.

For Mac devices, the download works much better, not changing as frequently as it does on windows devices.

Another winning feature for Bovada Poker software is the in-built Trojan Horse feature. It is actually a full-fledged Casino with multiple games that you might find to walk into any casino near your house.

If the Poker and Gaming slots are not enough, then the betting games will definitely blow your mind. With Bovada Poker, the options for games, poker, and otherwise are endless.

Bovada Poker Bonus

Bovada Poker

The feature which Bovada Poker really sells the least is probably its best feature. The Bovada Bonus.

Understanding the Bovada Bonus is quite easy and straightforward.

For the very first deposit you make on Bovada Poker, you will get a 100% bonus. The Deposit can be any amount up to $500.

Now now, don’t get all too excited. The Bonus you get on your first deposit is actually dumped in your Bovada Poker account, not in real cash or your account.

Now a simple way to cash out this bonus is playing in real cash tables and tournaments. The more real cash you use in the tables and tournaments, the more Poker Points you earn and the more Bonus you cash out. The bonus is in your account for 30 days.

Play as much as you can cash it out.

The shortcoming of this is the old, frequent players are much better at these games to have gained considerable experience, while the newbies are still learning, so the chances of winning big are few.

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The Bovada Poker Mobile App

Bovada Poker

Say you do not have a Laptop at home or a PC and you still want to play, you have to trudge up to a cyber cafe, and then you can not play forever and whenever you wish. Fear not, for the Bovada poker also has a mobile app version.

Well, not exactly an app, but still, with Bovada Poker, no app is required. You can play as easily as you would have played on your Pc or Laptop.

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How to Play Bovada Poker on Your Mobile Phones

No-fuss is required when playing Bovada Poker on your phone. You do not need to go to the Google Play store or any app store and download it or free up any space in your phone to accommodate the app.

All you have to do is go to your browser, go to Bovada Poker and log in to your account. Choose Poker, and then choose if you want to play zone games or cash games, and that is it!

No more fussing about required, you logged in, and you are all set to play as many games as you like.

You should know that no other online poker gaming sites have the option to play on your mobiles, but that being said, there are two major drawbacks that Bovada Poker needs to fix.

Firstly, you can not play any tournaments on the mobile version of Bovada Poker.

Secondly, you do not have the option to play multiple tables at the same time.

However, these two drawbacks do not undermine its importance as it is the online gaming site in The US that allows you to play on a Mobile phone.

All in all, it can be said that Bovada Poker is the most favorite online Gaming and Poker site in The US for a reason. It is the oldest online poker site in the states and the most reliable gaming site. Gamers have no problem with the few minor drawbacks with the site, and when compared to other major Poker sites, it is the best site you will find.

With easy to use the software, gamer-friendly games, tournaments, zone games and cash games available, and fast check out payment options, Bovada Poker Ranks highly in all of the online poker gaming sites one may find.

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