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Chained- This Is What Loneliness Can Do To A Person

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Want to know what loneliness can do? It can drive people crazy.

We have a busy life. So busy that we often don’t even breathe when we work. We are always around people, talking, gossiping, working and what not. Thus sometimes we like to be left alone, be secluded from this world for a while. It’s okay, and it is healthy as well. But what if a person has been lonely for too long?

What happens when he has no one to talk to? What will he go through when he can’t share his success or failure with anyone? Everyone needs someone to share feelings with, every single one on this planet. No one can be alone for too long. Being left alone in this big world is something very scary and petrifying.

what loneliness can do

Know What Loneliness Can Do

I am in the middle of nowhere. I can see no human around me, except for the castrated body beside my now new home. It’s been half a month, and nothing has changed. I am still here, unable to escape and set myself free from this terrifying place. My now new home is a small space guarded by iron bars instead of walls. The only person who can set me free is the one who just killed a man who tried to do that.

No, I am not hurt. He never hurts me. Maybe mentally but at least not physically. I can’t think of what he even wants from me. Sometimes I wonder the worst case scenario, and I get so petrified that I don’t want to make a single sound even while crying, thinking he may come in and my nightmare might just come true. But he doesn’t even touch me or make me starve, or do anything that is defined as torture. All he does is talk.

Chained- This Is What Loneliness Can Do To A Person 1

He comes in with the broadest smile on his face. I get scared; I don’t move, at all. He comes closer and sits beside me. He still has that smile on his face, as nothing has happened and everything is just fine, exactly the way it should be. I wasn’t hungry. I lost my appetite soon after he butchered my last hope.

He doesn’t like me punishing myself. He thinks he adores me. Maybe he does because I am the only one he has in his awfully lonely life. But I can’t seem to feel it. He smirked but didn’t say anything. I know what he can do. I know he will, and I cannot let that happen.

I tried. I tried hard to sleep but I can’t. I can’t make the things fall into place. He has me. But he doesn’t want to sell me to any pimp, make me his slave, fulfill his sexual desires, he doesn’t believe in cannibalism either. He just talks. Is all he wants from me, to listen to him? Maybe now I understand what loneliness can do to someone. He talks about everything that he comes across every single day.

He talks about his day job, about his horrible boss, the work pressure, even about what he sees on the streets when he goes to work and comes back, every single detail that he can remember.

Chained- This Is What Loneliness Can Do To A Person 2

Every day we do the same job. He talks, and I listen, and none of us has any other choice. He talks about being late, about the bus he takes every morning, the coffee he likes in the morning, the one he likes in the evening and the one he doesn’t like at all, the traffic and traffic signals going red and green now and then, the busy street and what not. I am not interested in what he is talking about; I just want to know why is he talking at all.

This might sound scary and totally absurd but it is not completely impossible. People go mad when they seem to find no way out. People, when terrified, can go crazy, literally. And this is what loneliness can do indeed.

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