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The Expert’s Guide to Healthy Living: Chirag Barjatya

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Nutritionists and fitness trainers add great value to our life in today’s world. They assist us in maintaining a healthy and active life, which is the utmost need to perform efficiently in today’s fast-moving era.

Some of the prime responsibilities of a nutritionist include creating awareness among people on what they should eat and ways they can boost their health and immunity, and the different ways of leading a healthy life.

One such hero in our society is Chirag Barjatya, who is both, a fitness trainer and a nutritionist. He guides people in eating right and helps them reach their goals for a healthy living. Chirag Barjatya, a nutritionist and fitness coach, guiding people to lead an active and healthy life in conversation with Icytales.  Chirag Barjatya

Q) What is the one thing you would recommend someone to follow to be active and lead a healthy life?

Chirag Barjatya – The one thing which I would recommend to everyone in order to follow a fit and healthy life is, to be cautious about your food quantities and prioritize the protein intake in your diet. Always try to eat around 80 to 100 grams. It doesn’t matter for either males or females; people can maintain this intake irrespective of their gender.

Q) Tell us something about your fitness regime; how do you maintain your fitness?

Chirag Barjatya – I try to hit the gym daily. I also try to do a home workout that day, and I make sure to play a sport every day, it could be squash, table tennis, or maybe cycling or even walking for more than ten thousand steps daily.

Q) There’s always a myth to permanently cut off sugar and oily food for people looking for a healthy diet plan. What is your say about the same?

Chirag Barjatya – Sugar and oil are not the culprits. But the food which we make using these two things are the real culprits. They make the food highly plateable, and you feel like eating them over and over again. If you have sugar directly, even with tea, it is perfectly fine.

If you are roasting your veggies with some amount of oil, it’s fine. But if you are eating these things over-poured and it is making a high-calorie food item, then obviously it becomes dangerous.

Q) What is the one thing that can instantly light up your mood?

Chirag Barjatya – A good music and a cup of dark or black coffee without any sugar or milk will lift my mood. Other than that, spending time with my cats lights me up as well.

Chirag Barjatya
Chirag Barjatya with his cat, Kylo.

Q) What is your favorite part about fitness and nutrition?

Chirag Barjatya – My favorite part about fitness and nutrition is that it helps you bring on track, and you get serious about almost everything in your life. Because fitness cannot be achieved in a single day. It is a very long process.

It has been 2 years already, and I am still way behind my core. The dedication of two years has taught me a lot, and I apply the same in my business, in my coaching services, and almost in everything.

Q) There would have been a journey full of ups and downs behind all your success. Would you like to tell us something about your journey?

Chirag Barjatya – The ups and downs in my fitness journey and my coaching services happens only when and if I suffer any injury. Around 2 years ago, I suffered a hip injury because of which I was not able to squat at all, and the pain was also unbearable.

That had made me lag 6 to 7 months behind my friends and other competitors. So that time was down for me, but it allowed me to write blogs, articles, and study about many new things which helped me grow in the fitness industry.

Q) Who has been your constant support and pillar during all this time? Is there someone you look up to as an inspiration?

Chirag Barjatya – My family has been my constant support along with my fiance. They never doubted my journey or my plans. Whenever I told them about my plans they said that I could achieve it. This kept me motivated throughout the journey.

Chirag Barjatya
Chirag Barjatya with his mother

Q) There was a period when we ate for pleasure but today we are more mindful of aesthetics and health. According to you how can one take care of their daily meals?

Chirag Barjatya – It varies from person to person. If you aim for an aesthetic body or want to remain healthy and feel good, these things depend on you. A person aiming for abs has to get very serious about it and a person aiming for a lean body with good fitness can be a little reluctant. Like he can enjoy 20 to 30% of meals outside his diet while keeping the protein intake optimum. In both cases, a good protein intake is a must.

Q) Would you like to tell us something more about your plans ahead?

Chirag Barjatya – I am planning to launch another company which will be based only on fitness. We will be launching the coaching services as well and I’ll be expanding my team to about 50 new coaches by next year.

Chirag Barjatya is a man who desires to help people lead an active and healthy life through his coaching services and wishes to extend his service among millions.

Chirag Barjatya, who desires to make people lead a healthy and happy life with his remarkable knowledge about nutrition and fitness, aims to guide and help many and assist them with tips and ways to seek their fitness goals in life. Go ahead to start your fitness journey with him! He is surely a guide to a much-needed healthy and active lifestyle.


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