Christ University organizes Cognito on 16, 17 and 18 December 2015.

Christ University organizes Cognito on 16, 17 and 18 December 2015. 1

Event Name: Cognito” conducted by Department of Professional Studies at Christ University on 16, 17 and 18 December 2015.

What is Cognito?: Cognito is the flagship event conducted by the Department of Professional Studies. A Corporate Business Fest of the highest calibre attracts colleges from all over the country to participate in. Cognito is a inter collegiate business festival started in the year 2003. With the standard being exceptionally high, the key focus is on professionalism, teamwork, global corporate thinking and practicality.
The fest is designed to emulate the corporate world and it recreates real-time business scenarios and situations to analyze the participants and find the best among the competitors. Colleges send their best teams to participate in this fest and the scenario of the fest keep evolving with the changes in the real business world. The fest mainly includes rounds based on Finance, Marketing, Human Capital Management, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Managerial skills and Stress Management. Cognito is a inter collegiate business festival started in the year 2003
The two aspects of Cognito – participation and organization are carefully interwoven to form a seamless event of unparalleled competency. With working professionals judging rounds, global industry leaders providing valuable input and feedback coupled with the organizational experience, it is the quintessential experience for everyone involved. CIMA UK has been supporting the event over the years.
For the academic year 2014-15, the theme of Cognito was based on Venture Capital with more than 20 participating colleges from across the nation.

Aim of the event: The aim of the vent is to give the students a real world corporate experience. They have many elements to it which constitute their physical office cabins to the ideating room to bust their stress. By the end of the three day simulation, They aim to impart some knowledge into them about a specific theme that they choose every year. Last year, they had chosen ‘Venture Capitalism ‘ as their theme where along the three days, the VCs went through rounds of Series A, Series B funding and solved other corporate situations as well. They have something called a Cognito Carnival which is a pre-promotional event to the main Business Festival. This Carnival is spread over 2 days usually a week before the main event. At this carnival we have companies setting up their stalls and games conducted at these stalls to attract Christites. Its an event to reach out to over 20,000 students over the two days.

12079701_722403661226940_4937696281836286153_nWho conducts this event?: The students constitute the entire body of this fest and they are guided by the Head of the Department – Prof. Biju Toms at Christ University. The student incharge for this year are Dhanush Parekh, Nishchay Singh and Karan Ganna students of Christ University.

Venue and Date: The venue for the event is Christ University, Hosur Road Campus.  This event will be conducted this year on 16, 17 and 18 December 2015 for undergraduate students of Commerce and Management across the nation and abroad.

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