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Christ University Organizes Kikimazu- Connecting Christie’s

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By Megha Purkayastha

In this fast-paced world, we often forget to interact and socialize; we tend to be involved in our busy life or work so much that we forget to connect with the people around us.

We live in a world where technology has become an important part of our life. So why not use the advancement of technology and take it to a whole new level? Kikimazu is an app that is exclusively made for Christ University students; if you’re an old student or a new student, you can connect with other Christies with just a click of a button and get a live news feed; what’s happening at Christ University.

Kikimazu is a place where you can get a live news feed and be a part of the conversations by posting a ‘’kiki’’. You can share photos with other Christies or even drop one or two lines and talk about what’s trending. What’s even more fun is that you get points each time you post and get an upvote. Well, you know what they say, healthy competition or game is always fun.

How is it different from Facebook and WhatsApp?

Differentiation from Facebook

1. If we search for a Christ University group on Facebook, we will notice that there are already 7-10 groups with people scattered around.

On top of that, anyone can join the Facebook group by faking a profile.

On Kikimazu, all students are verified through email Id and geo-fencing technology.

2. The official Facebook page of Christ University is a monologue; you cannot discuss it.

Kikimazu enables students to discuss/debate. There is no restriction until and unless everything goes by our policy.

 Differentiation from Whatsapp

1. Whatsapp is for friends, a very close group. On top of that, the group limit is 100, and you must have everyone’s phone number to connect with them.

On Kikimazu, students do not need phone numbers. They have to select their college and verify that they are from that college and done. Kikimazu automatically brings all students together.

What’s the aim or vision of Kikimazu?

The aim of kikimazu is ‘’Connecting Christies’’ and make Kikimazu the largest community of college students.

Why is it exclusively for Christie’s?
1. It has a huge number of students. Kikimazu is made to address issues of such a big university.
2. Unlike engineering college, where all students have the same mindset, Christ University has diverse courses which offer great opportunities to know how students of different mindsets work together.
3. Christ University has a large diversity and a huge number of students.

How do I get Kikimazu?

Simple, by clicking on this link:

So join Kikimazu and see what’s trending at Christ University cause we are waiting to see your latest kiki.

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