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Craftique Gifts: Making Moments Special with Creativity

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The founders of the renowned craft platform “Craftique Gifts “belong to two sisters who have taken their creativity to another level. The story of the sisters begins with their love for craft and art. The founders Kirtee and Mahima love to do things that give them happiness.

For them, the craft is a field in which they want to achieve heights. They started this platform with the hope to give employment to the people in India. The main motive behind building the platform for craft and art was to do something productive. They strongly believe that if you have talent, you should use it productively.

Social life plays a vital role in maintaining and appreciating all the things someone has in a hustle culture. The health, lifestyle, and habits of humans should be not avoided.

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Self-love is vital for a happy life!

Craftique Gifts is the platform created by two girls with a great vision. The journey of the page craftique gifts started when the two girls decided to convert their hobbies to professional work. They believe that the person can make the most of any situation by utilizing it in a proper manner.

According to the sisters, “Showcasing your skill and talent will pave your way towards success”. In their ’20s, the young girls decided to make something good out of the waste available in everyone’s home. Their mantra of self-love gave them some time to enhance their skills of creating beautiful crafts.

They used to collect all the waste products from their family and relatives. Then they would use these to make something new and eye-catchy. With time, the demand for their products kept on increasing. All these efforts made them stand at a place where they find peace and happiness for their doing.

Photos of Cratfique Gifts shared by Mahima

The greatest inspiration in our lives, is our mother!

From achieving trophies in art and craft to creating “Crafttique Gifts”, both Kirtee and Mahima are grateful to their mother. Their family is the biggest support behind all that they did, but their mother was the primary motivation behind the journey.

According to them, “The voyage of being a well-known craft professional started since childhood”. They saw their mother spending time creating many interesting pieces of art at a young age.

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The role of a mother is always inspiring and motivating in the lives of the children. Similarly, this talent comes from their mother. They always admire what their mother makes for them.

Now, they are using the skills passed by their mother to make a statement about how it means to be the daughters of someone with so much talent.

Dedication is the key to success!

Everyone believes that dedication can lead to success. In the case of Craftique Gifts, the dedication is overpowering. Kirtee was a girl with a dream to take craft and art to a level where people would give respect to this field. Since her childhood, she has been on the top of her school’s craft and art department.

She loves making rangoli and other crafts using marriage cards. There was a juncture in her life where she got the support of her sister Mahima. She was already doing well in her field, and the success got doubled when her sister joined her platform.

Craftique Gifts: Making Moments Special with Creativity 2

Kirtee and Mahima went through a lot of physical pain (health issues), as they have to spend a lot of time creating their products. They were completely against the concept of giving up and they believe in perseverance. They succeed because they decided to walk the extra mile where many people return.

Sharing my story makes me happy!

According to the founder, “The moment you get to share your story there you realize how far you have come”. It’s true that success speaks on its own. From dreaming to turning dreams into reality, it is a long way. These two sisters are an inspiration for all the women out there still looking to set their careers.

All the reviews of people matter a lot to the sisters. They believe that “People will praise your work if they like it”. When someone is involved in social media then there the person gets to know the stories of many other people.

“There will be a lot of options where you can get inspiration from. You see people doing better in life, and there you decide to do something best.” Craftique Gifts is the dream of Kirtee and Mahima, who tried to bring something new through their creative skills. Their intentions behind setting this platform were very clear, they wanted to work hard, to spread smiles.

They wanted to see a developed India with more scopes and growth. They wanted to run a platform where they can provide opportunities to many people who are not getting jobs.

Hustle is good, but taking care of your body is vital!

According to the sisters. “Hustle works well, but being healthy is equally important”. While someone is struggling to find their own identity, the person forgets to take care of their health. This can be a problem in the growth of a person.

Health and a comfortable lifestyle plays an important role for making someone stand strong in all the difficulties. Balance is important between profession and health. “The motivation behind our success was the desire to make it big. Everything that happened in our lives were quite spontaneous and instant.”

They just followed their dream, without any fear or confusion. Their concept of self-love and love for others worked mutually here. The Instagram community plays a pivotal role in inspiring them. They want to stand by the young crafter who is not getting enough scope to display their talent.

“The reasons for making our platform were clear. We want to spread smiles in every corner of the world and make moments special for people through our creativity.”  The two sisters support each other morally and emotionally.

Photo of Craftique gifts from Instagram

Never hesitate to make it big!

The platform “Craftique Gifts” comes as a hope for many young and amateur crafters who are struggling to get support from known people. The two sisters are trying their best to serve society in every possible manner. Their altruistic acts have led them to heights of success.

Click here to check out their page on Instagram to see the amazing gifts they offer.


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