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Getting Tired of Custom Music Box? 10 Sources of Inspiration

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Have you ever had a custom music box? A gift from a loved one? A song or tune that means so much to you that finding in a music box just left your heart filled with love.

But now, since it is already done, you are out of ideas?

Well, fear not. There are plenty of ways you can still make new gifts, new custom music box, new ideas which will leave your loved ones happy.

Custom music box

Now we know that every relationship, no matter how old or how new, needs a breath of fresh air. Something that shows our partners our love for them. Or maybe sometimes it might be for a family member or a friend.

But what can you give to show how much that person means to you?

How about a Custom Music Box?

I know it is one of the most cliche types of presents or gift you could get for anyone, not just for your partners.

As cliche as it may be, a custom music box still is one of the best gifts. Why you might ask, is so because it has an old-world charm to it—a thing which has shown your love and care in a most melodic way possible.

Also, when you get a custom music box, you actually are not just giving a ready-made gift for the person; you are putting your thought into it. You are taking the time and really thinking about the person, and that just goes to show how much thought they put into a gift.

Any gift becomes that much more special if designed for a person specifically. A custom music box shows that you thought much about the person, that you know the person well enough to know their taste in music, or that you remember a special. Song that might be inconsequential to others but means the world to that person.

This personal touch to the music box makes a custom music box such a special gift.

No matter what the occasion may be, no matter what celebration, or even if there is no celebration needed, a custom music box is fit for all the aforementioned.

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Music Boxes: A Melody in Time

Now you might think it is such a lousy gift to give, but did you know that music boxes date back to the 18th century?

We can date the first music box known to man back to Seventeen Seventy at the very least to Switzerland. In that time, the music boxes were more compact and could contain a stopwatch in them, and they are typically very expensive and made for order only.

custom music box

It is known that back in the 13th century as there used to be cylinders with drums and pins, which could create small melodies, So we could say that the music boxes have been a part of human history for almost nine hundred years, which has got to say something about the old world charm!

Now coming back to the more prominently known music boxes from the 18th century. Those music boxes were quite a rage for a time, and as time grew, the technology advanced, and the music boxes grew larger and larger, which meant people did not prefer to buy them anymore.

Custom Music box

But they gained momentum again as the technology grew, and the music box makers noticed that smaller custom music boxes were more preferred rather than the big boxes.

So, they began shrinking the boxes again. And soon enough, they were all the rage again in the world of Gifts.

What is more is the fact that now you get a custom music box, one with a song made just for you, a tune that meant something to you only, or something to the person you were gifting the music box too?

As time went on, the custom music box went to become a more cliche and overused gift, but it was still wanted and charming. So now a question comes up: how do we make people like the product again.

A new style of music boxes appeared, one where a ballerina was dancing to a tune, or one who could hold a photograph, maybe a globe which had a couple dancing in it, or a merry go round which turned to the music tune. These are a few examples of the new products that were merged with a music box to make it a more personal gift than just a plain old custom music box.

As of 2018, a Korean company has made a custom music box which will be contacted to an app, through which you could plate several melodies on one music box. Now that is some new technology.

Wait a few more years, and for sure, there will be more advancements in technology and new custom music boxes will emerge. For now, though, we can take a look at different types ideas for custom music boxes, which will for sure be appreciated by your loved ones.

10 Ideas for different Custom music box

1. Custom Music Box

custom music box

One of the oldest yet most used ideas for a Music box is to get a Custom Made Music Box. A Custom music box is one that does not have a standard tune, which if found in it rather a tune which you chose. It could be a song that your partner loves, a song that is your song, or a song that is the person’s favourite song.

This is mentioned earlier than one of the oldest ideas. It shows your special attention to that person; it also means that the gift was meant for only one person; it makes it that much more special.

2. Engravings

custom music box

Getting something engraved on the wooden box or metal box of the custom box itself. This goes a step further. You can get a custom music box and customize it by having something engraved on it.

A quote or a saying which means something to you or to the person. Or maybe something that you wanted to say to them or they have said to you, which means something special to you. Anything that means something to both of you is what will make the engravings special.

It could be a song engraved, or if you are gifting it to a friend, then maybe it could be a sign both of you identify with.

Another idea could be engraving a date which means something to the both of you. There are many variations to this one; you can go as crazy as you want with this idea.

3. Photographs 

custom music box

Getting a custom music box with a photograph of the person or people you are giving it to is another great idea. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is better than a picture with a melody to complement it.

Pick a special photograph that may be of a wedding day or the first picture ever taken. And get it framed in the custom music box.

If it is a gift for some else, then also it works wonders.

Another idea is getting the picture framed with a custom music box that has a personalized melody. The key to any good gift is personalizing it, is it not?

4. Dancing Ballerina 

custom music box

If there are things about Personalizing a gift, what is a better way than to give a melody which is yours? Add to that a cute little ballerina dancing, and a mirror or photograph on the wall of the music box makes it even more beautiful and amazing!

This is again a great possibility for a gift if giving the gift to a friend who happens to be a girl, a girlfriend, or a sister, or maybe a friend who dances then a custom music box with a dancing ballerina is one of the most fun ways to tell the person what they mean to you.

5. The Dancing Couple 

Have you ever seen a globe with a dancing couple? Then you know just how good of a sweetheart gift it is. I have been given it once, and I can look at it as I write this article.

This is a very special gift, a couple dancing inside a globe, a tune playing along. For a while, it was one of my favourite things to do just before going to sleep, turning the key in the globe hearing a melody.

So, again, it is a sweetheart gift, or maybe for another couple, build a brilliant gift nonetheless.

6. Merry-Go-Round

A merry-go-round custom music box, which might be a bit expensive for some, but it is truly a way to touch your heart.

Anybody who watched the Princess Diaries would recognise the gift I am talking about. Little girls (and older ones like me) dream. A beautiful melody to which the merry-go-round turns and turns that is as long as you turn the key.

Now, this is a beautiful gift for any kid, or for any girlfriends or wives, maybe for a friend? Who would you gift it to if you could?

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7. The Spotify Connteced Custom Music Box 

A new kind of music box that really is a bit of cheating but still would be essentially considered a custom music box is a new Spotify Plaque, which has a personalized picture and scannable to play a song through Spotify.

It is a sort of frame with your chosen photograph, framed in the Spotify song setting. All you have to do is scan the plaque, and Spotify will do the rest. This is one of the most personalized new inventions that I have seen recently, and I could not help but put it on the list!

A custom made frame with a song that means something distinct to you and your loved one which can actually be scanned on Spotify. Now that is just so cool!

8. Hidden Gifts 

custom music box

Another Custom music box is one which is an oldie but is gold. Now we know we can have custom tunes and photographs set in, but what if you could hide something in it?

Yes, if you so wish, you could order a custom music box with little tiny drawers and or hidden drawers, which just amps up the fun and the mystery to it.

This means you could add any other gift you want to keep within the box itself, customising it further for the person.

9. Proposal?

Now this one is more an idea rather than a custom music box. What if you wanted to tell someone that you are getting married? Or if you wanted to Ask someone that very question, A proposal?

Now imagine doing it with a custom music box! A melody that is yours and only yours, a ring in the hidden drawer or may be attached to it.

Another thing could be having the custom music box engraved with the question. Now again, this one can have so many variations that I could keep a list just for those, but keeping it short is a great way to propose.

10. Announcements 

A way to announce the said proposal or engagement! Yes, you could very well get the date for your wedding engraved on it and include it along with an invitation to the wedding card.

Or maybe just announce that you are engaged in this form. It is always endearing to learn news in a way that is not expected, and who would expect you to announce anything via a custom music box?

Custom music boxes have been a part of human life for over three hundred years. They are an age-old way to show your love and care to a person. They are a gift that is personalised, so it becomes even more endearing.

Custom music box dates back to the thirteenth century, and clearly, over the years, it has become a symbolic gift, a way to symbolise the care with which they make each music box and the time and thought that goes into making one custom music box. Hopefully, it will continue to be a favoured gift or present for a long time.

So, let me know which idea you will use for showing your love to your loved ones. Want to get a custom music box now? Click here to know more deals on such gifts!

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