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Do You Miss School? The Top 10 Unforgettable Things We Did

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School plays a significant role in everyone’s lives. It is where we grow up and learn. So, do you miss school? When we think about the school, we associate it with our childhood, and no matter what happens, we tend to take only good memories with us.

We always wonder if all those sleepless nights will be worth it in the end. Honestly, one could do anything to get those school days back. School is where we start our lives. At the age of three or four, we are sent to school. Starting from day one until we leave our school, each day must be spent preciously. We often do not realize how important it is until we get out from there. Every child would dream of growing up and being independent, and they would think that everything would be all right once they finish school.


After growing up and taking responsibilities whenever someone asks, “Do you miss school?” The answer is always YES. Let’s have a look at some of the unforgettable memories from school.

1. First Day of Each Year

One of the best memories in school was the first day of school. Do you remember the first day of your school? Your mother or father would take you to the school, and at this point, most of you must have cried your eyes out. Let’s admit it; we all cried on our first day of school. After that each year your parents would take you to buy a new uniform, and that would make you excited. You requested them to buy you a new school bag, pencils, and more stationery items. You always wanted your favorite cartoons printed on everything.

Remember when your parents would buy new books for your class, and you were supposed to cover it with those brown covers and add your favorite stickers to write your name on it.

On the first day of each year, you would wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella to school because most schools would reopen during monsoons. You would meet your friends after 2-3 months of summer vacation and how everyone would share what they did during summer vacation. You would show your stationeries with your favorite cartoon printed to your friends, and they would show you theirs.

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2. Birthday Celebration

Your birthday would feel like a festival for you because your parents would take you shopping for your birthday clothes and everyone except you would wear a uniform. You would wear your favorite clothes and take a box of chocolates for your friends and unique chocolates for your teachers. Remember when you would give extra chocolates to your special friends? Do you miss school memories now? Of course, you do.

School becomes a very special part of your life, and one of the reasons for that is you got to feel special on your birthday. Everyone would compliment you and make you feel special. You would take your best friend with you to distribute chocolates to the entire school, and that is the day when your teacher did not scold you even if you did not do your homework.

3. Silly Reasons to Skip School

It is crazy how you made excuses to skip school to stay at home. In the morning, you would complain about body ache or headache, and there were times when you would get away with it, but most of the time, your parents would catch you lying. In school, you would complain about illness and your parents were called to come and take you home. After going home, your health would magically be all right, and you would sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite cartoons.

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4. Summer Vacations

Back in the day, summer vacations were all you could think of. Your friend would call on your home’s landline number and ask, “Hey! Do you miss school?” and your immediate answer would be, “No, not at all!” Right after the examinations, you would run out of the school like it was some race between you and your classmates. Not having to think about your school homework and examination were the greatest pleasures for you.

Your parents would take you to the native place to meet grandparents and cousins, and it would be the best few months for you. Your teachers would give you the assignment to do during your vacations, but you would only do it the night before your school reopened.

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5. Having your First Crush

Ah! Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite or least favorite topic: that stupid childhood crush. Everyone has had at least one school crush that they will never forget. Be it a new boy/girl in class or just a friend of the opposite gender; you must have developed crush at least once in your school days.

When you think about those days now, it feels as if it all happened just yesterday. Your classmates or friends would get into a relationship with someone and imagine spending their whole lives with him/her.

You would wake up every single day excited to go to school just to see your crush. You would try to look the best for them. It all felt like a dream, and in the middle of the lectures, you made up fake scenarios with your crush in your head. The saddest part was that you might have even shed tears after seeing them with someone else or not receiving the same attention that you gave.

Remember that hot and attractive senior that everyone would have a crush on? That person used to be the talk of the town. Everyone would stop and stare at him/her. Everyone would spread rumors when they would see that person with someone else.

6. School Examination

Do you miss school?  Do you miss sitting in your school examination? No matter how stressful your school examination felt to you, there were some unforgettable memories that you might have enjoyed. Everyone would freak out when teachers would announce the semester examination. Children would form a crowd in front of the notice board to see which subjects are to be conducted on which date. It was a nightmare for anyone whose birthday would fall on any date in between the examination.

You would take photocopies of your friend’s notes and start preparing for the examination. You would beg to your class toppers to help you out during the examination and check who is sitting closest to you.

It doesn’t,t matter how many times you told yourself that you would study one month before the examination, your procrastination would always win. You would always end up studying the night before your examination and pray to God that it all turns out well.

On the day of examination your family would wish you well for your examination but at the back of your head, you know that their wishes will not work because you had not finished studying.

While sitting for the examination you would beg the person closest to you to help you out. You might have had your mental breakdown when you had no idea about most of the questions. Want to some innovative ways of cheating in exams? Click here.

After getting done with the exams you would desperately wait for the results and when the results came you would feel satisfied or not so satisfied.

7. Your Favorite Lectures

Let’s be honest, you had a favorite subject for yourself. For most people, the favorite lecture was Physical Education. It used to be the most fun lecture ever. You got to play with your classmates and just have all sorts of enjoyment. Looking forward to that one lecture was your favorite thing to do. So, do you miss school?

Some loved literature and others loved science. Whatever the favorite subject may be, it used to be exciting just to wait for it. Most of you must have had your favorite teacher too. You must have craved for his/her attention and that was the only lecture when you would complete your entire homework in time. Remember the strictest teacher in school? Children would freak out just hearing that his/her lecture is next. That’s the only lecture when everyone did their homework and attended the class on time. Children would be so scared that they would hide in the backbenches so the teacher would not catch them.

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8. School Picnic

Do you miss the school picnic? It was one of the most thrilling days ever. Each of the students would wait for that particular month when they would get to go for their school picnic. Your school would take you to a similar spot that they took you the year earlier but the excitement remained the same.

On the day of your picnic, you would prep up and keep all the essential items inside your bag and wait for the school bus to take off early in the morning. That would be the only day when you did not feel tired about waking up early. You would leave early in the morning and play games with your friends inside the bus.

After returning in the evening, your skin would get tanned and you would feel extremely tired but felt grateful to have enjoyed each of the moments in that picnic.

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9. School Friends

Friends are one of the most important people in your life. Do you miss school friends? Probably yes. School is when you start to learn the meaning of friendship. That is when you realize that friends are the ones that you have the most amount of fun with.

Having friends in school means you must have had your best laughs with them and worst fights. Friends teach you a lot in life and school friends teach you the way you feel things. You must have had your best memories with your school friends because you did everything with them.

You are extremely lucky if you are still in touch with your school friends and if you are not in contact with them then what are you waiting for? Hit them up and have a conversation with them.

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10. Farewell Party

The farewell party was one of the saddest days that you witnessed during your school days. Although it was the saddest day it was also the most exciting one. A farewell is when you start to shop for your favorite dress and think about how you would stand out. You prepare to sing and dance your heart out. It is on that day when you look the best.

It is during your farewell party when you realize how much you will look back and miss your school days. Do you miss the school farewell party?

School days have the most bittersweet memories that one could imagine. Do you miss school and its memories? You learn most of the things when you are in school. You make some of the best friends in your life and some worst ones too. Even though you must have had your best moments in school there must have times when people in school would have tried to bring you down or bully you. School is what shapes you for the future. It builds your confidence and makes you a strong person inside out.

You have the best time of your life when you are a child. The only thing that you have to worry about is which meal you will have next or which cartoon you will watch next. There are many more memories in your school life like annual function, celebrating different festivals, morning assemblies and so much more.

Having all these bittersweet memories with you when you leave school you always take away the best memories and not the worst ones. As a child, the only mistake that you had ever made was to think that things will be better when you grow up. Once you grow up and someone asks, “Do you miss school?” You say, “Of course, I do.”

School days bring out the best in you because you get to explore yourself and learn about things around you and yourself.

So, do you miss school? Let us know about your unforgettable memories and what you did that made your school life so special.



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