A psychiatrist living in Kolkata, Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri is doing a great job on the wellness of the people. Being a doctor is one of the noblest professions. They treat us and also help us with making life-saving decisions. She is a psychiatrist, a coach, and a writer. She is also a covid warrior and a motivational speaker.

Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri is a consultant neuropsychiatrist in Kolkata. She did her MBBS degree from R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata, and completed her MD in Psychiatry from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kolkata. After that, she earned her SRship from MR Bangur Hospital, Kolkata. Since 2020, She is working as a Consultant Psychiatrist. Icy Tales in conversation with Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri about her passion towards psychiatry and how she made her dream come true.

Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Mental Health 1

My journey towards psychiatry was filled with questions, myths and fears” – Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri

The need for psychiatry is something that Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri realized very early in life. She has an instinct to help people who are suffering so has chose to study MBBS. However, during her MBBS structured course, she didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of psychology. She learned about in details when she received her PG rank.

“When I got my needed PG rank, I had an instinct that I wanted to be a psychiatrist. So, I made an impulsive decision to become a psychiatrist.

When Dr Pubali Chaudhuri started her journey as a psychiatrist, she had many fears and notions instilled in her. She was of the opinion that the patients could get violent and would be difficult to calm them down, and she will have to visit asylums to help the patients as well.

“When I became a psychiatrist, there were initially a lot of fears like patients may be violent, they may be tied up in chains, we have to visit asylums, things like that” – Dr Pubali Chaudhuri

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Psychiatry is not just treating one part of the body, it’s treating the entire body, treating the mind” – Dr Pubali Chaudhuri

When she became a psychiatrist, there was a lot of fear among her family members, relatives, and peer groups. However, she has noticed the immense growth of psychiatry in the past few years. She considers this as a good way to give back to the society. She strongly believes that mental health of a person not only effects him/her but also effects his/her family.

“Psychiatry gives a lot of holistic recovery to the patient. It is not just treating an individual system but treating the whole patient and the perspective. Mental health is such an aspect that affects the whole person and the family. Psychiatry is not just treating one part of the body, it’s treating the entire body, treating the mind”

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“Mind is limitless, whatever we can think we can achieve” – Dr. Pubali Chaudhari

As a medical student, Dr. Pubali Chaudhari has experienced anxiety and depression during her early MBBS years. She felt anxious when she had to study approximately 5000 pages in one night before exams and during the viva. But her family always motivated her and therefore she was able to overcome her fears. “My family always said that if you are relaxed, you will do well”

The neuropsychiatrist doesn’t want to limit her thoughts inside a box. She believes that the mind is limitless, like whatever we can think we can achieve, whatever we can dream, we can make it a reality.

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As a successful psychiatrist, she offered one-to-one teaching as well as mentorship to both oncologists and young career psychiatrists. Dr. Pubali Chaudhari likes to help people from all walks of life which makes her stand out. The neuropsychiatrist also does sessions on motivation, productivity, time management and anger management.

We can connect with her using her Instagram and Facebook account. She feels happy when she sees her depressed and ungroomed patients transform into younger, happier and well-groomed people. That has changed her life for the better.

“When my patients send me messages like, Madam, I’m travelling the world or Madam; I have visited these places, or I have written my first. book or I am making a documentary movie, I think that these are the moments that I could be a successful part of their journey and could do something important to change their life for better.”

“Most of the time anger problems are very easily fixable”Dr Pupali Chaudhuri

Dr. Pubali Chaudhari views and understands that anger is of many types such as passive-aggressive anger, active anger and anger that leads to violence. So when she begins to work on a patient having some issues with anger, she first analyzes which kind of anger the person has.

Then the neuropsychiatrist tries to learn about the causes of anger which could be depression, bipolar disorder, OCD and many other types of personality disorders. By analyzing which kind of anger, she could give them the methods to deal with it.

Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Mental Health 5

“Mental Health is important for the development of the person”Dr Pupali Chaudhuri

Dr. Pubali Chaudhari has shared some tips that the readers can follow regularly to lead a happy and content life such as being close to nature in whatever form we can like having a plant in our home, having 5 minutes of sunlight, or taking a walk in a garden. Her next point is to focus on good sleep and hydration.

“Sleep is the only thing that restores the brain and water is going to keep our whole body functioning well. As Indians we should realize how important mental health is for the whole development of a person and being overall happy and healthy.”

Dr. Pubali Chaudhari insists that if anybody is feeling any kind of mental health issues, they should not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist or a mental health professional because professional treatment at the right time will help us become much better versions of ourselves, in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

“The earlier the treatment starts, the better the result. So, whenever we face mental health issues, we should take treatment as early as possible.

Dr. Pubali Chaudhuri: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Mental Health 6

In addition to being a psychiatrist, Dr. Pubali Chaudhari is a good and helpful human being. Her vision and mission for helping people are amazing. She is a kind woman who knows how to dream and make it a reality. As a young psychiatrist, she knows her worth, and the readers should surely take an inspiration from her and try to speak about their mental health without any hesitation and be willing to take professional help or any help when needed.




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