Geethu Prasobh is a fitness coach and blogger. She works in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle and trains people on weight loss, diet, PCOD, and thyroid.

ICY TALES conversed with Geethu Prasobh about her journey and how she formed her profession towards becoming a fitness coach.

Q) Tell us about your transition from an IT professional to a fitness coach. How did this idea come to you?

Geethu Prasobh: I was doing great in IT. Then, my marriage happened, and I came to the UAE, where I started working. Then, I dropped it because I lacked job satisfaction and enjoyed working in India.

After my post-partum weight loss journey, I thought I would take a break from the fitness journey because I had a very hectic work schedule and had to take care of my naughty toddler, and then I gained weight again. However, this was not the first time I had gained weight. I started my weight loss journey as a teenager. So, this comes my 2nd or 3rd weight cycle.

I started my YouTube channel by this time, making content on home organization and improvements. I also started creating lifestyle blogs. Then, when I made a vlog on my fitness journey, it inspired many women who could relate to me, and they started asking me questions and inspiring me to make more content on fitness. Gradually, I became interested in making content, and my ideas flourished. Then I started my Zumba classes and fitness programs. I’m helping a lot of women now across the world, and this gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Q) What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss? How should we set our goals to optimize for the same?

Geethu Prasobh: This is something that many people need to understand in today’s society. Weight loss means the change in the number on the weighing scale, so weight loss is the loss of that weight only, which is highly fluctuating. It depends on our daily food, what we ate today and yesterday, what we’ll eat tomorrow, and water intake, and in the case of women, it also depends on your period cycle.

photo by Geethu Prasobh

This means we are losing our water weight, fat, and muscle mass. The problem is that people are more obsessed with the number on their weighing scales and are going on crash diets. They want to lower their garment size. They might not be losing weight and could lose more muscle mass, which is not good. And they will not get the result they are waiting for.

When we talk about fat loss, it means losing the fat that has accumulated in our bodies. We should focus on losing fat and maintaining muscle mass. The fat percentage can be measured with a caliber or by a certified fitness trainer.

Q) PCOD is sharply increasing in all age groups of women. How can diet and fitness balance the hormones so they can be avoided?

Geethu Prasobh: PCOD is a lifestyle disorder. The exact reason for it has not been pinned out yet. There are a lot of hypotheses about what is contributing. However, lifestyle changes and dietary shifts have shown improvement. So, when we are on a sustainable eating pattern and a regular workout routine, it helps us to maintain the hormones.

photo by Geethu Prasobh

Our bodies tell us that this is the right time to change our lifestyle. If we drop the plan, it can again come back to us, so sustaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. We should treat our bodies as temples.

Q) As a fitness coach, what is your favorite thing about your career and the least liked thing about the same?

Geethu Prasobh: I mostly enjoy seeing the changes in my clients, particularly in behavioral change and lifestyle. When people came to me, they were initially unable to do basic exercises, but seeing a change in them gradually gives a lot of satisfaction. I can’t say that there is something that I least like; it’s always hectic running a business, but I don’t have any least favorites. I love everything.

Q) What is your experience with your fitness journey? What are the changes you feel in your personality through your fitness journey?

Geethu Prasobh: My first weight loss journey happened right after my college days. I have gained a lot of weight since then. When I got a job and shifted to another state, I had to survive on hostel food, which dropped my weight. So, it was a very unhealthy weight loss journey. I turned weak after post-partum, then I decided to be stronger again, which motivated me and changed my lifestyle. I’m more conscious of my eating now. I want to be stronger.

photo by Geethu Prasobh

Q) People frequently deviate from target with their diet or exercise routines. How can we sustain our nutrition and workout plan?

Geethu Prasobh: People deviate from their routine because they are not enjoying eating and cannot sustain it. They buy expensive labeled products but are unaware of the constitutes and their results.

Q) You have a company named G-Fit, and we see that “G-Fit plates” are very eye-catching to people. What are you contemplating while you prepare them?

Geethu Prasobh: Through G-Fit plate, I want to communicate that we make healthy weight loss with home-cooked meals our clients can buy and make on their own, which they have been eating since childhood. I don’t promote weight loss products or services and focus on home-cooked meals.
We consider their background, culture, ethnicity, and region. They don’t need to eat any special food. If they are from Tamil Nadu, we let them eat the southern Indian food, as food differs from state to state.

Q) Could you please share your day plan? How do you motivate yourself every day to be fit and healthy?

Geethu Prasobh: I don’t do any fancy things. I make sure that my meals are balanced with all the nutrients. I enjoy eating the food that nourishes me, and I know that eating that food is healthy.

photo by Geethu Prasobh
I also eat junk food while my family gets together and on other occasions. I have refeeding days as well. It’s all about balance, with more tending to healthy foods.

Q) Could you please brief our viewers about your programs and services?

Geethu Prasobh: G-fit is a combination of nutrition and workout routines. We do have them alone as well. But if your goal is weight loss, I suggest a combination. We have clinical dietitians and certified female trainers, and we use their expertise to achieve our clients’ goals. We also have live and pre-recorded sessions for working people or if they are in different time zones.

We have WhatsApp group support, group monitoring, and motivation, and we make their plans personalized so that they can change their behavior and lifestyle. We have plans for men and couples. I recently started our research on the plan for making a pregnancy diet chart. We have something for everyone.

photo by Geethu Prasobh

Geethu Prasobh is the real ambassador of the women’s power of India to UAE. She is pregnant and managing her business, lifestyle, and household responsibilities. Geethu Praasobh’s sheer will to work harder daily is encouraging for many women worldwide.

Watch this hale and hearty conversation on our YouTube Channel with Geethu Prasobh!




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