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German Christmas Market – Top 11 Famous Markets to Explore

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This post is an article on the most famous German Christmas Market. 

Germany is a country in Europe known for possessing the largest economy. It is the world’s most populated country. As there is an increase in population, so is the celebration.

Yes! I am talking about the largest German Christmas market in Europe.

Tracing the History of the German Christmas Market

Dating back to centuries-old, it was first called a winter market. In 1298, the emperor Albert I granted permission to hold the market. This was the place for peasants who sold their goods so they could make money for Christmas.

It is widely spread all over Europe.

german christmas market
Humphery Muleba/Pixel@all rights reserved

Meanwhile, they sold baskets, roasted almonds, chestnuts, roasted peanuts, and a lot more. These were presented as gifts for Christmas. Later around 1300, the winter market was known as the Christmas market.

In 1434, the first German Christmas market that emerged was Dresden’s Strietzelmarket.

Today the Christmas market stands as a landmark in Germany. It is filled with toasted almonds, toys, ornaments, Christmas lights, and a Christmas tree.

A sense of holiday spirit is created.

Why are German Christmas markets called Christkindmarkt?

Christmas is known for exchanging gifts. These markets became even more popular at the time of Martin Luther. Early in the 1530s, on December 6, the facilities were traded. It was Saint day.

Michele Naro/Flicke@all rights reserved

But Martin Luther wanted to change the focus from saints. Instead, they got a gift on December 24 from Christkind.

This widely took its change. Later the Christmas market names itself “Christkindmarkt.”

Modern Christmas Market

At present times the German Christmas market is seen as a gathering place. This place is worth all your time. The Christmas market in Germany will make your biggest dream come true.

modern christmas market
Valentin F.R/Flickr@all rights reserved

Because who in the world doesn’t like shopping, right?

The Christmas market in Germany can make your shopping experience unique. The Christmas markets can offer you Christmas ornaments, cookies, Max, glassware, tree ornaments, and so on.

Expectation From the German Christmas Markets

The German Christmas markets can offer something greater than you would expect. It fulfills all your deepest expectations and even dreams.

German Christmas Market - Top 11 Famous Markets to Explore 1
Meruyert Gonullu/pixel@all rights reserved

You can expect

•A romantic backdrop

• Pedestrian malls

• Christmas decorations

• Traditional carols by local musicians

• Unique gifts

• Mulled wine

• Roasted nuts, roasted chestnuts, potato pancakes, baked Apples, woolen hats, and a lot more

Tips Before Visiting the Christmas Markets in Germany

The smell of Mulled wine, hot Patties, cold weather, and shopping, what else do you need? This can truly be experienced in Christmas markets in Germany. But before visiting the Christmas markets, get to know about the dos.

(i) Always keep track of the opening and closing date of the market. Usually, they get opened during late November, while some might differ.

The market is set up wide open and is exposed to open air. (ii) To keep yourself warm, dress accordingly. To keep yourself warm, wear gloves, shoes, and Jerkin.

(iii) The Christmas markets in Germany will never leave you hungry. You get a chance to experience various dishes. Each food is unique from different shops. Some of the famous foods that you can try are – mulled wine, bread, gingerbread, almonds, and so on

(iv) Always roam around with cash in your wallet. Some shops don’t accept cards. It is better to have some money in your hand

(v) Take your time to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Explore the Christmas markets in Germany. They are worth the time and money

(vi) If you plan to visit the Christmas market during the holiday season, make sure you book your lodging before in hand. Start booking before November.

DONT’S at a Christmas market in Germany

(I) Never set your trip too early or too late. November is the month when shops get opened and last till December.

(II) This is the place to explore delicious food. So try not to think twice about tasting them

(III) Don’t rush your shopping. Take time to explore the unique shops.

Now that we know what to do and what not to do at Christmas markets in Germany. Let’s start exploring the best Christmas markets.

List of Christmas markets in Germany

Christmas, the festival of joy and celebration, is nearing. The arrival of winter in November marks the pleasure. We start counting the dates for Christmas. We plan a list of things for decoration.

There is no perfect destination other than German Christmas markets to meet your expectations.

Let’s check out the famous Christmas markets in Germany and make Christmas shopping worth it.


It is one of the oldest Christmas markets in the city. This is a kind of traditional Christmas market. The air is filled with the aroma of gingerbread and mulled wine.

It is also said that Nuremberg, the German Christmas market is one of the biggest markets in the city. Generally, people here opt for wooden pieces rather than plastic items. The main reason to visit this German Christmas market is for delicious foods.

 Nuremberg Christmas market
Lance Griffir/ Flicker@all rights reserved

During the advent period, various entertainment was staged. The open area is filled with music, making it a different feel. It is not surprising to note that over 2 million people cross this particular German Christmas market every year.

You may even wonder why Nuremberg is so popular?

Well, it is popular for quite several things. It is easy to access as it is located near the airport. The stuff sold is affordable and worth the money.

Save Nuremberg Christmas market for your next Christmas.

Opening dates: November 26 – December 24 (2021)


The Dresden royal palace is located south of the market. One can experience the cold weather, illuminating lights, and savor of gingerbread. Some of the favorite items sold in the Christmas markets are traditional crafts, local crafts, handmade gifts, fabrics, and sweets. It is also children friendly zone.

Make sure you bring your entire family to celebrate the year’s eve.

eronoel/flickr@all rights reserved

This German Christmas market is popular for its dry fruits, candies, hot chestnuts, and cookies. Yummy! Right.

This is one of the best Christmas markets. You can taste different tangs over here that are mouth-watering. Make a note that the Dresden Christmas market is one of the oldest markets in the world.

Opening dates: November 26 – December 24 (2021)


It is nestled at the city council house. More than 250 stores are fitted inside. One can enjoy the Christmas concerts by the Saint Thomas boys choir.

They leave a sparkling image on the audience. Children will love it!

Leipzig Market
By: Joerg Schikedanz/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

This is one of the traditional medieval Christmas markets. This is the best Christmas market in the city

Opening dates: November 23 – December 23 ( 2021)


This Christmas market has unique decorations done every year. This is the reason they are considered to be the best market around Europe. The opening of the Christmas market dates back to late 1820.

Every year the Christmas market is decorated with a unique theme.

Neil Holden/flickr@all rights reserved.

Every year people around London, the UK and Ireland take a look at this place. Some of the famous Christmas markets in Cologne are Alter-market and Neumarket.

The aroma of almonds, Santa Claus, elves, billions of stars, and the cold weather creates a unique atmosphere.

The famous Cologne Christmas market is situated in front of Cologne cathedral. The main reason for visiting this particular Christmas market is its culinary scene. You can taste various dishes in one go. The things are cheap and easily affordable.

This is one of the best Christmas markets.

Opening date: November 22 – December 23 (2021)


This is one of the most romantic Christmas markets. The Charlottenburg castle sets the romantic background. One can say that the old town has an alluring ice rink.

 charlottenburg castle
Konstantin’s Europe and more photostream/flickr@all rights reserved

The market is nestled in the old Townhall, with golden lights. You cannot experience the fashionable feeling in the market. But if you are a lover of tradition, this will work. The simple huts are decorated with lights and ribbons giving it an enchanting look.

The vibrant glow of the castle gives you a magical feeling. Germany’s famous ice skating rink is also available.

This Christmas City lead to other five Christmas markets – Kornmarkt, Marktplatz, Universitatsplatz, Anatomiegarten and the Bismarchkplatz.

The setting of the Christmas marketplace is unique. It is one of the extended pedestrian steps across Europe.

The Heidelberg castle is planted on the Kornplatz. Here one can enjoy the skating as well.

To enter the Alstadt, one needs to enter Bismarchkplatz. Thirdly the Anatomiegarten is stuffed with traditional wares and gift ideas. You can also enjoy the flavor of local artisans. The local vendor also vends ceramics, woodcrafts, and ornaments.


It is one of the romantic Christmas markets in the city. This city has giant walls covering the streets, making it feel like a Wonderland. This medieval German Christmas market is also home to huge walls.

Stevenroundrock/flickr@all rights reserved.

The holiday spent here is worth it. The old town hall offers a wide variety of collections. You can come across local artisan shops and gift shops. It also has rides for the children.

Moving to the culinary part, this Christmas market is famous for Scheenballs. Another dish you must try is Kasespatzle. These delicious dishes need to be tasted at least once. Don’t miss out!!

Moni/flickr@all rights reserved.

If you are searching for pretty ornaments for your Christmas tree, then Kathe Wolfhart has some. Apart from that, you can also visit the town hall.

Opening date: November 26 – December 23 (2021)


Erfurt Christmas market is located at the cathedral square near the city hall. More than 200 tiny huts with various unique collections can be visited. The fun feeling site makes its visitors love the city.

One of the largest 12 meter Christmas trees is set up with Christmas lights. The Christmas tree is painted with mini ornaments. The city is also filled with choirs, ferries, and Santa Claus, which gives a divine look.

Clex_t/fliclr@all rights reserved

Visiting the Erfurt Christmas market brings fairy tale world reality.

Opening date: 23 November – 22 December(2021)


This is one of the largest markets in Europe. Over 250 stores are lined up to glance.

Other than buying in the city, there are a variety of options. You can enjoy the outdoor dining, children’s magical world, skating, and also enjoy the music.

Stuttgart Christmas market is all about decoration. This Christmas city is famous for its sculpture exhibition.

Nathalie Desiree Monttet/flickr@all rights reserved

If you are in search of a unique gift, handmade craft, then this is the better place

Opening date: November 24 – December 30 (2021)


The Saint Mary’s Chapel is an additional beauty for the backdrop. This market was set up during the 19th century. Around 120 stores are set up.

The Wurzburg Christmas market is home to sweets and chocolates. The delicious gingerbread believes your mouth stuck—each stall of the first variety of delicious food.

YY/Flickr@all rights reserved

What is special in the Wurzburg Christmas market?

You can pay a visit to numerous shops present there. The common items that are sold are – teddy bears, jewelry, gems, pottery, and so on.

The city welcomes you with wood carvings and handmade glasses. The Wurzburg residents are credited UNESCO World Heritage site.

This beautiful palace was built between 1720 and 1744. It is one of the attractive Palace in Europe. The garden outside the palace has a pocket full of snow. Compared to many towns, this is a smaller one.

Opening date: November 26 – December 23 (2021)


The Christmas tree in the market is the true symbol of Frankfurt. Over 200 stalls and 3 billion people pay visits. It is one of the most popular markets across Europe. This Christmas market is one of the beautiful and oldest across Europe. Let’s understand the history of the Frankfurt Christmas market.

Late back in 1393, the Frankfurt Christmas markets were selling essentials. But it was only citizens of Frankfurt who got access to the market. During World war II the market visited several damages. Later in 1970, the market came back with a bang.

Rafael Wagner/flickr@all rights reserved

Since then, it has been a favorite attraction. Try to bring your whole family to this town hall. The earth is filled with a sense of cinnamon and gingerbread.


This market is world-famous. It has a large number of stalls. The Christmas village in Munich is an alpine village. This village has a flavor of music, care, and puppet shows. The available things are budget-friendly.

It is famous for traditional crafts, delightful snacks, and the romantic background of the Neues Rathaus. You will find various stalls around the square. The largest food market is the Rindermarket, home to a magical Christmas pyramid.

Munich Market
By: Heather Cowper/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

To get the magical views, Saint Peter’s Church tower can give the postcard view. The first main market you visit is the Resident Weihnachtsdorf. This small market has a cozy assortment of vendors selling traditional crafts, ornaments, and snacks in the German Christmas market.

The place can get a little crowded, but the atmosphere is more than worth it.

Another medieval Christmas market is Wittelsbacher Plaza. This market is widely known for its theme, especially during December.

One of the famous spots in the Munich Christmas market is Tollwood. This market holds a variety of heated tents and food stalls.

The fairy tale market is the “Marchenbazar” in the old town, a unique Christmas spot in December.

Finally, the last spot is pink Christmas.

If you have not been to the German Christmas market yet, this year is your chance, and you can feel the difference of Christmas eve by visiting this place. Make sure you visit at least once as it has various and unique collections. This is surely worth the visit.

I hope this article was interesting enough.

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