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Halloween Can Still Surprise And Terrify!

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Halloween is a festival that is celebrated almost all over the world. Type “Halloween” on Google and hit the “search” button will enable you to know the exact time and explanation of this day. But have you thought about why we are celebrating this event? Why people wear scary costumes and put on weird, scary make-up? In which country did this culture start? We will try to explain this “scary” day’s global values and quote some related strange habits.

Halloween is revered on the 31st of October, and its origins are strictly linked with Ireland. Halloween is very famous mainly in English-speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, etc. however, recently, the number of actively celebrating countries is increasing.

  • Celtics gave its fundamental spirit to Halloween!

The name is the shorter version of “All-Hallows-Eve,” which means the night before “All Saint Day,” which is celebrated by Western Christians.

The habit of wearing masks that unconditionally belong to this tradition is probably the rest of the Pagan or Celtic tradition. For Celts, the last day of October, called Samhain, meant the end of summer and the beginning of winter, and according to the myths, during this time, the borders between the world of the living and the dead become the thinnest. They also believed that their dead relatives come to them on this day, so they put up candles on the windows to show them the way home.

Celts even wore masks and colored their faces to look like ghosts and not be recognized by the bad ghosts that could come into this world. According to the legend, during Halloween, time stops, and people can contact the people they loved, from the dead.

  • Legends talking about colors, pumpkins, cats, and spiders.

Halloween colors are orange and black: orange symbolizes the harvest; that is the main feature of autumn, and black means death and darkness.

The pumpkins, deeply connected with this tradition, are historically related to Ireland. People would stick candles inside this fruit (yes, pumpkin is a fruit) to protect themselves against evil ghosts and maleficent powers.1179px-WeirdTalesv36n1pg044_Witch_and_Cat

The black cat symbolizes bad luck, and according to the legend, one used it to protect themselves from the evil powers of all witches. In the past years, the catteries during this day refused to give their black cats to people because of the fear of their sacrifice.

Seeing a spider during Halloween symbolizes that a person near you has their eyes set on you. That is very positive!

  • The creatures that belong to Halloween’s world.


Do you know how to recognize a werewolf? It is a man who has hairy limbs, an extraordinarily long middle finger, transforms into a wolf, and goes on a killing spree. Hopefully, these characteristics are scientifically proven!

If you like contemporary American series and movies, then for sure you know what a vampire is. However, you probably do not know that there are several organizations of vampires in the world, and the members of these groups are seriously believed to be the monsters that kill people and drink their blood. But for those who would like to confide in the legends about vampires, in 2009 in the Italian city of Venice, there was found a buried woman who was believed to be a vampire who lived in the 16th century. People believed that she was eating the victims of a plague that prevailed in the city during the same time.

Now, we have explained the history and pointed out the interesting facts about Halloween and its mystic figures. For this year, you’ll have a clear image of this largely commercialized celebration. Will you join it?

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