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The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive

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Wondering who are the sexiest Indian men alive? Two tablespoons of personality, one tablespoon of attitude, and a pinch of humor are all they need to make the perfect recipe. These elegant and good-looking men have conquered many hearts of the ladies. And no wonder, their one killer smile makes it worth to die for.

The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive

Here are the top 10 sexiest Indian Men Alive. Let’s review this list – did we mention who you think as the sexiest man alive?


John Abraham - sexiest indian men alive

Age doesn’t matter if you have eyes peeping through your smile and dimples waving through your face. John has been here in this world for 47 years and I think he was born sexy. He started his career(that is to let us go gaga over his looks and physique) with Jism(2003). It was Dhoom(2004) where we got to know the man has the potential to woo ladies by his X factor. One major factor of him being sexy or the sexiest is, that he is comfortable in his own skin.

I never saw him in highly designed and stylized attire. He has always maintained the simplicity level while having a great muscular body. Being fit and healthy is the sexiest stuff in him. John’s personality is so alluring that even not being in limelight, he has been garnering attention and appreciation. I keep him in the first place among the sexiest Indian men alive because he is the sexiest!


The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive 1

The Time’s most desirable man Rane has been more or less a treat to the eyes. Be it his acting skills or his personality, he can woo anyone, at any point in time. He is one of the sexiest Indian men alive. Though he started his career in 2008, he caught our attention with his debut in Bollywood by a romantic drama Sanam Teri Kasam”(2016).

The character of Inder was loved and appreciated. It would be too quick to judge but I see him as the next-gen JOHN ABRAHAM( Yes I’m obsessed with John). Be it his eight pack abs or his voice, he’s certainly the best. South gave us many actors and in the sexy race, Harshvardhan Rane is one of the early finishers.


The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive 2

King Khan proved that just a good body doesn’t qualify for being sexy. Chivalry and courtesy are dimensions that have yo be mandatory. SRK has everything that a woman wants in a man. His fantastic charisma proves that 6 feet height isn’t at all a requirement for being in this list. His conversations, his smile, his charming presence makes a woman feel utterly beautiful. He is one of the sexiest Indian men alive at the age of 54, one can ever see or find in India.


The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive 3

Who thought that our chocolate boy will one day be a Kabir Singh? Shahid Kapoor is on fire with many quality roles in his account. His acting, his skills, his drastic transformation have made not only women but everyone gasp for breath. The cutie pie has carved his path into one of the sexiest actors and men in India. His style is simply simple and of course the best. The white chikan kurta pajama he wore in Kabir Singh was steamy. (Call me a creep or whatever I had watched that scene on a loop)


The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive 4

“MITRON”, the strength of the voice is enough to make me die for him. Modiji’s 56 inches chest (Do not take it literally!) and his will to make the country the best has made him to the list. The intensity of trust, the Indians have on him is certainly very appealing. With a great sense of humor and a strong opinion make a deadly combo named NaMo


The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive 5

Ever heard sexy in brain, body, and heart. Sidharth is his name. The World’s Best Model 2005, he is the ultimate dream man for millions. He makes women and girls swoon over his inimitable and husky voice. Winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi 7, he is on another rollercoaster ride in the BIGG BOSS 13. God created this action-packed, sexy, smart, and the hottest hunk in town for the women to get a picture of how a perfect yet real man is!


Don’t tell me you got sweaty just by his name. He is the sexiest Indian men alive. The supermodel has a lot and lit to offer. A model, a fitness freak, and with damn hard acting skills[and of course BIPASHA BASU], is envied by many. He has appeared in many TV soaps but the character of ASAD AHMED KHAN in “Qubool Hai” was a bliss to watch. His movies HATE STORY 3 and ALONE ignited every woman’s heart!! ( Feeling jealous of Bipasha with 9k others. LOL)



Tattad tattad boy surely has our heart! Isn’t it? We love to see his energy and madness on screen. He has really worked hard on his makeover and our eyes just slide smooth on his abs. His RAMLEELA look was definitely too hot to handle ( I really felt the heat. Not kidding!). Oh boy! He really is one of the sexiest Indian men alive. We definitely want to see his steamy look more and more!!


The Top 10 Sexiest Indian Men Alive 6

“If you’re bad then I’m your dad”. Rocky Bhai aka Yash is the recent man I found eligible for this list. KGF Chapter 1 is a must-watch for everyone who hasn’t got the feels yet. The man is fully prepared to kill girls with his looks. His hair, his beard, his height, his body, and of course his swag. Even if you see the movie poster you’ll get an idea of what am I talking about! Salaam Rocky Bhai ( OOPS, not my brother)


BhallalDev was a fierce villain and a worthy competitor of BAAHUBALI. To be honest, after watching BAHUBALI: THE BEGINNING, the incentive of watching the next one was Rana. His personality was attractive enough to make hotness reach its peak. And it just proves that SOUTHIES are the real Sexy.

Who else should have made it to the list of the top sexiest Indian men alive? Let us know in the comments section below.

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