Communication with spirits is based on the belief of spiritualism. According to spiritualism, the dead have the ability to speak with the living, and the spiritualists are the ones who can see or help communicate with the spirit world.

The spirits are considered to be more advanced than humans are ethically and morally very strong so they can provide better knowledge of such issues and can help us understand the nature of God. Spiritism is a branch of spiritualism that emphasizes reincarnation. You can call the spirits and seek knowledge from them, but this needs to be systematic as it can be even dangerous if you end up calling a bad spirit. Here’s how you can communicate with them.


Use a Planchette Board to communicate with Spirits

This can be done using an Ouija board or self-designed board. The first thing that you need to work on is to get the right environment. Obviously, one should choose a quite place without any distractions and the operator should have a good mood. Also, remember to clean the board and the place around you to avoid any bad vibes, this ill help you to ensure that you are connected to a good spirit.

Avoiding using your bed room as it may later effect your day-to-day life. Go into this session only if you have some good intentions and clean spirituality, a bad one may effect both you and the victim. Don’t use drugs or any alcohol before or after the session. Before using the board make sure what you need to do and what to avoid. Be polite, stay calm, keep your mind open, and remember to end the session on time.


Use the Rituals of Pentagram:

The history of the pentagram is ancient, both the Agrippa and the Key of Soloman in the 16th century gave the Pentagram as a protective symbol. It is considered to be “the greatest and the most potent of all signs.” It signifies the domination of mind over the elements, and the demons of air, the spirits of fire, the phantoms of water, and the ghosts of Earth are enchained by this sign.

Pentagram Ritual most often mentioned use is for protection. In case of using it for protection, it should regularly be renewed at the change of suntide- at sunrise and sunset, to maintain the effectiveness. Pentagram Ritual also purifies the area in which magical work is to be done.

pentagon ritual

Use of Crystal Ball:

Crystal ball is a sacred tool and should also be treated as one. It should have a name and should be called by that name only, should have a special bag or box and limited handling by other people should also be maintained. It needs proper cleansing before usage and all the negative energy and stress should be allowed to flow completely out of the body and focus should become the central point of thoughts. It may take years of practice, concentration and sessions to successfully use a crystal ball to call spirits, so don’t give up on the way.


Use of a Mirror:

This should be done in a quite and a dark room with no outside interference; this will help in achieving deeper meditative state. Sit beside a large mirror so that your reflection is not visible in the mirror. Now place the candle and the belongings of the spirit you want to connect with around you.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. After you are relaxed enough, look at the mirror, you will find it clouding over. Slowly the clouding takes the form of a human shape, or a voice may speak to you. Accept the spirit who visits you as they may be the messenger of the spirit you called.

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