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How Did You Know He Was the One? 15 Hidden Hints

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How did you know he was the one? We’ve all seen fairy-tale endings where the princess lives her happily ever after with her prince, but the main question we have on our minds is, how did she know he was the one?

We are coming back to our modern-day reality. Finding the perfect prince has never been harder. They say there’s a lot more fish in the sea, that’s also what creates all the confusion. And after having multiple failures of our own and watching our friends and family cry their hearts out over bad breakups, it makes one wonder.

If he wasn’t the one, then who is? Is there even one for me? What signs do I look for? Whenever I see a happily married couple, I want to ask the woman what her secret it.

Not to a long-lasting marriage, but what her secret is to picking the right guy. What I want to ask here is, how did you know he was the one?

But let’s be real here, I can’t just go up to every happy couple I see and question them, now can I? And well, all the rom-coms in the world won’t help me out with what kinds of hints I should look out for.

So, I did a little recon. And to make sure that you stay up all night wondering if he is the one here is – How did you know he was the one? 15 Hidden  hints to look out for:

how did you know he was the one

How Did You Know He Was the One? 15 Hidden Hints To Look Out For

1. You’re constantly checking your phone


One of the best tips I’d gotten when I’d asked someone how did you know he was the one was this.

You know you’re really into a guy when you find yourself constantly checking your phone to see if he called or texted or replied or hey even sent you a meme. These days that’s how most relationships bloom through digital communication.

Picture this. You’ve been waiting for his call or text all day long, and so you give in and decide to focus on work, but then your phone message tone goes off, and your heart skips a beat, doesn’t it?

This one especially applies to those who are in long-distance relationships. That’s how you know he is the one. The heartbreak you face when it’s someone else and not him? That’s also how you know he is the one.

2. You’ve got him on your mind all day long


You think about him all-day every-day. It’s like he has a fixed seat in your brain, and no one can replace it. So, if you’re stuck wondering – how did you know he was the one? Think about who’s on your mind as you read this article. Think of this as a very good sign.

Your close friends and family might even find it a tad bit annoying how often you talk about how. When you’re out with your girlfriends, and you see something, and it makes you wish that you were with him, or you think about how much he would’ve liked it or how you want to visit again with him – that’s how you know that he’s the one.

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3. He’s the reason you get out of bed


Wondering how did you know he was the one? Well, if he’s the one who’s the reason why you’re motivated to get out of bed every morning, then you know that he’s the one.

If you can get up before 10:00 am on a Sunday just because he wants to go to the farmer’s market, then you know that he’s the one when you’re ready to beat the epitome of laziness for him. When you do things that you usually wouldn’t, just because you want to spend the rest of your day with him and eventually go long term.

If your mood is off, but you wake up and get out of bed thinking, if you do this, you’ll be able to see him later. Put a ring on it, ladies!

4. The sacrifices


A movie date, you want to see the latest Nicholas sparks movie, but he wants to see the latest marvel one?

If you’re thinking about how did know he was the one, then remember that both you and him were ready to give up your movies for each other and no one would budge so, in the end, you just went with the latest comedy movie and had a great time.

When you’re ready to give up Pizza because he’s lactose intolerant, and he’s prepared to give up his favorite candy bars because you’re allergic to nuts – that’s how you know that he’s the one for you and you’re the one for him. When you’re both up to make sacrifices for each other.

5. The blushing


How did you know he was the one? When you found yourself turning tomato red at the slightest mention of him.

Whenever he’s around and does something that leaves you flustered, or you get flashbacks of those heated moments or even if somebody around you mentioned him, do you find yourself turning red? Well, you know he’s the one if you blush every time this happens.

6. The family bonds


Your family will ask you this – how did you know he was the one. And you can tell them that it was all thanks to them.

When you take him to your parents’ home for dinner, and you notice that he blends in perfectly well and is adored by all and adores all of them, that’s when you know that he’s the man of your dreams.

And this works for close friends as well. Holding a get-together with close friends and family and introducing him to them is a great way to keep a how did you know he was the one test. It’s also a great idea to make sure they feel comfortable around each other in the future as well.

7. You finish each other’s sentences


If someone ever comes up to you and asks you – how did you know he was the one? This is a fabulous hint to watch out for.

You know he was the one when both of you could finish each other’s sentences even. That’s how close you are. That’s how special your bond is, and that’s how well you know each other. You’re family already

8. A walking-talking dictionary


Find yourself questioning – how did you know he was the one? – The answer is simple.

You know he was the one because he’s a walking and talking dictionary on you and you are one on him. The two of you have spent so much time together and are so attentive to each other, and each other’s needs likes and dislikes that you know every single thing about each other.

From allergies to favorite color to the name of your first childhood pet.

9. You don’t remember what life was like before him


This is another great tip I had once received when I asked a woman – how did you know he was the one.

She asked me to picture my life without him, and I couldn’t. When you don’t remember what life was like before him and can’t imagine what it would be like without him, that’s how you know he was the one.

You’ve grown so fond of him and are so used to him that you cannot remember what your life was like before he happened to you.

He makes you the happiest you’ve ever been and has given you so many cherished memories. He is the one for you.

10. You’re proud to be his


Your man is so amazing, so respectable, handsome, hard-working, funny, smart, and loving that you’re proud to be his.

If you find yourself wondering – how did you know he was the one, then here’s your answer. You know that he was the one for you when you’re proud to be his and proud to have him be yours. What more could a girl ask for?

He has all the qualities that you dreamt your prince would have and so much more, that’s how you know he’s the one for you.

11. The fights


It’s perfectly okay to fight in relationships. But if these fights have you wondering – how did you know he was the one, then just remember this.

All real couples fight. It’s a part of a healthy relationship. As long as the conflicts are healthy, not violent, and end on good terms after the two of you have both been receptive to and given feedback and sorted things out in a productive, peaceful manner, it’s okay to fight a little.

You know it’s real, and you know that he’s the one for you when you have these fights.

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12. The dependency


How did you know he was the one? When you see that both of you are equally independent and codependent on each other. The best balance would be to be 50-50

You must work on things from your end, make efforts and try hard, but you also need to remember that he’ll always have your back, support you, and be there for you no matter what, you must feel safe when you’re with him.

It’s equally important to be both independent and reliable in every relationship.

This also includes the amount of effort the two of you put into both the relationship and working on yourselves as individuals.

13. You share the same dreams


When you both share the same dreams, a happy, loving, and long future.

Kids, grandkids, a big family – when you talk about these dreams for the future. Dreams full of love and lots of success coming your way that’s how you know he was the one.

This includes things like where your marriage will be to where you’ll settle down.

Your retirement plans even. Everything must be desired by both parties equally and talked about too.

If someone ever asks you years from now – How did you know he was the one, you can tell them that it was because the two of you shared the same dreams.

And do not let these dreams of you together affecting the goals you have for yourself as an individual. You must always encourage and support each other. Be his biggest fan and he’ll be yours.

14. Comfort


How did you know he was the one? When he feels like home to you, and you feel like home to him.

You are at the epitome of comfort with each other. You feel like you can do anything around him, look like you haven’t showered in days, and he still won’t care because he loves you endlessly.

And he must be that comfortable with you too. Couples who burp together, stay together.

It sounds odd, but it’s true. Find someone who’s like home. Who you look forward to going to after a long day of work.

His arms are the most comfortable place on the planet. He is the one for you, and you can’t wait to go home to his arms every night after a long day for the rest of your life.

15. You’ve set your priorities straight


How did you know he was the one even with how busy your life is? Simple. Sit down together.

Talk about your hopes and dreams and goals together as well as individuals. Make sacrifices. Make cuts here and there. Relationship experts recommend doing this before tying the knot.

There are things that he’ll have to give up, and there are things that you’ll have to give up. But you must set your priorities straight.

Till 21 It’s college, then till you’ve both settled into your jobs it must be work then it’s each other, and then it’s the family that you’ll start together.

Respect each other’s decisions and respect each other’s priorities, that’s how one day, eventually, you’ll become his priority. It’s all about the baby steps that we must take.

how did you know he was the one 3

I hope the next time you find yourself wondering – How did you know he was the one or if you are wondering the same right now, these hints to look out for has made it easier for you to make that decision. It must be somebody who you have an amazing time traveling the world with but also somebody you can enjoy going to the grocery store with.

And if you do ever come across somebody who’s having a tough time and comes up to you and asks you – How did you know he was the one, then do share these hints with them as well.

If you have any more hints that we must look out for if we’re wondering – How did you know he was the one, or if you have any views or comments do share them with us, we’d love to hear what you have to say as well!

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