Getting a wrestling scholarship is a huge challenge. But how hard is it really? Throughout this essay, we’re going to look how hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship and why it’s so difficult. From scholarships themselves being harder to get in some sports. To the strict requirements you have to meet as an athlete to even be considered.

Let’s get started.

1.The Rarity of Full-Ride Scholarships

Unlike other sports where full-ride scholarships are common, wrestling operates under different rules. In this sport coaches are given one pool of money that they can give out how they see fit amongst recruits and returning teammates.

As a result, full-ride scholarships are extremely rare in wrestling. Instead, coaches spread out partial scholarships across multiple athletes which makes the competition for funding much more intense.

how hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship
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2. Scholarship Limits Across Divisions

Knowing how many scholarships each NCAA division has provides insight into how tough getting a wrestling scholarship really is.

NCAA Division 1 holds 78 teams with a total of 2,461 athletes and each team only gets 9.9 scholarships! With Division 2 having 64 teams with only 1,929 athletes and giving out just 9 scholarships per team.

On the other hand Division 3 has no athletic scholarships but does provide academic aid along with need-based aid and merit-based scholarships

NAIA gives out 61 teams with all teams getting 8 total scholarships while NJCAA gives all of their teams (62) a whopping twenty!

With these numbers it becomes clear that there’s way more aspiring wrestlers than there is room for in college programs.

3. Competitive Landscape

The recruitment landscape for wrestling is very competitive too! You have thousands of athletes competing for limited spots on teams because not everyone can make it on the team like any other sport.

But what do wrestlers need to do to stand out? The answer is everything! Wrestlers must set them self apart athletically and academically to get looked at by recruiters.

You must reach the national levels in your state, demonstrate technical proficiency and maintain a good GPA. All of which is essential for your recruitment profile.

The competition just doesn’t stop, even with these achievements you still need to be proactive about engaging with coaches to increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

how hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship
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4. Navigating the Recruitment Process

Getting a wrestling scholarship is hard but it’s not impossible. But before going through the process wrestlers must have a plan in place. That plan includes research on each division level and understanding the unique opportunities that come with each one.

While NCAA Division 1 and 2 programs do offer athletic scholarships, Division 3 institutions don’t give out athletic scholarships at all! They provide academic aid, need-based aid along with merit-based scholarships instead.

If wrestling athletes want more competitive scholarship opportunities then they should look into NJCAA and NAIA programs since both offer them but keep in mind that eligibility criteria does apply.

Coaches also factor in how an athlete performs academically too. So keeping high grades is crucial if you want any shot of being recruited but always check what each program’s minimum requirements are as well!

5. Challenges of Full-Ride Scholarships

While the appeal of a full-ride wrestling scholarship is undeniable, they’re hard to come by.

The truth is, such scholarships are rare and highly competitive. Coaches have to stick to strict scholarship limits imposed by governing bodies. Which means that they have to strategically allocate scholarship money across their team roster.

In Division 1, coaches have a max of 9.9 scholarships per team and in Division 2 it’s 9 scholarships. Because of this, coaches often like to divide that money among multiple athletes rather than one full ride.

At the NJCAA level, coaches get 20 scholarships per team which creates more opportunities for an athlete to get a full-ride scholarship.

5.1 Eligibility Requirements

Meeting the eligibility requirements for collegiate wrestling is another obstacle for aspiring athletes. Athletes have to sign up with the NCAA Eligibility Center, submit transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and maintain amateur status to be considered for recruitment and scholarships.

how hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship
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NCAA Division 1 and 2 athletes must pass 16 core courses throughout high school, maintain a minimum GPA, and adhere to the NCAA Sliding Scale to ensure eligibility. These stringent requirements highlight just how important academic excellence is in conjunction with athletic achievement in the recruitment process.

5.2 Best Colleges for Wrestling Scholarships

Identifying the best colleges for wrestling scholarships requires careful consideration of program competitiveness, coaching staff, and academic offerings. In NCAA Division 1, renowned programs such as North Carolina, Stanford, University of Michigan, and Ohio State attract top-tier talent and offer competitive scholarship opportunities.

Similarly, Division 2 institutions like Colorado School of Mines and University of Nebraska at Kearney provide excellent wrestling programs and scholarship prospects. Division 3 schools such as John Hopkins University and Washington & Lee University leverage academic scholarships and grants to create competitive scholarship packages for student-athletes.

6 Frequently Asked Questions

6.1 What are my chances of receiving a full-ride wrestling scholarship?

Full-ride wrestling scholarships are rare because of equivalency sports. Coaches typically split funds among multiple athletes resulting in more partial scholarships than full ones.

6.2 How many wrestling scholarships does each NCAA division offer?

NCAA Division 1 offers 9.9 scholarships per team while Division 2 provides nine; Division 3 doesn’t grant athletic scholarships at all NAIA offers eight per team while NJCAA leaves room for a whopping twenty.

6.3 Do academic accomplishments count?

Yes they do! Coaches prioritize student-athletes who excel both academically and athletically.

6.4 What are the eligibility requirements to receive a collegiate level scholarship?

Athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, submit transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and maintain amateur status. Athletes also have to meet academic requirements and pass the NCAA Sliding Scale.

how hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship
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6.5 How competitive is it for wrestling scholarships?

The landscape is highly competitive, with thousands of athletes vying for limited scholarship opportunities. Athletes must distinguish themselves through achievements, technical proficiency, and proactive engagement with coaches.

6.6 Do division 3 schools offer wrestling scholarships?

No they do not! Instead they provide scholarship packages comprising academic aid, need-based aid, and merit-based scholarships.

6.7 Do NAIA wrestling programs also offer scholarships?

Yes they do! But there are differences in scholarship limits compared to NCAA Division 1’s 9.9 limit; NAIA provides eight instead but top performers can expect a full-ride that covers at least 75% of their tuition.

how hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship
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Closing Thoughts

Securing a wrestling scholarship is no easy feat as it demands perseverance, dedication, and strategic planning. From understanding the dynamics of equivalency sports to navigating the recruitment process and meeting eligibility requirements aspiring wrestlers have to conquer numerous obstacles on their journey to collegiate success.

But while it may be tough the rewards of earning a scholarship and competing at the collegiate level are unparalleled underscoring how important being resilient while pursuing athletic dreams truly is.




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