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Recruitment Process – Promise Yourself a Software Job After Engineering!

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Brunda Rajesh
Brunda Rajesh is an avid blogger and a prolific writer who believes in following her dreams . She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too. Catch her work on her blog space.

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An Engineering degree and a Software job go hand in hand with today’s generation. Creating a software program involves engineering principles. Software engineering, known as the job with the highest salaries, is currently one of the most sought degrees amongst students due to the growing advancement in technology.

The IT sectors have gained a stronger grip on India’s economy today. The Tech parks with more than 20 companies are an exuberant place for viewing the latest luxuries, fashion trends and sophistication. The recruitment process is also exceptional.

But how to land yourself in such a job with such high competition?

The Reality Check Of an Engineering Degree

No matter which stream you choose in your engineering college, you are likely to end up with a software job, except if you are in the 10% group of students who get jobs in government sectors with the core companies.

Recruitment Process For a Software Job

1.Aptitude Or Non-Verbal Reasoning!

Do you remember your basics, the ones with profit, loss and simultaneous equations? Are you good with basic mathematics? A bit of qualitative and quantitative analysis is always the strongest job

The aptitude screening is the first round of the recruitment process, and hence you need to be vigilant enough to get through with it. With general preparation, one can easily crack the first round if they prepare well; it’s not rocket science but common sense!

For references, go to the website

The GK Ranganath book is always preferred for interview preparations.

2.Group Discussion

It depends on the respective companies to decide the application of this round. As the name suggests, group discussion is a discussion that takes place in a group on a specific topic that the company decides upon.

Engineering Degree

Skills required:

Group discussions are focused on analysing your confidence and understanding the validity of your points.

It also gives the recruiters a preview of your attitude right at the beginning of the recruitment process.

You need to have a little bit of knowledge, and everything else depends on how you weave your answers with everybody’s perspective.

Remember, you must not force your points upon others; instead, you discuss it. So don’t be a shark and deprive others of food, neither be too silent because that will make you look too naive.

3.Technical Round

After the first two screenings, you have a face-to-face interview with your recruiters. Irrespective of their mood, it is your preparation that matters.

recruitment process

Your Resume

This plays a prominent role in getting your dream job; hence be well updated with what you have mentioned in your resume. Don’t just have copies of others’ resumes and amend them according to your name and scores. You can use a free resume builder to create a stunning resume and stand out from the crowd.

Most of the questions will revolve around every sentence that you have mentioned in your resume. If you are from a computer science stream, questions will be converged to programming and other basic languages.

If you are from any other stream, you are required to at least have a basic knowledge of computer languages such as C and C++ and be prepared with any two subjects of your choice. Probabilities are that they tend to question you from your preference, but you need to know the subject well.

HR Round

If you have reached this round, then the chances of landing the job are very high probability. However, there are exceptions. They will be more friendly in this round and look out for your confidence, how you adjust with people, how well you can play as a team player, and how deserving you are to be a team leader. They look out for your approach towards life and your spontaneity.

My advice is to just be yourself and don’t be stressed and nervous. Don’t be desperate for a job, aspire for a job with a smile.

One last piece of important advice: Grades don’t matter much. If you can pass the required minimum percentage of 60% in your engineering college and 70% in your PU, then it’s easy. Do not worry for people who do not satisfy the criteria; many software companies go easy on the marks!

About the author

Brunda Rajesh is an avid blogger and a prolific writer who believes in following her dreams .
She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too.
Catch her work on her blog space.

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