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How To Kill Your Dreams

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Hey there this is Harshit, I am an Engineer by profession, writer by heart, dreamer by thoughts and philanthropist by nature.

We all wanted to be astronauts when we were younger as the stars would always amaze us; I don’t know what happened to those beautiful dreams now that we have grown up.

It feels like these days; all the astronauts work for IT companies; it’s like an airplane that suddenly lost its cabin pressure when flying at a high altitude; we all ran towards fail-safe thinking that we will survive. Still, midst the confusion, few people let it go since they didn’t fear failure. So they developed wings and are flying so high in the canvas of their dreams as they had come true. SO TRUE

Children with different dreams
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Crabbe said, “Dreams are like portraits, and we find they please because they are confessed resemblances,” for dreams are unique. They hold such a momentous significance in our lives because they represent our deepest thoughts and deepest fears. We can lie as much as we want, but as soon as we sleep, a dream state takes over us, and we lose control of our inner self, the inner self to whom we can’t lie and escape from. Some people sleep so little because they fear that their deeds have left them incapable of looking in the eyes of their own true self.


The power of the Dream is so mighty that we can’t even comprehend it; let me tell you a fact: If we humans were not capable of dreaming, we would all have been dead a long time ago. It is said for the dreams that “Regard not dreams since they are but the images of our hopes and fears,” and if the cavemen didn’t dream of finding a utopia, we would definitely not have survived. The benefits of what those cavemen dreamt of are still being reaped by the entire humankind.

Dream quote
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The majesty of dreams is so grand that it caused the revolution and ignited our minds. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a very famous speech which had a part that said:

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Not only his speech became a momentous success, it still guides us to this day about the immortal essence of freedom and equality. It was his DREAM that changed people’s views; it was his DREAM that caused a revolution. Dreaming is crucial for success.

Martin Luther King Jr.
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Until now, we saw how beautiful the majesty of the dream is; but now we will see that as to how we kill our dreams each day. We kill our dreams by listening to others, we kill our dreams by thinking what other people would say about us if we pursued them, we kill our dream thinking it would be a huge risk, and we kill our dreams because WE CAN.

We are our biggest enemies, and to make our dream come true, we have to win ourselves first, for if you don’t follow up on your dreams, then what’s the purpose of your existence. To simply put, it is as simple as this: If you are not making your dream come true, you are helping someone else make their dream come true.

It seems like a daunting thought, but think for a moment. Just think about where your life is going.
Leave whatever you are doing. STOP READING
If you really followed what I said, then by now you know the answer, many of you would argue that it’s very easy to write about it and it’s not practical as life gives you various circumstances. Tell you what, that’s just your insecurity talking as for the people who want to follow their dream have just got their lesson.

If you think it’s a big leap of faith and everything could go wrong, then I would say: GO, TAKE THAT LEAP and soon you will find yourself flying, flying so high in the canvas of your dreams that people would wonder and say, “look at that crazy person who left his high paying job and magnificent car for the love of his dream” but tell you what, that’s just their insecurity talking.


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