Is India Truly A Democratic Republic?

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 1

Jan 26th, celebrated as Indian Republic Day. Many people aren’t even aware what a republic nation means. India might be a democratic republic (in papers) but in reality, it isn’t. Then why will the rape juvenile convict be left free. And get awarded for rape?

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 2People don’t ask your name, they ask your surname, your caste, your sub-caste and all those hierarchies. Isn’t the person human enough for you?

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 3Religions are just people with different beliefs which reach the same conclusion, why make a ‘daily-soup’ out of it? Build a mandir, masjid or church, I say build all in one. We have all originated from some massive energy and people believe it’s god. God is one.

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 4
You allow physical harassment of women, and useless reality shows (which are never real), child marriage, and the serials consume minds like a parasite.
Stereotypes, feminism, masculinity, homosexuality, transgender, these are alien terms here. Let’s just keep mum.

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 5
Economically India is progressing, it’s GDP and rate, but unless we get freedom from these, we are still a victim of nondemocratic and non republic country.

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 6
I’m not anti-Indian, if that’s what you deduce from the context. Everyone is allowed to give there opinions, haina? So was Amir Khan, and his wife! Do any of you know that an Indian scientist Abhas Mitra’s findings about black hole made Hawking’s theories wrong. Hawking himself said that black holes in real sense, do not exist! And how big this news is yet was it shown? Was the chennai flood given the attention it required?

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 7Isn’t it shockingly surprising that yes this happens. You will find many such cases. News channels, well, without drama and daily soup, I don’t know if  they will survive or not. All hail newspapers.

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 8
Growing modernisation yet the mindset of people is getting narrower. Girl’s dressing sense is questioned, and not the intentions of man. While our Prime Minister is wandering to far off lands, to make exposure of India, people don’t come out of their house, afraid of the risks they might face. While we get dressed for the celebration of Republic Day, do performances and decorations, there are hundreds of children clothless, just having Indian flag to hold in hands. 

Is India Truly A Democratic Republic? 9

India is made of people. And one of them is you. You are a part (a tiny fractional part though) of India, that can and should be the wind that blows in the right direction. Your tiny efforts may turn out to something huge (the butterfly effect).
So, are you the one? On this republic day, do you pledge to be the change, that spark that will ignite others in doing good. Let’s just not celebrate this as an achievement or entertainment, but as a responsibility that we have towards our nation.

Jai Hind.


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