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3 Interesting Ways To Memorize Your Notes

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School life is the best phase of a human being’s life. School students might not agree with it, but they realise it, once they are grown up adults. Every child misses those blissful moments of his or her school life, once he or she becomes a mature person. At that moment we just feel that in school we had the only thing to worry about, and that were our examinations and notes. Most of the school students, find their notes dull and hard to study. They feel sleepy while going through their notes. They find certain terms too complicated to be learnt. But these horrifying notes can be easily made interesting for the students.


Here are a few ways to make your notes interesting to be studied:

  • Whenever you listen to your favourite music, you immediately learn the lyrics of the entire song without having full concentration. But when you do the same with your school notes, you quit at once. There are few terms or sentences in a subject that are too tough to be memorised. But you have only one option of learning those sentences by heart to prepare for the examinations. In such a case, you can create the notes into a musical note. If you tune out your notes, you will find your notes easier to be memorised, and it is one of the most thrilling and engaging ways to study.
  • The second method to use graphics and illustrations to create a visual sequence of your notes. It often happens that when we watch a movie we have a clear picture of that movie even after it ends. The same way your notes can be interesting too if you add visuals to your notes. You can draw flowcharts, images, pie charts, etc., to connect all your notes and make them appear fascinating to be studied.               images (1)
  • Last, but not the least, is to play reward game while studying. For example, if you are studying History, you can prepare a set of questions related to a particular topic of your notes and then reward your self if you can answer all the questions correctly like chocolate, or anything that will increase your enthusiasm to study.


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