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Oakland California: an Easy & Complete Guide

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Oakland is a city on the east side of San Francisco Bay in California. It is one of the largest cities in Alameda County, which is in California, United States of America. Oakland California, is the center of the African Americans community in California.

Oakland, California, is considered one of the most progressive cities on the east side of San Francisco. It even supports the LGBTQ community people and is also a Home for these people. The Oakland California, covers 201.7 km square miles.

Oakland California

Oakland, California, has southern California and northern California, and both are amazing places enriched with beauty. It has the most amazing bay area known as the San Francisco bay. In the east bay, parklands, open spaces, a University called as the University of California, mills college, which is also a great center for education, and even great weather, which is why it is considered as one of the most beautiful urban areas in the nation and the best place to visit for the travel.

The northern and southern parts of California are famous, but there are other places such as Bay bridge, San Jose, Los Angeles, which is located a few miles away from Oakland, California, and is one of the best places to visit for tourists and travelers. There are varieties of places to see when one visits Oakland California museums, Oakland zoo, and the other extremely beautiful places as well.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Oakland, California

Oakland California

1. The Oakland Museum of California

Oakland California

This museum is an amusement to the people who are traveling to Oakland California. It is known as OMCA and is an interdisciplinary museum dedicated to California’s art, history, and natural science.

The museum contains more than two million objects which are dedicated to telling the extraordinary story and amazing view of Oakland California. The museum holds a notable collection of paintings and decorative objects which is associated with the craftsman movement. It includes an extensive collection of drawings, furniture, décor, and many beautiful and unique things.

The museum in Oakland, California, is a biodiversity hotspot consisting of many arts, specimens, and a great collection of reptiles and amphibians, fishes, terrestrial and marine invertebrates. The museum is an excellent example of mid-century modernism and integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, which makes it the most visitable place in Oakland California.

2. The Paramount Theatre

Oakland California

Paramount Theatre in Oakland California, is an art décor concert hall which is located at Broadway in Downtown Oakland. It is one of the largest multi-purpose theatres on the west coast and is home to Oakland people and the travelers who visit this beautiful place in Oakland California.

The Paramount Theatre has various artforms that contain Oakland Symphony and Oakland Ballet. This theatre is also a host for R&B, jazz, blues, pop, rock, gospel, and classical music as well. It hosts the plays, stand-up comedy, and screenings of movies from a classic Hollywood era, and that is why the theatre is famous for its artistic and magnificent creation on stage.

This theatre was a beautiful architectural creation designed by renowned San Francisco architect Timothy L. Pflueger. It integrated the work of various artists and various artistic disciplines, which was combined in a harmonious whole.

The Paramount Theatre is presently upgraded to fully modern and technical standards. It serves all the arts and has a year-round schedule of events in it by various artists and popular music and records by conducting multiple shows being performed on the stage. This theatre has become a registered historic landmark in Oakland California.

3. Lake Merritt

Oakland California

The large tidal lagoon, which is in Oakland California, is the most amazing place to visit. Parkland city neighborhoods merely surround it. It is considered as New York’s first refuge and has been listed as a National Historic landmark in Oakland California.

Many exciting features make the lake the most magnificent place for travelers. It has grassy shores and many artificial islands that are intended to be bird refuges. There is a boating center where sailboats, canoes can be rented for the sail across the island, and classes can also be done.

The most amusing feature present in Lake Merritt is that it has a fairytale themed park specially created for children’s entertainment and is also considered great excitement for everyone. People and tourists who visit this lake can see that it has both walking and jogging paths to take advantage of it and urge to revisit the lake place.

Lake Merritt has a great green space at a snow park where people can have amusement and fun. It contains lakeside gardens and even tennis courts. The lake is famous as it has every sense of enjoyment and amazing amusement, which is needed by the people, and that is why it is considered as ‘ Jewel of Oakland, ’ which adds the value to Oakland in every manner.

4. Jack London Square

 Oakland California

This place is known for both entertainment and business destination on the wavefront of Oakland California. The name Jack London Square is taken from the author Jack London, and the Port of Oakland owns the place. It is the home for stores, hotels, an Amtrak station, San Francisco Bay Ferry dock, the historic Hein old’s First and Last chance saloon, the cabin where Jack London lived in the Klondike, and even a movie theatre.

Jack London is famous for the farmer market, which is hosted in the retail shops on every Sunday morning. Jack London Square is located at the south end of Broadway, which is across the Oakland Estuary from Alameda.

This place has also been upgraded since the time when it was constructed, and the changes are magnificent and make the place even more attractive in Oakland California. The new design changes which are introduced in Jack London Square are adding up to the daytime and nighttime population. The new designs support a variety of programs and events which are held in Jack London Square.

Jack London Square is not only the best place for entertainment and business but is also famous for varieties of food, which is served for the people in Oakland and even to the travelers who visit Oakland California.

Food Fests are being organized for the people, so that, they can get to taste the authentic food style and varieties of food, which makes the place even better. Jack London Square is a perfect spot for every person who wants to hang out and gives travelers an extraordinary experience.

5. Redwood Regional Park

Oakland California

The Oakland California has the best regional park, which is extremely famous for the travelers and tourists’ visit. Oakland Hills has a fog river which flows through the golden gate across the hills during the hot summer days. When the river’s flow is seen through the Oakland hills, it produces a lush strip of redwood, which is in contrast with the brown hills, and makes it looks like a Santa Cruz Mountains transplanted and transformed into an easy Bay.

Most of the East Bay Redwoods are in Redwood Regional Park, and the redwood in all three properties have been completely logged. And second-growth redwoods are the ones that remain today but are very small. Yet the beauty of this regional park is eternal in its essence for everyone who pays a visit to it.

Redwood Regional Park is quite famous and popular as it has beautiful hills with hikers, joggers, and even mountain bikers. There are various trails where bikers and joggers form the group and set up their trials on the hills. There are neat stick shelters that are built from the fallen branches.  The most famous trails present in the Redwood Regional Park are the French trail, Stream trail, and the Tre’s Trail.

This Park is magnificent and is a great view for travelers around the world. Trees are covered over the park, and the hills seem to be very a pie to the eye. Oakland California is most famous and is also renowned for this beautiful regional Redwood Park.

6. Morcom Rose Garden

Oakland California

This beautiful place, which is Oakland California, is the center of attraction for many visitors who are fascinated by this garden’s beauty. It is located near the Piedmont Border and was mainly constructed as a project of work in progress Administration. This garden stands by its name and consists of a wide variety of roses that are from different parts of the world.

The garden is also available for weddings, and it can sum up many people in it. Beautiful weddings are performed inside the garden, and it has a central pool in an oval garden. There is also a tiered waterfall and a pavilion, which makes the garden more beautiful and a beautiful place to visit in Oakland, California.

This garden is seen as an open space for many people where not only people can visit and experience the view of beautiful and different variety of roses, but it is a center for weddings and events which can take place in the garden, and that is why it is known as open space.

There are two walks that are famous in the Morcom Rose Garden, and they are Pioneer Walk and Mother’s Walk, which are between the reflecting pool and the Florentine oval. There are many roses that are planted on the Pioneer Walk along the chain around the top of the overlook.

There are many roses that are planted on the walk side of Mother’s Walk, and in this way, there has always been a more amazing view of this garden, which makes it a great place to visit in Oakland California.

7. Chabot Space and Science Center

Oakland California

This place is a part of Oakland California and is famous all over the world for its interactive features, which makes it a perfect place to visit during holidays. It is a center for science learning and featuring activities and even has a planetarium that is inside the center. There is a theatre which has a large screen so that the visitors can enjoy it.

The Science Center has in total of three telescopes, which are powerful and hands-on activities where people can try on different things practically and see many activities and science fiction with hands-on experience.

Chabot Space and Science Center has held many education programs where science fiction is being demonstrated to the school students. It even gives the astronomical knowledge to many students, so that, they can gain knowledge and learn about many astronomical features of science fiction.

This center offers volunteer and educational opportunities to the local teenagers and makes them gain knowledge about science and technology. Science Fiction, technology, and astronomical features make the center a great place for visiting tourists and travelers.

Best Food and Restaurants in Oakland California

Oakland California

1. Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse

Galeto is all about Brazilian food, which is extremely famous in Oakland California. The food in this restaurant represents the rich culture and traditions in Brazil. This is a culinary voyage to Brazil as this the first Brazilian Steakhouse in Oakland California.

The food in this restaurant is authentic. It has a traditional cooking style of Brazil and the Brazilian churrasco, which features fire-roasted rotisserie, thereby meaning meats are cooked over hot stone coals.

At Galeto, there is a fine blending of innovation and tradition and overwhelms the people with its great cooking style and even the hospitality, which is given to the tourists, so that, they can remember it forever. The immersion of great management of hospitality, tradition, and innovation makes this place more valued, not only for its food and cooking style but, even with the great service offered to the people who visit the restaurant in Oakland California.

2. Shakewell Restaurant

This is a Mediterranean restaurant which is in Oakland California. People usually visit this restaurant for its great food and cuisine. The meat items cooked here are extremely tasty, and that is why it is a great restaurant in all terms.

Great hospitality and atmosphere are available in this restaurant, and many people usually state this restaurant as a place of a great neighborhood and it is even qualified as one of the best restaurants to visit in Oakland California.

The menu consists of all the authentic food cuisines such as Spanish, Turkey, and North African, which attracts its people for the taste of varieties of food from all parts of the world. Anyone who wishes to visit the place can definitely visit this restaurant, which is perfect for food and dining.

3. Homeroom Restaurant

Homeroom is a great place for all types of food and services which is given to the people who visit to taste the great food and hospitality. This place serves the best variety of salads, Mac and Cheese. They offer catering services for the conduction of events and family parties. It gives the home delivery service to people who wish to taste the food but are far from.

Homeroom is quite famous for healthy food and cooking style where people can own up to their diet and still taste the authentic food given by this restaurant. Varieties of food style and great ambiance that is given by the restaurant have gained wide popularity among the people in Oakland California.

4. Daughter Thai Kitchen

This restaurant is the most popular in Oakland California, for its variety of food and authenticity. The restaurant is infamous for Thai food and cuisines, which has exquisite taste and flavor. Thai restaurant gives a warm atmosphere to the people and is a lively place to visit, combining lovely colors.

Spice is the main taste for the food served over here, and fresh ingredients are part of the cooking style. Southern Thai Cuisine is presented for the people, and the recipes that are made, are passed on from generation to generation, by maintaining its unique style. The people who visit this place say that it has great hospitality, and food is the best among the rest.

5. Souley Vegan

Vegan food is the most important part of restaurants, as many people are vegan and choose to eat in specific vegan restaurants with great and finest taste of food. This restaurant in Oakland California, is most famous as it serves the best vegan food around California and people love their cooking style and authentic taste of cuisines.

Vegan food also has food varieties, and many people love the taste of vegan food. This restaurant serves the best vegan all around the bay and is known for its bold atmosphere and flavors in the vegan industry. This restaurant has a great ambiance with live music held for people who visit so they can enjoy their food and listen to soulful music.

Where to Stay in Oakland?

Oakland California

There are many hotels that give the best ambiance and hospitality to the people who pay a visit to Oakland California. These hotels are affordable and make the stay worth to its tourist and travelers in Oakland California.

1. Holiday Inn Express and Suites

This hotel is extremely famous for its stay in Oakland California. This is located across from Oakland international airport and way across the oracle arena. People who land up at Oakland California airport can seek their way to this exotic hotel.

There are many amenities which are given by this hotel which makes the people more comfortable to stay in this hotel. They have the best food and dining, and the rooms are air-conditioned, and internet connectivity is at high speed, and people can travel to see other places that are not so far away from this hotel.

2. Oakland Airport Executive Hotel

This exotic hotel is located near the Oakland zoo and is near to the Oakland international airport. This hotel is a premium destination for people who visit Oakland California. This hotel is amazing in its own ways by giving all the amenities to people who wish to have a comfortable stay in this hotel.

Various places and amazing views are a sight catcher from this hotel, and that is why many people prefer to stay in this hotel as it has a great atmosphere and makes the stay an amazing one to the people who visit Oakland, California.

3. Dream Catcher Hotel

This hotel is in West Oakland, California, and is quite famous for its stay for the people and the tourists and travelers who visit this beautiful hotel. This hotel takes complete safety measures, and hygiene has been an important part of this hotel.

As famous as its name suggests, this hotel is the best for the ambiance and stay. For people who travel to Oakland California, and want to experience a great stay and view of top destinations, then this hotel is the best option to choose for the people who visit Oakland, California.

4. Waterfront Hotel

If one wants to visit Oakland California and wants to experience the best sights and front views of the amazing hotel, then, this hotel is the best option to choose. It is a perfect choice not only for a comfortable and luxurious stay but even for a great ambiance, an amazing atmosphere. Get the best views of the hotel and take advantage of all the other things inside out.

This hotel is adjacent to Jack London Square and to many other restaurants and cafes. People who wish to stay for a longer time in Oakland California can have the option to choose this hotel over all the other ones.

Summing Up!

This article is focused on those people who wish to visit this beautiful and amazing place in Oakland California. This article states the mainframe places and beautiful parts to visit in Oakland California, and take an amazing view of them.

Varieties of restaurants and dining which provide the best food across this place and even a greater ambiance for the people who wish to taste the best cuisine around the world have been listed. Also, the beautiful hotels that can make the stay more comfortable yet relaxing and could be a perfect getaway with the loved ones in Oakland California have been listed too. Wait no more and pay a visit!

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