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A promising start to a prosperous new year has now been blemished by the recent attack on the Pathankot air base by terrorists in the early hours on Saturday. These terrorist attacks have often been the roadblocks for the central government in bridging indisposed relations with Pakistan.

The eye popping incident of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s last week visit to Pakistan on Christmas had kept the nation on its feet, as it showed signs of negotiating peace to the decades  long conflict between the two nations. Many fear that this incident might even worsen the dispute between the nations because Pathankot, one of the lately formed districts in Punjab is located at about 30 km from the Pakistan border. There has been serious discussion on whether that the terrorists might have infiltrated through the India-Pakistan border or from the local Jihadi groups harbored in India.

The Indian Air Force(IAF) owned air base houses the MiG-21 fighter planes and the Mi-25 attack helicopters. Through Intelligence reports, India had already received reports that some of its air bases were on target by the Jihad network and were soon put on high alert. Sources say that the terrorists were planning to use the supersonic jet fighter air-crafts and the large helicopter gunships to carry out assaults on India similar to the 9/11 tragedy at the United States, 14 years ago. India was able to thwart this brutal siege by the terrorists, thanks to the succour by the security personnel at the air base, who martyred to save their fellow citizens from the wrath of terrorism. Among those who were martyred, was a Commonwealth Gold medalist shooter, Subedar Fateh Singh. He was an excellent shooter who won medals at the Commonwealth games in 1990 and later joined the Defence Corps after retiring from the Indian Army. Around seven security personnel including Mr.Singh have lost their lives so far, neutralizing all the five terrorists who stormed at the air base.  It has been found that the terrorists are suspected to be members of the Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammed militant group. After this attack, many places in India have been put on high alert as there have been bomb scares at the Lucknow shatabdi express and at the Delhi railway station as well.

The day after the fruitful welcoming of the new year, has now been turned into jeopardy by these terrorists. If India soon finds out that these terrorists had infiltrated the country through the Pakistan border then it would turn out be a deepening crack in moulding ties with the country. India won’t tolerate Pakistan’s stance for supporting terrorism as it has often stabbed India at its back in the Kashmir issue as well. India has so far been passive in these affairs and if Pakistan still continues to kindle its relations with us, India won’t mind taking the whip hand in sustaining peace by ending the dispute, the harder way.

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The External affairs minister has now started talks with the National Security Advisor regarding the stance on Pakistan, in what appears to be another eventful year in the reckoning.



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