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Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men

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Men will be men;  we often hear this phrase, don’t we? Here is a list of 10 things that prove that the phrase is accurate indeed. How often have we heard men complaining about how complicated creatures we women are and how difficult it is to understand us. That being said, even we do not lag behind in addressing our grievances when it comes to our male counterparts because no matter what, they never change at the end of the day. Here’s why:

10 Points to Prove that Men will be Men

1. Obsession with Gadgets, Gizmos, and anything that spells ‘technology’

From the new video game to the new smartphone in the market, every intricate detail is at the tip of their nails when it comes to the miracles of technology. Though sometimes it is helpful to take suggestions, the obsession can often get downright annoying. Clash of Clans? Yep, you get the gist.

2. Sex

A survey performed by the Times of India revealed that the most discussed topic among men is sex and everything related to sex. They like to talk about it as much as women like to talk about shopping. Men, don’t even try to deny it.Men will be men

3. Sports

This is the second most discussed topic among men. Men can go to war with each other when it comes to supporting their favourite football clubs. Every other obligation can go to hell if their team is playing. Ladies, don’t even think of complaining.Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 1

4. The big evil male ego

Oh yeah, this is something that even the most amazing boyfriend would fail to deny. It was there, it is there, and it will always be there. And it is a very, VERY, VERY sensitive issue. Hurting a man’s ego? Bad idea.Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 2

5. Curiosity about the hot new girl irrespective of their relationship status

Single? Well, that does not need much explanation. Taken? Even if a man is hopelessly in love with a girl, curiosity would always get the better of him. It could be a single friend always mentioning how hot the new girl is. But, that doesn’t mean that he is not loyal. At least not always.Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 3

6. The constant denial of the inner softie/romantic when with “bros”

Acceptance is a need of every human being. A man, no matter how much he loves sappy, mushy romantic movies or how much he cried when he watched Finding Nemo and Toy Story, would never accept being a softie when he is with his friends. The same is the case with showing his romantic side in front of his buddies.

A man might be unbelievably romantic when he is with the woman he loves but would have some qualms about accepting that side of him when with friends. That’s just how they roll. Besides, men do not gossip about their love life as much as women do.Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 4

7. One shirt-One week policy

Many might deny it, but men can do with the limited supply of clothing. Some wear a shirt for one entire week and not give a second thought to it. Some even go as far as wearing the same underwear for a week! Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 5

8. Never good with dates

Him: “Anniversary? Wasn’t it in June?”. No, sweetie, it wasn’t. Yes, men are never good at remembering important dates. So ladies, the next time your man forgets your anniversary, try to be a little more understanding maybe?Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 6

9. An eternal love for hair and beard

Pausing at every shiny surface to fix their hair, men have an uncanny obsession with their hair, which at times surpasses the obsession of women. Oh, and asking a man to shave, is equivalent to asking him for his kidney, or some other vital organ. Their reason? The effort put into growing it is too much to be wasted on shaving.Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 7

10. ALWAYS needs a woman to get things done

Whether it’s as simple as finding a pair of socks, or the push to go the extra mile or just life in general, a man always needs a woman by his side (even if he denies it).

Top 10 Best Things That Prove Men Will Be Men 8

Relationship counselor John Gray explains the reasons behind the common relationship problems between men and women in his famous book, aptly titled “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” The difference in psychology between the two sexes thus makes it slightly difficult for both a man and a woman to find common ground.

Though there are exceptions, most men are guilty of doing everything that has been put on this list, and they are always going to be so. Having said that, women too aren’t entirely innocent of doing certain things that define them and do not make sense to men. But, both men and women need each other for a reason as mammoth as the survival of the human race. So one just has to deal with it.

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