Top Problems When You Have A Guy Best Friend These Days

Top Problems When You Have A Guy Best Friend These Days 1

In life, you meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends. But people say that a guy best friend is the most loyal friend you can have. Being a girl, you may be surrounded by a lot of girl best friends. Some girlfriends may be good, and some may be bad. But we are all aware that when girls judge, they judge hard.

Meeting people and making friends is a part of life, and more often than not, you tend to interact with a lot of people. During this time, you are bound to meet a lot of friends of the opposite gender, and for some reason, these types of friends turn out to be the best.

Many people tend to think whether or not it is okay to have a guy best friend, and the answer to that is, YES! It is entirely okay to have a guy best friend. Many girls tend to have more guy best friends instead of girls, and it is more than fine to be that way.

We know there are a lot of advantages of having a guy best friend, but there are two sides to every coin. Let us see what the problems of having a guy best friend are.

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If you have a guy best friend in your life then you will probably relate to the problems mentioned below:

1.  People Think You Are In A Relationship

If you have a guy best friend, then you will relate to this, and this is one of the biggest problems you face. All of your friends and his friends tend to think that you are in a relationship. They ask you questions like, “So, are you guys dating?”, “How long have you been together?” When you tell people that you guys are not dating, they will not believe you.

Everybody just thinks that you are hiding your relationship, or maybe you like each other but haven’t asked each other out yet. All your friends will find ways to “get the secret out.” They will constantly ask you about your relationship status with him and assure you that they will keep it a secret and not tell anybody if you tell them the truth.

When you get asked constantly about your relationship status, there is not much that you can do except just keep denying it and convincing them. Even after all those efforts, they will still assume that you are in a relationship with him.

Even your parents start doubting you. The thing with parents is that you can never prove them wrong, no matter how much you try. When they see that you have started talking to a new guy, they will start teasing you, and whenever you look at your phone and smile even the slightest bit, they will assume that it is him.

All this time, you somehow have to keep convincing your family and friends that he is not your boyfriend, and you guys are nothing but friends.

2. You Have Dating Issues

So, when you have a guy best friend in your life, it becomes tough for you to date someone else. Being in the same environment with your guy best friend and being surrounded by all these hot guys, but you cannot date any, why? Because they all think you are taken.

You tend to post pictures with him on your social media, and these pictures portray how you hang out with him everywhere, and most of your selfies are with him. All other guys on your social media automatically start thinking that they do not stand a chance because they assume that you are either dating him or about to date him.

They see you going out with him and constantly talking to him. There is not a single day that you spend without having a conversation with him.

3. His Girlfriend Will Probably Dislike You

You face dating issues, and so does he. When he falls in love with some other girl, and they start dating, that is when things start getting rough. He will be constantly stuck between you two. He will be put into this unsaid dilemma as to who he is supposed to give his time to. His girlfriend will probably be insecure about you because you have known him longer than she has.

She will start doubting on you two. Whenever he goes out, she will think that he is with you. Whenever he does not pick up his calls, she will assume that it is because of you. Basically, according to her, you will be the root cause of all their relationship problems.

After a point, there will be situations wherein he will have to lie to either of you to be on the safer side.

His girlfriend will act sweet in front of you, but let’s be honest, she will probably be very jealous of you on the inside. There will be a lot of problems with your guy best friend if either of you gets into a relationship because things will get very awkward between you two.

Having a sense of understanding will become very difficult because things will be extremely different when he gets into a relationship. There may be times when you will be the one getting jealous. The reason why that happens is that you do not get the same attention anymore. You may start hanging out fewer times than before, and your conversation may get shorter. You might hesitate to share things with him because it may feel as if he is not interested anymore. He may not share thoughts with you because now he may just share it with his girlfriend.

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  1. You May Not Be Able To Share EVERYTHING With Him

Another problem you face with your guy best friend is that there are things you find uncomfortable sharing with him. You may not be able to tell him that you are getting your periods, and Niagara Falls is going on down there.

Some things are better off sharing with your girlfriend because your guy best friend may just not understand. The constant mood swings that you get while you are on your periods and the frustration that you get is something only girls relate to.

When your stomach is bloated, and you have a hard time loving yourself, your girl best friend will be able to relate to you.

Guys have a hard time understanding girls’ feelings. They may not get why you are angry, sad, or frustrated. They may interpret it in the wrong way, and misunderstandings may occur. The changes that you experience in your body, which means some days you feel fat, some days you feel too thin, and other days you do not feel good enough. Maybe you have a zit in the middle of your face, or you do not like your haircut. You may not be able to share these things with your guy best friend, and that is where the problem lies.

He will never understand the girl drama because let’s face it girls are too complicated. He will never understand why girls act a certain way and how girl friendships are far different than guy friendships. It is tough because even girls have a hard time understanding other girls so, how can we expect it from guys? Sometimes, even girls do not know why their mood is a certain way and why they may feel angry about absolutely nothing.

5. When One Of You Falls In Love With The Other, YIKES!

This has to be the best or the worst thing to happen with a guy best friend. You never know what happens, and either of you falls in love with the other person. That is where the real problem lies. When he falls in love with you, things start getting extremely awkward between you two. The hangouts are not the same anymore, binge-watching Netflix is not the same, and everything, in general, starts falling apart. There are times when you feel that he is getting clingy, which otherwise would not have been the case.

He starts doing things for you that a boyfriend would. He would flirt with you and try his best to impress you. For you, this may feel very different, and you may not necessarily like it.

On the flip side, if you fall in love, then chances are that you may feel jealous of every other girl he talks to. You may try to convey your feelings to him, but you would always fear that he will reject you. The way things get complicated in this case is that you may want his attention all the time and get pissed at him for not doing that. You may start expecting a lot from him. Even the slightest tone in his voice will make you think that you are annoying him.

Most of the time, girls start to feel insecure when they fall in love and do not receive the same in return. They may feel insecure about themselves because they feel helpless. If he does not reply to your messages or calls, you think that he is doing it purposely while he may just be busy with his things.

Things do not remain the same when either of fall in love with the other. It is like the end of the friendship because things become completely different when this happens.

If you are lucky enough to fall in love at the same time, then it feels amazing in the beginning, but things start to fall apart when time passes. You start having relationship problems, and when you think of sharing it with somebody, you are not able to do so because your only best friend is now your boyfriend, and that guy best friend that you knew for the longest time is not the same anymore.

When you start having arguments and disagreements with each other, you may tend to distance yourself from the other person and begin to feel lonely because you have no one else to talk to.

Things may either get better or worse if you get into a relationship with your guy best friend.

Although there are problems when you have a guy best friend because guys are natural flirts and they will flirt with you no matter how deep your friendship is, and it may make you uncomfortable at times. Also, he may crack some dirty jokes which you may not like, and the solution to that is, just say him to his face. Tell him what comforts you and what doesn’t. Let him know where to draw a line. Sometimes, guys do not understand what the limit is, but they are quite understandable, and just having a one to one conversation with him will solve these problems.

Having a guy best friend means that you will have to hear a new rumor about yourself every other day. There will be people who will spread false rumors about you guys hooking up or dating each other. There will also be people who will assume that you are cheating on your “alleged boyfriend” if you have a conversation with someone else. When you hang out with some other guy or just make a new friend, people will assume that you are dating multiple guys at once.

Above mentioned are the problems when you have a guy best friend in your life. It may either be the best thing to ever happen to you or the worst. The best part is that you can be yourself around him without feeling like you are being judged. He will understand when the whole world seems to be against you. Guy best friends are some of the most selfless and loyal people you will ever meet in your life. So, if you have one, then feel lucky because not many people get to be with such friends.

If you have a guy best friend in your life and you relate to these problems, let us know in the comments below.





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